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The Live Lightning Roulette version is an innovation on the famous roulette game. It's all about the bet on which number the ball will fall. In this version, a random multiplier is applied to a few straight up outcomes to make the game even more exciting.

How do you play Live Lightning Roulette?

Time required: 5 minutes.

  1. Go to the lobby of an online casino

    If you are in the lobby of your online casino, click on Lightning Roulette. You are now going to the studio where you see a nice hostess and roulette wheel.

    You also see a roulette table with the various deployment options.

  2. Choose the tokens with which you want to play

    Just like in Holland Casino you play with value tokens. The choice is only much bigger here. You can play from $ 0.20 to $ 500.00 and many values in between.

  3. You are going to use

    By going to the numbers with your mouse, you can do bets with a mouse click. These are the same as with any other roulette game.

    Make sure you can only get the multiplier on full numbers. Multipliers are the reason that you play Lightning Roulette, because this can be achieved the big profits.

  4. The lightning hits

    If the croupier pulls a lever, the Lightning numbers are determined. It can differ per round how many numbers a multiplier get.

    Up to 5 numbers can get a multiplier and that can vary from 50 to 500 times your bet.

    The moment you have a sheet on a Lightning song, the lightning will hit the song.

  5. The ball is going to fall

    The tension rises when the ball ends up in one of the numbers. If it is one of the Lightning songs that you have put on, then it is completely party.

    So you can be lucky and win up to 500 times. These profits are paid automatically and you can start using it again for the next exciting round.

Play this game at one of these casinos

The gamerules

Lightning Roulette Game Rules are the same as the rules of a roulette game in Holland Casino. The ball is played by a croupier and the sheets on the number that falls are paid. Yet there are differences and they are in the payouts.

Because there may be a multiplier on some numbers, the other payments have become slightly less to compensate for these large payouts. The casino can of course not just pay 500 times because then they would be bankrupt within a day.

The difference is only in the full songs. With that you can grab a multiplier, but the payout is also only 30 times if the multiplier is not on it. All other payouts have remained the same.

What is more favorable to play now? With a normal roulette, the bank has an advantage of 2.7% and with Lightning Roulette this advantage is 2.9%. But because of the big chances of winning that you can grab in one go, you can take that 0.2% disadvantage.

The Lightning Numbers

If everyone has used and the ball turns, then one or more columns with the Lightning numbers appear in the background. The multiplier will be under these numbers.

The multiplier only counts if you have put a full number and so it makes sense that you are in this form of roulette Only for bets on full songs.

The smart players among us think that by putting a sheet on every song, they will always win because they will always have the multiplier. In theory that is also true, were it not for the multiplier not to fall every round.

Play in a live casino

To play this beautiful game in a live casino, you have to create an account. Various Online casinos in the Netherlands Have this game in their package and check our casino page which provider suits you. They all have a license so read the reviews before you make a choice.

If you see that a casino cooperates with Evolution Gaming, then you also know that they have Lightning Roulette.

A pleasure to watch

In addition to the tension of roulette, this game is also a pleasure to watch. Numerous cameras show everything great. In addition, a nice hostess and your day can't go wrong.

On the back wall you see a gold roulette table that turns into a normal roulette table when the croupier pulls the Lightning lever. The Lightning songs now appear on the back wall.

You can use it at the bottom of the screen on the roulette table and the moment you can no longer use, the image will show from above the roulette wheel in which the ball turns.

On the left in the picture you see the Lightning numbers of the twist in question and on the right you can see the last 12 songs that have been played there. On the left there is also a chat open where you can chat with the croupier or with other players.

Winsts are automatically credited and how nice is that you can also see what other players have won the last round. These winnings are slowly running through the image on the left on your screen.

See how it works

Like every game with you to understand how it works. With this explanation you have already been helped a bit but take a look at how everything works when you are logged in.

We say this mainly because it is a super -fast game where you always have to turn 18 seconds. If you want to make the same bet every time that is easy via the repeat button. Please note, because if you press this twice, your bet will also doubles.

Normally we always give the advice to practice for free first, but because this is a live game, this possibility does not exist.

random number generator

A series of Lightning Multipliers is added to the round by a random number generator (RNG) at random times. This can be a maximum of five per round.

It is always a bit vague how this all works, because how are these multipliers assigned? Is that really random, or is there a smart computer program behind it? Thanks to the regulation of known authorities, there are many rules and regulations on these so -called Random Number Generators. You as a player can therefore be sure that you have a real chance that you will win a jackpot.

The Lightning songs are therefore determined by the RNG, but the ball that falls into the roulette wheel is really live. So there is no software involved.

Wat is First person Lightning Roulette

The difference with First Person Lightning is that everything software Turns. So the ball is not played live in a studio.

The benefits are that it can be played much faster because you don't have to wait for anyone. You press "Spin" and the ball is already running again. It also has a beautiful design with 3D options.

The disadvantage is that you miss the beautiful hostess and that you may still have doubts about honesty. That may be a reason that you prefer to play live. If you accidentally end up with this game, there is also a "go live" button where you are immediately taken to the live studio.


Can I play Lightning Roulette for free?

Games from a live casino can only be played for money. Consider the costs for well -trained croupiers and the image and audio equipment that is used.

Are the numbers randomly at Lightning Roulette?

It is a real ball in a real roulette wheel and you see live which number falls. You're not going to find it randomly.

What is the minimum bet at Lightning Roulette?

The minimum bet is $ 0.20 and so you can have fun for a long time if you play quietly. With the multiplier of 500 times you can still win nice amounts.