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If you are a fan of live game shows, the Monopoly Live game is definitely for you. A game presented by a beautiful presenter and a bonus game in a great virtual world.

The game looks a lot like Dreamcatcher, but has become a more played variant because of the bonus game.

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How's the game going?

With these steps you understand Monopoly Live within a minute.

  1. Search the game

    Go to a casino that offers live casino games. In our casino reviews you will find the best providers of live games.

    In the lobby of your chosen casino, choose the Monopoly Live game. You now go directly to the live studio from where this popular game is presented.

    Take a look at how everything looks and how it is played.

  2. Participate

    If you want to use, then choose the unit you want to play with. Then you can bet on different subjects.

    You can bet on 1.2.5 and 10. There are also 2 bonus compartments of 2 times rolling and rolling 4 times. The game is especially beautiful because of these bonuses and we will explain later how these work.

  3. Running the wheel

    The hostess who talks to each other is also the one who moves the wheel. She now also indicates that it is no longer possible to use.

  4. On which box does the wheel stop

    If the wheel stops on one of the numbers, the payout is very simple. If he stops 5, you will get your bet 5 times. If he stops at 10, you will get your bet 10 times. So far nothing spectacular.

  5. The wheel stops at a bonus

    There are 3 possible bonuses that can fall. The first is "Chance". Here you get a random price.

    If the "2 Rolls" or "4 Rolls" box falls, the bonus game becomes active.

  6. Hot bonus game

    If the bonus falls then you go to a great virtual world with "Rich Uncle Pennybags" or Mister Monopoly. Via a lift he goes from the studio to a monopoly board.

    On this board he builds houses and hotels that are all multiplied people assigned.

  7. The dice will roll

    In a large zeppelin you can see how the dice rolls. Mister Monopoly is going to walk the number of thrown eyes on the board. You get the multiplier of the box in which he ends.

    With 2 Rolls you grab 2 multipliers and with 4 Rolls 4. But that is not all, if a double is thrown then you will get an extra throw.

    So with a 4 Rolls bonus and a number of double throws, you can transfer the entire Monopoly board and win gigantic amounts.

  8. Payment of the profit

    If Mister Monopoly has made all his steps, the multiplimmer won will be added together.

    The profit is paid and you go back to the studio where you can start the next bet.

The payouts and opportunities

As you can see in the payment table, a bet on 2 and 10 gives the most opportunities. Large profits can be achieved with the nice bonus game, although the return to player statistics is not that high in the long run.

Pay out:Number on the wheelRTP:
Kans2Pays cash or multiplier
Bonus with 2 throws393,90%
Bonus with 4 throws193,67%

You can already participate in the game for a deployment of 0.10 cents and the maximum is 500 euros.

What do you win with a Chance card?

The chance that you will also find on the regular Monopoly board should not be missing here either. You can win a cash prize here or a multiplier. The great thing is that the multiplier is applied to the next turn. This can therefore also be the bonus game.

Hot bonus game

This is the game that is all about. As mentioned, the wheel must stop at 2 or 4 rolls, so that the bonus game comes into effect. From his lazy chair in the studio, Rich Uncle Pennybags goes through the elevator to the Monopolybord. This sign looks exactly how you are used to it.

When he arrived on the board he will place houses and hotels on all streets of the board. Just like in the real game, the streets are more expensive as you get on.

The further you get on the board, the higher the multiplicators will become. It depends on how many houses or hotels are on it. With a hotel on an expensive street you can just get your bet 500 times.

The bonus game looks very nice and is very addictive. Beautiful blue skies and skyscrapers in this virtual world will surprise you.

How do the multiplicators work

The multiplicators can have the following values: 1x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 9x, 12x, 15x, 20x, 25x, 50x, 100x, 150x, 250x and 500 times. With every throw, Mister Monopoly takes the steps of the number of thrown eyes. With a double throw you get an extra turn. Of course you have to throw a few times double before you can get to the highest multiplier.

The multipliers are added together and you will clearly get in the picture what you have won.

Other functions in the game

First of all you can chat with the nice hostess who will welcome you when you enter the studio. If you have any questions, she will answer it with love.

What is also nice is that you can see what other players use and win. You will be shocked by the large amounts that some players know how to rake inside.

In summary judgment

A very original game from Evolution Gaming. Not comparable with live casino games such as blackjack or roulette.

The bonus game is unparalleled with its great graphics and you really imagine yourself in the middle of this virtual world if you get the bonus game. This bonus round is the only reason to play the game because it is just a boring game.

It can of course take a while before the bonus falls and that time you simply bet on the other numbers. Because the payouts with regard to chance are less than with Blackjack, for example, this can cost some money in the long run. But as indicated, the bonus makes up for everything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Monopoly Live for free?

No, unfortunately, you need a money account M to play at a live casino.

What is the maximum payout?

For a bonus round it is set at $ 500,000

Can you also play Monopoly Live mobile?

Yes, one Legal American Casino Ensures that all games can also be played mobile.