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The Online Casino Games Developer Evolution Gaming has already launched a lot of fun live dealer games and has already achieved great success in Lightning Roulette and Lightning Dice. Now the company has also added Lightning Baccarat to the game offer.

Just like with the other versions, you can also enjoy very high payouts at Lightning Baccarat thanks to the multipliers that are available in the game. It is perhaps a modern version of Baccarat, but the rules of the original game also apply to Lightning Baccarat.

This is a slightly more difficult game, but as soon as you have mastered it, it is very nice to play. It is a game that is especially fun when you know how baccarat works.

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Mega hoge multiplier

Lightning Baccarat is a game where a live dealer plays the Baccarat game with you. As mentioned, you can get multipliers in the game that multiply your bet by an x number of times. With most games this is a nice number, but with Lightning Baccarat this is really immensely high.

The multiplier can deliver you 1,310,720 times your basic insert when you get it. With a bet of $ 1 you have already won more than $ 1.3 million. There is no other online casino game that has such a high multiplier as Lightning Baccarat and can generate a lot of money.

If you like Baccarat and know how to play it exactly, it is really advisable to also try Lightning Baccarat.

3 deployment options

So it is true that Lightning Baccarat works the same as just baccarat. The difference in the two games is mainly in the payment. The options to use remain the same. You can choose to bet on the player, the bank or a draw.

Both, the bank and the player receive 2 cards. A card game is played where the cards with a picture have no value, the aces are 1 point and the rest of the cards retain their own value.

You can bet on the 3 options and you have a minimum deployment of $ 1 and a maximum deployment of $ 2,000 at your disposal. A mandatory surcharge of 20% of your bet is used in the game.

Playing method of Lightning Baccarat

The payouts that you get at Lightning Baccarat depend on how high you bet every time. The aforementioned surcharge of 20% is set so that the Lightning Cards are paid. These Lightning Cards offer you the multipliers with whom you can achieve very high profits.

At Baccarat it is true that the player or bank has to come closest to the nine to win. If you bet on the player you get your bet back once and at the bank you get your bet once and 5% commission for the house. The payment of a draw is 5 against 1. If you bet $ 10 on draw and this is the outcome, you earn $ 40 and your bet back.

De Lightning Cards

The Lightning Cards are the big tastemakers in Lightning Baccarat. Each turn you get a chance on 1 to 5 Lightning Cards. These offer you multiplicates of 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8 times your bet. If you have multiple cards with a bet, all these multipliers are used to multiply your bet.

With multiple multiplicators, these are multiplied by each other. That is also why you can get such a mega high number to multiply your bet. You can also have several same Lightning Cards. This is because at Lightning Baccarat with multiple card games is shared.

To get the highest multiplier of 1,310,720 times your bet, you will have to choose a draw and you must get 6 multipliers from 8 times together.

The payout percentage

The payout percentage for the Baccarat game is very good. This excellent payout percentage applies to both the regular and the Lightning Baccarat version. It is true that this applies if you choose a player or bank.

If you bet on the player, this is 98.67%, for the bank it is 98.59%and with a draw it is 94.51%. There is an extra effort that must also be mentioned.

The Side Bet and with this bet you guess that you get two cards with equal values. This can be used for both the bank and player. The payment percentage for this is the lowest. It is therefore good not to focus on this and always go for bank or player.

Huisvoordeel Lightning Baccarat

The house advantage can also be drawn up from the payout percentage. This house advantage is a percentage of your bet what the house takes as a profit. With a bet on the player this is 1.33%, where this is 1.41% for the bank. The draw and the Side bet have a high house advantage and that is why it is important that you avoid these bets.

The draw has a house advantage of 4.49% which is on the high side. If you look at the Side Bets, they even have a house advantage of 11.65%. So it is safe to say that you can better avoid these 2 options for the bet, if you want to earn a little money back.

Strategy for Lightning Baccarat

Although it is of course a game that involves happiness, with a bit of a good strategy you can exert quite a bit of influence on the game itself. It is important to look at the height of you and also what you will focus on.

What the right bet is for you is something you have to determine yourself. You have to see what you can miss and what you feel comfortable with, in case you lose. When it comes to deployment, the best bet options, as said before, remain the bank and the player. You then have much more chance of winning than with a draw. This may pay more, but you will probably lose more with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play this game for free?

No, live games are being made by the Online providers not offered for free.

What is the maximum bet Lightning Baccarat?

You can use 2000 euros per round.

How does the casino earn back the high payouts of the multipliers?

Due to the surcharge of 20% on every bet, such high payouts can be made via the multiplicus.