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Live Baccarat is an exciting live casino variation on the Baccarat game. At the game of Evolution Gaming it's all about who has the best hand with cards. So try your happiness in an online casino with this exciting baccarat game.

How do you play the game?

1. To start the game you place a bet on the hand of the player, from the bank, or on a draw. You can also place a secondary bet on Player Pair, Dealer Pair, Either Pair and Perfect Pair.

2. After deployment, the cards for the players and the dealer are shared. Everyone gets two cards, and a third card can also be drawn.

3. After all cards have been shared and any third cards have been awarded to players, it is the dealer's turn to open the cards and possibly get a third card.

4. The game is closed by seeing who has 9 points or is closest to it.

Make sure you have the game with a American Online Casino plays!

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Do you like a gamble and do you have a preference for card games? Then try live baccarat from Evolution Gaming, an exciting card game where the winner has the most points in hand.


Live Baccarat from Evolution Gaming is actually the regular Baccarat game but in a beautifully decorated studio in which a real dealer shares the cards live. The rules are therefore also the same when you would play Baccarat elsewhere. The goal is also with this Baccarat game to get 9 points, or to ensure that you are as close as possible to it.

Before the dealer starts sharing the cards you get the chance to use. As usual at Baccarat you can bet on the hand of the dealer, the hand of the player and on a draw. In addition, Live Baccarat also offers 4 Side Bets, Player Pair, Dealer Pair, Either Pair and Perfect Pair.

The dealer will now share the players and himself two cards, and you can see if you have 9 points. Tickets with an image are worth 0 points, a bait 1 point and all other cards the value on the map. Is the total of your points 10 or higher? Then only the last number counts, so in the case of a total of 15 points your score is 5.

Based on your points, it is determined whether a third card will be shared. This is not a free choice as with the poker game, but is based on the lines below:

· At 8 or 9 points you have a "natural win" and you will not receive an extra card.

· With a total of 6 or 7 you will not receive an extra card either.

· If the total is 5 or lower, you will receive a third card, unless the dealer has 8 or 9 points.

If it is the turn of the player's turn, it is the dealer's turn. There are slightly different rules with regard to a third card.

The person who has nine points wins the game, and otherwise the one who comes closest to it wins. If the dealer has 9 points or his point total comes closest to it, then the house wins.

Hand dealer wint1: 1 with deduction of 5% committee (actually 0.95: 1)
Hand player wins1:1

Bonus functions of the game

At Live Baccarat you can also close four ancillary bets, namely Player Pair, Dealer Pair, Either Pair and Perfect Pair.

These bets run around the two cards that are the first to be shared, and you bet that these cards have the same value. In the case of dealer Pair, you bet the dealer has the same cards and at Player Pair that a player has the same cards. These bets multiply your profit 11 times.

At Either Pair you bet that someone in the game has a few, and this bet has a payout of 5: 1. For a perfect pair, two equal cards are needed in the same color, and this bet therefore has a higher payout: 25: 1. However, both the dealer and a player have a perfect pair, then the multiplier will be 200x!

Deployment and payouts

  • Minimum deployment $ 0.10 and maximum bet per round of $ 10,000
  • Maximum payment: 200x Your bet

The gameplay

There are many different types of live baccarat, Evolution Gaming For example, there already has five. In addition, there are various game studios that have also released a game with the title Live Baccarat such as PlayTech and Vivvo. Live Baccarat from Evolution Gaming can also be found under the name Standard Baccarat.

The decor of Standard Baccarat has an Asian touch with a lot of red and gold.

For Standard Baccarat 8 regular card games are used without the joker. If 7 games have been used, the cards are shaken manually by the dealer or the assistants. You have different view modes with this game that you can exchange in between so that you have better insight into the statistics. Live Baccarat also has a chat function that you can use to interact with your fellow players and the dealer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the rules of live baccarat different than if you would play in a casino Baccarat?

The rules of Live Baccarat are identical to the rules used in a casino for the regular Baccarat game. So you can play immediately and don't have to learn new rules first.

Can you also play live baccarat on your smartphone?

That is indeed possible because Live Baccarat is completely optimized to also be able to play on the way. You have the same playing experience on your tablet or smartphone as on a desktop computer, provided you have a good internet connection.

How long does a game round take on average at Live Baccarat?

A game round takes an average of 48 seconds at Live Baccarat. If you find that too slow, you can try Speed Baccarat from Evolution Gaming.

Which bet has the highest payout at Live Baccarat?

If you bet on Perfect Pair and both the dealer and a player have two cards of the same color, the payment is 200 times, the highest payout in this game.


If you like to play Baccarat, you will be able to appreciate Evolution Gaming Live Baccarat. This live dealer game gives you through the beautiful camera images, the live chat function and the hospitable dealers almost the same feeling that you have in a real physical casino. So what else can we say about Live Baccarat? Nothing, except what do you still do here, go and try it out!