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Each game has a learning curve, and Baccarat (Punto Banco) is no exception. While some find it relatively easy and uncomplicated to learn, others find the complex. Regardless of how you feel in the beginning, once you understand the game, things naturally become easier.

It goes without saying that, as with most casino games, good luck is needed to be successful. But by baccarat there are many ways to make good and bad decisions. In this article you can read more about the most important errors that new baccarat players often make when learning the game.

Don't know the chances of winning

At Baccarat there are two insert options: betting on the bank's profession and that of the player. The house advantage is 1.24 and 1.06 respectively. This is very small compared to most other casino games.

It is important to note that both award a payment of 1: 1, but the opportunities of the bank are slightly better than those of the player. This is because a case of the bank's profession is associated with a casino committee of five percent.

In any case, it is a good idea to look at the opportunities and the payout percentage. They vary from casino to casino, so check this first before you take a seat at the baccaratt table.

A bet option that is used too much (especially by newer players) is the option to use on a draw. Although the payment in some places is 8: 1 and even 10: 1, the house advantage is around 14%.

With a house benefit of that size, the regular placement of this bet will cost you a lot of money in the long term. It's great to give it a try, but it's not a good idea to make it a habit.

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Make the mistake not to play online

Since 2010, the rise of online casinos has given gamblers a serious opportunity to take advantage of the reduced house benefits.

Your chances and payouts are usually much better at an online casino than at a physical casino. The reason? Online casinos simply do not have the costs associated with a physical location. In addition, they can adjust the chances of winning, the range of games and lower minimal deployment requirements at their own discretion.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits of Online casinos, it is also important to take into account the bonuses they often offer. Because there are so many to choose from, online gambling sites often offer players incentives to use their platform.

If you have never gambled on an online site and are not familiar with the term "bonuses", you really miss out on a lot. Bonuses can occur in many forms, but the most common are deposit bonuses. Here you get the same amount of bonus money from the casino as the amount you deposit. With this you simply get free money from the casino to gamble with.

If you think these benefits sound too good to be true, that is understandable. But they are really legitimate and can give a huge boost to your bankroll.

Finally, online casinos offer a wide range of Casino Games. With a physical casino, for example, only one form of baccarat can be played. At online casinos you can find variations such as Royal Vegas Casino Baccarat, Casino-Mate Baccarat and 7 Sultans Casino Baccarat.

Whether you only want to play Baccarat or try other casino games, going online is really very wise. It offers a smaller house advantage and you can choose from different variants.

Think the system can be beaten

It doesn't matter how smart you are, how lucky you are or how good a system you have developed. You will not find a Baccarat gambling system or develop that tilt the scale to your advantage (sorry).

Because so many highrollers like to play Baccarat, a special market has developed. Techniques and strategies are offered for sale. These would reveal the secrets for the perfect Baccarat strategy. Unfortunately, these should not be taken seriously.

Everyone who claims to have squatted the system lies. It's that simple. Be especially wary when the explanation is full of all kinds of numbers and complex mathematical comparisons. How convincing some these sometimes seem, it's really all deceit.

Some will even harm your overall performance because you wrongly think you have an advantage. You are going to bet more and therefore lose much more than you would normally do.

What it comes down to is that there are enough scammers who want to make money from "winning systems" for all casino games. Ignore someone you approach and sell that he claims to increase your chances of winning. It's just not true.

Too often bet on the player

As you could read before, it is important to know your chances of winning. It is crucial that you understand that even when differences appear to be small, this can be much larger over a long period. In essence, always (or almost always) play on the right side. That is, the side that is conclusively certain that there is more benefit to gain.

Betting on the player's hand has a low house advantage, but using the couch is even lower. People often get confused with how the house advantage works because of the 5% committee. But the house advantage is already incorporated in that 5%. This means that even if you take into account the 5% casino committee, the bank deployment only has a house benefit of 1.06%.

The most important advantage of this situation is that gambling on the bank hand is always smarter at Baccarat. Over time this will bear fruit, even if it is not clear after a few hands.

It's a wrong idea to count cards

Great that you have learned to count cards and thereby managed to take advantage of the Blackjackt table. But unfortunately, you will waste your time when you try to count cards at the baccaratt table.

The reason that counting cards is useless in Baccarat is because only the second digit of the combined is totally important. No fixed number of cards are drawn. It is sometimes two cards and sometimes three cards. The dozens have also been taken out of the game. At least, the cards do participate, but the value is zero.

Those who count cards at Baccarat will certainly enjoy the Baccarat game less. The chance that you make a profit is just as great as when you don't have cards. However, the frustration will be much greater, since your technology cannot be applied.

It is wrong not to set limits

It doesn't matter which game you play: every time you are gambling, you must have limits. These limits should go further than just your simple bankroll. They should also contain a figure "up" and a figure "down". If you have made a certain amount of profit, you just have to stop and walk away. If you lose a certain amount, the same applies. Take your loss and try again on another day.

Let's face it: nobody likes to walk away from the table when they are winning. And nobody wants to accept a defeat. However, if you do not set limits, your gambling career will not last long.


Baccarat can be an exciting and profitable game, especially for players who like to use high. It is important to ensure that you learn the basic principles of the Baccarat strategy before you start. Otherwise you run the risk of quickly playing your complete bankroll.

There are quite a few strategies to learn, but if you avoid these beginners errors, you already have a good basis to start with.