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At Punto Banco you as a player can bet on the player (Punto) or on the couch (Banco). A third deployment possibility is Egalité (draw). It is a very fast game where you can win and lose a lot in a short time.

The game is derived from Baccarat that was already played in Italy around 1400. It was blowing over to the American court where it became a popular game of the elite.

Gambling is extremely popular in Asia and it is said that the gross turnover in the Asian gambling city of Macau is 23 billion a year. 90% of this is brought in by Punto Banco.

Map values

The purpose of the game is to get as close as possible to the 9 points. So now you first have to know what the card values are.

  • The pictures (king, wife and farmer) and the 10 are worth 10 points
  • The AAS is worth 1 point
  • The 2 to the 9 represent their own value

At Punto Banco you cannot exceed 9 points. The 10 points are not counted. So 15 points will be 5 and 22 points again becomes 2.

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Deployment and payouts

At Punto Banco you have three deployment options. You can bet on Punto, Banco or Egalité

  • At Punto (player) you get your bet once
  • At Banco (bank) you get 0.95 times your bet. The bank holds 5%!
  • At Egalité (draw) you get your bet 8 times

All players can know for themselves what they are going to use. So you choose Punto or Banco. You can possibly play the draw together with one of the two bets. You can also only put on egalité.

How is a game going now?

If the croupier says: "Your bet," then the game will start. After everyone has used their sheets, the croupier will say that nothing can be put anymore. Just like with most games, you can no longer touch the sheets.

The croupier will now share in the following way:

  • First open card for Punto
  • First open card for Banco
  • A second open card for Punto
  • A second open card for Banco.

As a player you have nothing to say if you want a third card. Standard rules apply for this, which is very nice because you cannot make the wrong decisions. It is deployment and wait and see if you have gambled well.

When will there be a third card?

The fixed rules for drawing a possible 3rd card is as follows.

With two cards, Punto has a total number of points of: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

The follow -up action is then:

  • Punto receives a 3rd card, unless Banco 8 or 9
  • At 6, 7 points, it is appropriate. If there is banco 0 to 5 points, Banco will receive a third card;
  • Punto will fit at 8, 9 points. Banco does not get a 3rd card anyway.

If Banco has a total number of points of: 0, 1, 2 with two cards, then the follow -up action is:

  • Banco receives a third card, unless Punto has 8 or 9 points.
  • At 3 points, Banco receives a third card, unless Punto 8 or 9 has, or unless the third pointed card is an 8.
  • 4 points, Banco gets a third card when the third pointed card has a value of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7.
  • 5 points, Banco receives a third card when the third pointed card has a value of 4, 5, 6, or 7.
  • With 6 points, Banco fits if the Punto fits; Banco receives a third card when the third pointed card has a value of 6 or 7.
  • Banco will fit at 7.
  • Banco will fit at 8, 9. Punto and Banco none of them receive a third card.

The house advantage

The house advantage at Punto Banco is as follows:

  • The house advantage at Punto is 1.24%
  • The house advantage at Banco is 1.06%
  • The house advantage at Egalité is 14.36%

The smarter gamblers among us see that it is best to always bet on banco. Egalité is best ignored, with a disadvantage of 14.36% it is one of the worst bets you can find in a casino.

Do you have to tip at Punto Banco?

It is so neat that you give tip when you win. This certainly applies to the casinos in Las Vegas, because the croupiers have to live on their tip. It is of course important that you get a good service and that the croupier is friendly. You are not mandatory but it is greatly appreciated.

Punto Banco Play Online

If you are going to play online, you initially ensure that you log in at a legal casino. Online Punto Banco works almost the same as in the Holland Casinos. You click the value tokens with which you want to play and you have the same 3 bet options.

A big advantage of online Punto Banco is that you can also practice for free. First get the hang of the game before you start playing money. You can also easily view the game history of the fallen cards.

There is also live Punto Banco at the online providers. A handsome croupier runs the cards from a studio. You can participate live and make the bets from behind your computer.

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Are there any good strategies for Punto Banco?

You can also apply blackjack systems with progressive deployment methods at Punto Banco. A good strategy can never be used on Egalité.

Is it smart to keep a score card?

Some players swear because they try to discover patterns. On the other hand, the cards have no memory so every hand can be different again.

Which online provider is the best to choose?

All legal American casinos offer Punto Banco. A good choice could be the one with the highest bonus.