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Prestige Baccarat is impressive because of the beautiful decors, visuals and the many camera broeks with razor -sharp images. And due to the Spiek element at the fourth card, this live dealer game of PlayTech is almost as exciting as when you play it in a real casino.

How do you play the game?

1. The game round starts by placing the bets. You can choose from the usual baccarat bets: hand of the player or bank, or on a draw as well as three ancillary bets.

2. Now two cards are being shared for the player and for the dealer. Those of the player are then opened, and a third card is shared if necessary.

3. When it is time to turn the dealer cards, the dealer will perform a squeeze, a kind of teaser where the player gets a glimpse of the card. Then the dealer will turn the second card and share a third card if necessary.

4. After sharing the cards, it is compared who is the closest near the 9 points and the winner is.

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If you would like to play online baccarat as if you were in a real physical casino, then Prestige Baccarat is really recommended. With this live dealer game from PlayTech you have a real casino experience due to the high image quality, the dynamic changes between the camera strains and the squeeze that the dealer performs.


The rules of Prestige Baccarat are the same as the baccarat because you know from the physical casinos. Before the cards are shared you can place your bets. That is as usual that the dealer's hand wins, your hand wins or that the draw becomes. The nice thing about Baccarat is that you cannot only bet on your own cards. It is important to know that when you use the bank, a committee of 5% is counted on the deployment. You can now also choose whether you will enter into one or more ancillary bets.

You play Prestige Baccarat against the dealer who will share the cards after deploying. You get 2 cards, after which the dealer also shares herself 2 cards that are closed. Now your cards are the first to turn around and look at what the point number is. The pictures cards have a value of 0, a bait is a 1 and the rest of the cards have the value on it. If the total of your cards is more than 10 points, then only the second number applies to your final score. At 16 points the total of your cards will become so 6. Your score is decisive whether you will receive a third card and is not a free choice like with poker. Below you can see when a third card must be drawn for the player:

· With 8 or 9 points you don't get an extra card because you have a "natural win".

· With a total of 6 or 7 points you will not receive an extra card.

· If the total is lower than 6, you will receive a third card, unless the dealer has 8 or 9 points.

Now it is the dealer's turn to open his cards. The second card of the dealer sag he open with a squeeze, a theatrical way to make the player catch a glimpse of the card to increase the suspense. If the dealer has turned the second card, it will also be checked for the dealer whether he will receive a third card:

· At 0 to 2 points, the dealer receives an extra card unless the player has a natural win.

· With 3 points the dealer receives an extra card, unless the third card of the player is an 8.

· With 4 points the dealer receives an extra card if the total of the player is 2 to 7.

· With 5 points the dealer receives an extra card if the total of the player is 4 to 7.

· At 6 points the dealer receives an extra card if the total of the player is 6 to 7.

· At 7 points the dealer does not receive an extra card.

· At 8 or 9 points the dealer has a natural win.

The person who has nine points after sharing all cards or is close to it wins the game.

Payments in a winning bet at Prestige Baccarat are as follows:

Dealer hand wint1: 1 with deduction of 5% committee
Player Hand wins1:1

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If you like Side Bets, you are in the right place at Prestige Baccarat, because this game has 6 secondary bets.

BetWhat is itPay out
Banker pairThe first two cards of the dealer are the same11:1
Player pairThe first two cards of the player are equal11:1
Either pairThe first two cards of the player or the dealer are the same5:1
Perfect pairThe first two cards of the player are the same and have the same color25:1
SmallWhen a total of 4 cards are shared1,5: 1
BigWhen a total of 5 or 6 cards are shared0,54:1

Deployment and payouts

  • Minimum deployment $ 10 and maximum bet per round of $ 200,-
  • RTP: 98.94% when deployed on the bank
  • Maximum profit: $ 500,000.

The gameplay

Prestige Baccarat from PlayTech has a rich decoration with many Chinese accents. Red and gold are the dominating colors in the decor, and the Chinese symbol for happiness comes back regularly. The game is filmed in the studios in Latvia from different cameras and there is a dynamic execution between the cameras to create a dynamic experience. The squeeze that the dealer performs also contributes to the feeling that you are playing in a real casino.

At the bottom of the image, a graphic user interface comes up where you can bet on the various bets. You will also find a function here to have the images of the game play again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the rules of Prestige Baccarat different than when you play Baccarat in a casino?

The rules of Prestige Baccarat are completely the same as if you would play Baccarat in a casino. So you don't have to learn new rules first if you are going to play prestige baccarat.

Can you also play Prestige Baccarat well on a smartphone?

You can play Prestige Baccarat just as well on a desktop computer as on a tablet or a smartphone. PlayTech has completely optimized the game so that the gaming experience does not change when you choose another device.

Do you have to use Prestige Baccarat within a certain time?

At Prestige Baccarat you indeed get a limited time to place a bet. You will see in the interface how much time you still have.

How many side betting can you enter into with Prestige Baccarat?

You can enter into all additional betting at Prestige Baccarat at the same time, there are no restrictions.


Prestige Baccarat is a beautifully designed game with a rich decor and skilled Baccarat dealers. Playtech Has really done its best to offer the most dynamic experience possible. Especially the squeeze that is carried out by the dealers gives the game an extra dimension so that you will be completely sucked into it.

On the other hand, players who just want to play quickly will find that the Squeeze function will only take an unnecessary time. Of all the standard live dealer Baccarat games that can be played there, Prestige Baccarat is perhaps one of the most beautiful and the best, so try!