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You come across poker in many different variants. The most played form of poker is Texas Hold’em. You can play it in most casinos, but Poker is also fun to play online. Since 2010, Poker has been recognized by the International Mind Sport Association as a sport of thinking.

With the recognition of this union, a misunderstanding can be helped from the world immediately, poker is not pure gambling. With healthy thinking and good strategies you can play profitable with poker. We are talking about the forms where you play against other players and not against the bank.

We initially focus on the Texas Hold’em game, because this is best known. If you know this game, you will also get the hang of the other variants.

Here you play legally online poker!


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A number of poker variants are easy to play because you don't play against the casino. You sit with up to 10 people at a table and play against each other. The bank only takes a percentage off every pot. At a tournament, the bank only takes a percentage of the registration fee.

Kunde is ultimately a decisive factor to be a winning player. Of course, getting good cards is important, but everyone gets the same amount in the long term. So unlike Blackjack and Roulette, where the bank eventually always wins, you can create a percentage advantage at Poker.

For example, the properties you need to possess to become a good poker player:

  • Can estimate mathematical opportunities
  • Opponents can read
  • Stress resistant and under pressure can perform
  • Be able to think in advance
  • Bluff
  • Be disciplined
  • Study and want to get better
  • Tactical ingenuity

There is quite a bit to become a professional poker player, yet the game can be learned in a few minutes. The rules are not difficult, but it is a game where you can discover new things for a lifetime. You are never learned and even the most experienced players still learn things every day.

The play of the game

Poker is about making a combination of 5 cards. At Texas Hold’em you can make that poker combination with 2 closed cards in your hand and 5 open cards on the table. You can play every game for money, the so -called cash game or you participate in a tournament where everyone pays registration fee.

There is a dealer button that clockes a place every round. The first two players after that button, put a mandatory bet. These are the big and small blind.

Hand values

Royal flush
Five consecutive cards of the same symbol from 10 to bait.

Straight flush
Every five cards of the same symbol in a successive order.

Four of a kind
Four cards of the same value, with one other card.

Full house
Three cards of one value a few of a different value. The example is women in two, who beats Tens over Koningen because the highest three cards count.

Five cards of the same symbol. They don't have to be consecutive.

Five consecutive cards of random symbols.

Three of a Kind
Three cards of the same value, with two different other cards. (If the other two were a few, it would be a full house).

Two pair
A few of one value, a few of another value. If two players have the same pair, the second pair will decide. Both pairs are the same, the one with the highest fifth card wins.

Every two cards of the same value. When two hands have the same pair, the other three cards decide.

High Card
If no other hand value has been reached, the highest card will win. When two players have the same high card, the next highest card decides, etc. If the five highest cards are on the table, the pot will be shared.

Different game forms

There are many different poker variants. You can divide them into 3 groups.

  • Draw poker
  • Stud poker
  • Community card Poker

At Draw Poker the players get a number of closed cards. Then they can replace one or more cards.

Studpoker is a variant in which the players get closed and open cards. They are not allowed to replace cards. Example of a Stud version is the 7-Card Stud.

Poker variants with common maps are currently very popular. Players combine their own cards with open cards on the table. Examples are the already slightly discussed Texas Hold’em and Omaha.

A number of popular poker games are:

  • Texas Hold’em limit
  • Texas Hold’em no limit
  • Omaha
  • Omaha high/low
  • 7 card stud
  • 5 card stud
  • Dealer’s choice
  • Pineapple
  • Razz
  • H.O.R.S.E.

Games that you play against the bank and also find the legal American casinos:

  • Video Poker
  • Caribbean stud poker
  • Deuces Wild
  • Pai Gow poker
  • 3 Card poker

The difference between cash and tournament

Cash- With a cash game the players play every pot for money. After every hand, the player can also buy new tokens. He can also stop after every hand and exchange his sheets for money.

There is usually a minimum and maximum purchasing at a table. In some casinos there is no maximum amount with which you can sit. For example, there is a man in Las Vegas who comes to the table with bodyguards and $ 30,000 in which the opponents have only 300 dollars. That makes little sense.

Each table has standard limits with which you play. That applies to the small and large blind and at Limit also play for the large one with which you can use. The blinds are often 2-2 or 2-4 in Holland Casino. The larger players also play 5-5 in the Netherlands. During the Master Classics in Amsterdam, the really big boys also played games with blinds of 50-100.

Tournament- At a tournament, each player pays an amount for which they receive tokens. A tournament can be played with 10 to thousands of people. It ends when one man remains, this player then has all the sheets of all players. The prize money is usually distributed over the best 10 to 15% of the players. Become your first that you can make a nice topper.

The blind people go up at regularities at a tournament. If you lose or play little, you will get into trouble at some point because you have too few chips compared to the blinds. If you are getting toches then you are out of the tournament. With some Re-Buy tournaments you can buy yourself again one or more times.

Forms and limits

A poker game can usually be played with different deployment forms. This has a great influence on the amount that you may have to use. The four deployment forms that are most common:

  • Limit - There is an appointment about the height of the small and large blind. The Big Blind can be put on the first two binding rounds. Increases are also the Big Blind. The last two insersions can be put twice the blind. This also applies to a raise.
  • No limit - Here the minimum bet must be just as large as the Big Blind. The maximum bet is not there. The player can use everything he has for him (all in).
  • Spread limit - Here the maximum bet has been set on a number of large blinds. The player chooses a bet between one BB and the maximum amount set. It is therefore a variant that contains between limit and no limit.
  • I can limit - Here the deployment is determined by the size of the pot. You can do at least a blind bet and use the pot to the maximum. The pot is the number of chips that have already been used.

Online poker

Elk Legal American Casino Has poker games in their package. You can choose from variants where you play against the couch or the games where you compete against other players.

Internet is ideal for poker tournaments. You can participate in a tournament with tens of thousands of players at the same time. With a small insert you can win very large amounts in this way. Another advantage is that many more hands are played per hour.

Of course you miss the information you have at live tournaments. This can partly be taken care of again by statistics programs that are offered for online poker. All pros work with this software so that they can make a good estimate of how someone plays.

If you are going to poke online, we recommend looking for a legal casino with a license.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is bluffing?

Bluffing is that you give an opponent the impression that you have good cards. By making a bet, let the opponent throw away his cards. So you don't always have to have the best hand to win.

Can online poker be trusted?

That is certain, although many losing players will say not. Because you play so many hands, you also have to deal with many disappointments. Not everyone can handle these emotions. We work with RNG technology that is under strict control. So you can assume that it is 100% fair.

Can you also play poker for free?

Which can. It is good to practice without it costs you money. There are also free poker tournaments where the winners still get money. This way you can try to play a bankroll together.