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Nowadays, playing online poker is used a lot of a big blind ante. In the past, this move was not used that much. However, the ordinary ante was often used in poker. An ante with a jar poker Is the mandatory deployment that players have to pay prior to sharing the cards. The Ante is usually a small amount that all players use. An ante encourages players to play cards instead of throwing away cards.

Poker tournaments are used in almost all No Limit Texas Hold’em poker tournaments. If a player does not have to put Ante, chances are that he can wait a long hand for a good hand. In addition, it is more interesting for players to play with Antes, because there is more money in the pot at the time of the preflop, when the first three cards are on the table (flop). In casinos at poker tournaments Antes are usually used from level 4 or 5. In most other poker games the use of Antes happens much later and sometimes not at all.

Antes are not a thing of the past, but old -fashioned. The ordinary ante from then you see more and more often as the Big Blind Ante or the Ante button. In poker terms, the term Big Blind means a compulsory deployment of the player that he has to put to the left of the small blind. With a Big Blind Ante, the Big Blind has to pay the Ante for the entire table. Which means that the amount of the ante is the same as the amount of the Big Blind. For example, if your Big Blind is 100, you can assume that your Ante is also 100. It's that simple. At that time, the Big Blind has to use 200, and so on. In the old -fashioned poker game, players only have to pay 10 percent of the big blind to Ante.

Blind and defend

In later phases of a poker game you can try to steal blinds by putting the Big Blind under pressure. The best moment for this is when everyone is folding in the game to the button. But if you are the Big Blind yourself, you can also take action by defending the blind. After all, you don't want to be attacked.

What can help is to issue a warning to the other players. An example of a warning is in re-raisen. The other players at the table know by the re-raisen that they can't just steal. Another way to defend your blind is to continue for a check-raise on the flop.

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You can use the Check-Raise to defend your blinds. A check-raise is a powerful weapon within the poker if you use it. With a check-raise you check first and then increase the bet of your opponent. Check-raisen really needs to suit you. Some players never use it very often and other players never. To defend your big blind, it is a good weapon. If you never use a check-raise you are an easy prey for other players. There is a good chance that you will win a game less often.

Reason Use Big Blind Ante

The use of a Big Blind Ante in Poker is that not everyone has to use an ante. The spelled goes much faster in this way, because the dealer has to take the ante away from a player and not only one player. In addition, the Big Blind Ante causes a lot less confusion, the game is so crystal clear. All players pay the same amount over a whole orbit when it is used in the Big Blind. An orbit at Poker is a round where all players have been Big Blind and Small Blind once.


With the Big Blind Ante there is clearly a change in the poker world. This was also necessary, because the Old School Ante brought several disadvantages. It takes a lot of time to lay Antes per round. The dealer has been working on this for a very long time. At Big Blind Ante, one player lays down an ante. An additional advantage in addition to time saving is that there are fewer discussions between the players. With the old -fashioned game of poker, there is often a lot of discussion about who has or did not pay his ante. A game of poker becomes much more pleasant for players with the Big Blind Ante and reduces irritation and aggressive behavior.

Annoying situations

Unfortunately, there are also some disadvantages to a Big Blind Ante. Players who have a smaller stack can be confronted with annoying situations. In the poker world, a stack consists of all the chips or chips added together. A chip or sheet indicates what the precise use of a player is.

For example: at Table X you pay the Big Blind of 10,000. That means that you have lost 20,000 because of the Big Blind Ante that you also have to pay. After this the hand must pay your small blind of 5,000. This has a lot of influence on your stack. Theoretically, it can happen that your table is closed. You can then get a new table card and end up on another Big Blind with the result that you have to pay the amount of 20,000 again. Your hand also has to pay 5,000. With a bit of bad luck you can lose 50,000 points in four hands time.

Another example of a big blind ante is that a player with a small stack must first try to pay his ante before he can pay his big blind or antes. If the hand is played without Big Blind because the player cannot pay him, he cannot win either. He can then only win his ante that he himself has deployed and that is not beneficial for a player.