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When you think of many games played in an (online) casino, you soon think of poker, roulette Or blackjack. A game that you might think is less likely to think is Caribbean Stud Poker, while this game is very popular. Many people are unknown with the rules and therefore ignore the game. Huge a shame, because Caribbean Stud Poker is a very exciting and at the same time easy to understand play.

We list all aspects of Stud Poker for you.

A game of Caribbean Stud Poker in short

Players take a seat at a table. Before a new round starts, an ante is used. This is a kind of bet, only before the new turn starts. Here you can also indicate whether you want to play for the progressive jackpot. Not every table has such an ever -growing main prize and it is certainly not an obligation. The height of your ante is determined by the quantity and type of sheets that you use.

If the Antes of all players are complete, the game can begin. The dealer deals 5 cards, both himself and to the players. Then the dealer shows 1 card from his set of 5. The other 4 you will not see. On the basis of this one card, the question is whether you fold your hand (and so stop playing) or call (and therefore continue to play). With a fold you lose your ante. With a call you have to bet double the ante.

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How do you win a game of Caribbean Stud Poker?

Then it's time to view the results. The dealer must first qualify for this. He does this with at least a bait king, but that can also be higher. If this doesn't work, you win as a player and you get 1: 1 paid your ante.

If the dealer knows how to qualify with this combination, all cards from both the player and the dealer will be made presentable. The one who ultimately has the highest hand value wants the game. In the event that the hand values are exactly the same, the player simply gets the value of his Ante and Call back. So if the dealer has a higher hand value, the player loses both his Ante and his call. If the player does win, one of the following payments applies.

All winning combinations

To win, a player therefore needs a higher hand value than the dealer himself. How he does this does not matter for winning. The combination of cards can, however, influence the amount of the profit payment. In the overview below you can easily read back which combination of cards leads to which payment.

CardsDescriptionSamplePay out
Royal flushA bait, king, woman, farmer and ten of the same kindHearts Aas, Hearts King, Hearts Woman, Hearts Boer and Hearts Ten200 : 1
Straight flushFive consecutive cards of the same kind, without the baitWindows Joker, Ruiten 10, Windows 9, Ruiten 8, Ruiten 750 : 1
Four of a kindFour the same cardsHearts bait, windows bait, kick bait, klaveren bait, x20 : 1
Full houseThree and two the same cardsHearts 7, Ruiten 7, Klaveren 7, Hearts 9, Spades 97 : 1
FlushFive random cards of the same kindWindows 2, Ruiten 7, Ruiten 4, Window Boer, Windows 105 : 1
StraightFive consecutive cards of a random kindKicks 4, Ruiten 5, Hearts 6, Hearts 7, Klaveren 84 : 1
Three of a KindThree same cardsHearts Woman, Woman, Spades Woman, X, X3 : 1
Two pairTwo pairs of the same cardsWindows 10, Spades 10, Hearts 4, Windows 4, X2 : 1
PairA few of the same cardsWindows 9, Spades 9, X, X, X1 : 1
Bait and kingA bait and a kingKlaveren Aas, Hearts King, X, X, X1 : 1

Even more exciting playing with a jackpot At Caribbean Stud Poker

Some tables play with a Progressive Jackpot. To be allowed to go to this jackpot, you have to place an extra bet for this in the appropriate box. The value of the jackpot is always increased by the effort that all players do for this jackpot.

Often the jackpot is spoiled from multiple casinos at the same time, so that it can rise considerably. Once a player wins the jackpot, it is reset to the initial value and the saving of all players starts again.

If you have used the Jackpot at the Ante, you have a chance to pay a payment via the jackpot in addition to your regular payment. These values are often much higher than the normal payout, so you can expect a tasty bonus. However, the jackpot cannot fall on some combinations. You can find the bonuses in the table below.

Royal flushFull value of the jackpot
Straight flush2500 : 1
Four of a kind250 : 1
Full house100 : 1
Flush25 : 1
Straight10 : 1
Three of a Kind5 : 1