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Grand Baccarat Live has the appearance of a VIP Lounge and offers the possibility to play Baccarat in style. This live dealer game from PlayTech brings you everything you expect from a good baccarat game and more.

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How do you play the game?

1. You start Grand Baccarat Live with placing bets. These are the usual Baccarat bets: player, dealer or draw.

2. After you have deployed, the cards are shared, two for the player and two for the dealer with the image down.

3. The player's cards are opened and checked whether a third card should be shared.

4. The dealer cards are now also opened, and a third card may be shared.

5. The total of points is compared to determine who is the closest near the 9 points and the game wins.

We recommend that the game only at a American Online Casino to play!

Do you want to play online baccarat in style in one Live Casino? That works out well, because PlayTech has developed Grand Baccarat live, a luxurious version of the Baccarat games With real dealers. So join us and win 150 times your bet.


You don't have to learn any other rules of the head, because Grand Baccarat Live follows the usual rules. The game is played with 8 sets of cards and the intention is to get a total of 9 points. Grand Baccarat Live starts with placing the bets. You can bet on Banker, Player and Tie as well as 6 other Side Bets.

After you have deployed, the dealer shares you and herself 2 cards. The total your hand determines whether a third card is needed, so you cannot decide for it yourself as with poker. The points are counted as follows: king, wife and farmer 0 points, a bait is 1 point and the other cards have the value on the map. If the total of points is 10 or higher, then only the last number counts as a final score. An example of this is that a total of 14 points eventually becomes 4 points.

Whether you get an extra card therefore depends on the points you have:

· 8 or a 9 points: you don't get an extra card because you have a "natural win".

· 6 or 7 points: you don't get an extra card.

· Less than 6 points: you get a third card, unless the dealer has 8 or 9 points.

Then it is the dealer's turn and it is also examined what the point total is and whether a third card needs to be drawn:

· 0 to 2 points: The dealer receives an extra card unless the player has 8 or 9 points.

· 3 points: The dealer receives an extra card, unless the third card of the player is an 8.

· 4 points: The dealer receives an extra card if the total of the player is 2 to 7.

· 5 points: The dealer receives an extra card if the total of the player is 4 to 7.

· 6 points: The dealer receives an extra card if the total of the player is 6 to 7.

· 7 points: The dealer does not receive an extra card.

· 8 or 9 points: The dealer wins, no extra card.

The hand of the person who has nine points or closest to it is the winner of the game.

Payments at Grand Baccarat Live bets are as follows:

Dealer hand wint0.95: 1 with deduction of 5% committee
Player Hand wins1:1

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At Grand Baccarat Live you also get the option to place a side bet. You can choose from the Side Bets below, where Egalite extra has the highest payout of 150 times.

BetWhat is it
Banker pairThe first two cards of the dealer are the same
Player pairThe first two cards of the player are the same
Either pairThe first two cards of the player or the dealer are the same
Perfect pairThe first two cards of the player are the same and have the same color
SmallA maximum of 2 cards are shared per person
BigMore than 2 cards are shared per person
Extra EqualitySpecifically named Pair

Deployment and payouts

  • Minimum deployment $ 0.50 and maximum bet per round of $ 100,-
  • RTP: 98,94%
  • House advantage: 1.06%
  • Highest payment: 150x with a maximum of $ 15,000

The gameplay

Grand Baccarat Live has a nice decoration in the atmosphere of a VIP Baccarat Room. The atmospheric design of the studio in Latvia with the golden accents is streamed live through 15 different cameras. As a player you can set the sound and the image quality. In addition to a clear user interface where you can place yourself, you can request a lot of additional information.

For example, the game shows you 5 different game patterns with the expected results based on the cards and you can see statistics about the cards in the shoe. You also have the option to call and view your game history.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RTP from Grand Baccarat Live?

The RTP from Grand Baccarat Live from PlayTech is optimally 98.94%.

Can Grand Baccarat also play mobile live?

You can play Grand Baccarat Live on the road live, because the game is completely optimized for mobile by PlayTech.

Does Grand Baccarat also have a chat function live?

Yes, Grand Baccarat Live indeed has a live chat function with which you can communicate with the dealer.

What is the highest possible payment at Grand Baccarat Live?

The highest payout at Grand Baccarat Live is 150 times, one that happens when you win the Egalité extra bet.


Grand Baccarat Live has been around for a while and is clearly a keeper, because it offers an optimal baccarat experience. This live dealer game from PlayTech with its luxurious appearance and professional dealers offer you a great gaming experience. We are particularly pleased with all the extra that and statistics that you can request from this game, and can help you determine your next bet.

As far as extra features are concerned, Grand Baccarat Live should not be of that way. You will also encounter the bets at other Baccarat versions. But it is very interesting that you can win your bet 150 times in this game with an Egalite extra bet. If you have not tried Grand Baccarat Live yet, then you should definitely do it once.