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Roulette is one of the most popular games there worldwide are offered in the casinos. Roulette can be played in three different variants, the American, the American and the European version. They use the European version in the American branches of Holland Casino.

Holland Casino is a great opportunity to go out, but nowadays you can also play roulette online. Even become online live roulette Games offered where you sit down at a roulette table from a live studio.

Goal of the game

The aim of the roulette game is that as a player you guess where the ball will fall. There are various deployment options that each have their own payout.

The smaller the win chance is with a deployment, the greater the payout will be. Betting on a full number with a chance of 1 in 37 naturally pays more than a bet on red where you have almost 50% chance.

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How does roulette work?

You can learn the game very quickly because it is very easy. In principle, you can't do much wrong because it is largely about happiness. To be able to play roulette you start buying tokens from the croupier.

These sheets have a color that you only play with. You can bet on numbers, several songs, combined songs or on compartments that cover a large part of the playing field. Think of red/black or even/odd.

If everyone has used, the croupier throws the ball in the rotating wheel. At a certain point he will say that you are no longer allowed to use. Then it is waiting for the ball to fall.

The croupier puts the "Dolly" on the winning number and removes all losing bets. After this he will pay out all players who have placed a winning bet.

Deployment and payouts

If you are going to use, you must always take into account minimum and maximum bets at a table. It is usually indicated, but if you are not sure then you can always ask the croupier. Online is usually the sheet with the lowest value also the minimum bet.

Single opportunities

Single opportunities are bets on the playing field with numbers.

  • Straight Up/ Plein/ Full number - 35 times your bet
  • Split/ Cheval/ Betting on 2 numbers - 17 times your bet
  • Street/ Transversal Square/ In Deployment on 3 numbers - 11 times your bet
  • Corner/ Carré/ Bet on 4 numbers - 8 times your bet
  • Line/ Transversal Simple/ Bet on 6 numbers - 5 times your bet

Use outside

The outside bets are on the outside of the playing field with numbers.

  • Columns (12 numbers) - Payment 2: 1
  • Dozines (12 numbers) - Payment 2: 1
  • Red / black (18 numbers) - Payment 1: 1
  • Even / odd (18 numbers) - Payment 1: 1
  • High / low (18 numbers) - Payment 1: 1

It is good to know that all winning sheets always remain standing for the next round. You can of course also take them back.


At the neighboring game you give sheets to the croupier and then you can play numbers that border together in the wheel. In our strategy articles you can read what possibilities the neighbor print offers you all.

Three types of roulette

In the Netherlands there is play on a European roulette. This means that there are 36 numbers one 0 on the number wreath. There is also a possibility to bet on neighbors and series. This variant is the most favorable for the players, because you only have 1/37th part of the disadvantage on the couch

With the American roulette you have 36 numbers a 0 and one 00. There are now even casinos in Las Vegas that have added a third 0 or green surface. The neighbor print for deploying on series is also not present at an American roulette.

Then there is a American roulette. You can hardly find this anywhere, not even in USA. Three croupiers work with a Rateau, a kind of rake at these tables. Players play with the same color tokens and bet the minimum on the single opportunities are much higher. Because the game requires a lot of staff and it goes very slowly, almost all casinos play with the American or European variant.

The origin of roulette

It was the American mathematician Blaise Pascal who invented the roulette game in 1665. The story goes that he was staying in a monastery where it was boring. From this boredom he is the idea of making a device with an eternal movement. His friends came up with the idea to use this device to gamble.

We do not know how to confirm this story with certainty because there is little to be found from that time. There are also rumors that it was brought to Europe from China.

The roulette that is being played nowadays was spotted for the first time around 1796 in Paris. It was a game that was only played by the rich elite and the wheel then contained a 0 and an 00.

The American brothers Francois and Louis Blanc introduced the roulette wheel in 1843 with a 0. They did this to compete with other casinos. This variant still exists today as the European roulette.

Play online roulette

Play roulette at home from your lazy chair. That is easy and safe nowadays. Playing online has many advantages. You can already play with chips of 0.10 cents and the casinos often offer bonuses and promotions.

If you also have the gasoline and parking costs that you normally spend, you can enjoy online roulette with less money as in the Holland Casino. Make sure you are always looking for a European table with just a 0. There is so much choice online, so you have to play with a roulette where you have the best chance.

Of course there are also disadvantages to playing online. You have to be quite strong in your shoes and never lose more than you can miss. That is why it is smart to set a limit when registering. The fun of other players around you is also something that you do not have online of course.

Play live roulette online

If you prefer to play with a real croupier who throws the ball instead of a roulette game against the computer, then that is now also possible. At Live Roulette you join a roulette table that you see in a live studio with a real dealer.

You see how the ball is turned and falls into the song. With different cameras you follow the game and it gives a true casino feeling. There are nice chat functions so that you can also change a word with the often very handsome croupiers.

Free roulette

If you come into with roulette for the first time, it is smart to play first in practice mode. Almost every online casino offers the possibility to practice for free.

The free roulette tables are also ideal for an experienced player who wants to test a system. Why would you run the risk if you can try everything in this way.

Please note that if you go to a live table online, you can only play for real money. It is possible to take a look at the live tables without making a bet.

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Is playing roulette reliable?

If you go to Holland Casino, you know that the game offered is 100% reliable. The game is just like that, no matter how you play, you always have 2.7% disadvantage.

That doesn't seem much but in the long run the money will slowly go to the bank. People have been trying for so long that roulette exists to find a system that can beat the house.

At the online casinos you can now also play with confidence. You play with a Legal American Casino Then you know that they are controlled by the Gaming Authority. Nobody wants to lose his license and cheating is not necessary because the roulette game online also has the 2.7% advantage for the bank.

We also work with a random number generator (RNG), which is managed outside the casino provider. Nobody has an influence on the game and the numbers are 100% random.


Who make the online roulette games?

The casinos with a license use developers such as Netent, Evolution Gaming and Yggdrasil. These are really renowned companies from the casino world.

Are there bonuses for online roulette?

Of course there are. Note the bonus conditions that apply at a casino. Sometimes there is only part of the bonus available for a table game and the rest must be played on a slot machine. Read our bonus section to know where you can spend the bonus 100% on roulette.

Are there numbers that come to Roulette more often?

If you play for an hour then that could well. All numbers will fall as often in the long run. The roulette has no memory so you really have to see this in a very long series.

What commitment is best for roulette?

All bets have a disadvantage of 2.7%. There are games where you get half back when the 0 is in a bet. This is the best bet because then you only have a 1.35% disadvantage.