Mega Wheel

Do you like to play casino games? And then it is special that with a rotating wheel and big prices? Then you may already be familiar with the big Mega Wheel. It might remind you of the live casino game Dream Catcher of Spin a Win, where a wheel is also played that ultimately determines your prices.

Fortunately, Mega Wheel has enough unique elements, making it a completely different experience. With Mega Wheel you can earn back 500 times your bet. This can therefore amount to very high amounts. Has your interest been a bit awakened in the meantime?

Wie is Pragmatic Play?

Mega Wheel was the very first live casino game show that Pragmatic Play has designed and developed. They are a casino games provider and are recognized in a few countries such as the United Kingdom, Malta, Romania and Italy. They are based in Malta. Their games are certified in countries such as Denmark, Portugal and Spain. Unfortunately, players in the United States cannot use the Pragmatic Play software.

The company has now developed more than eighty video casino games with very good graphic design. There were a while the stories that Pragmatic Play was the new name of the Topgame company, who had a bad reputation itself. Pragmatic Play has denied those rumors and simply says it has taken over the games from Topgame in 2015. In 2015, Pragmatic Play was therefore released on the radar with speculation about their creation. A year later they received a game license from Curaçao.

Casinos with live games from Pragmatic Play

A piece of history

Before Pragmatic Play Mega Wheel released, they had not developed another live casino game. So this was their debut in that area. In 2015 and 2016 they already launched many games, such as The Catfather, Hockey League, Hot Safari, and Magic Crystals. From 2016 the company came under a new owner, Ibid, who was planning to go in a different direction with Pragmatic Play.

Until then, the company granted licenses to online casinos, but from the moment Ibid had the company under control, that changed. Ibid, also known as Internet Business and Development Group, wanted to develop games worldwide from that moment on. In 2017 they won the Rising Star Award and three Igling Excellence Awards twice.

Wat is Mega Wheel?

The online Mega Wheel is based on Dream Catcher, but it is again based on the Money Wheel in physical casinos. So it all has a lot away from each other, but unique elements ensure that all these games are specific. At Mega Wheel, a large wheel is also used on which surfaces are divided. With this you can regain a certain number of times your bet.

This can go up to 500 times by multiplicators. There are nine possible outcomes spread over the wheel, with the lowest option most common and the highest and best option the least. Does the wheel end up on the number you have put money on? Then you get your bet back and you get your bet again the number of times on the wheel as a profit paid.

Where can you play the game?

Pragmatic Play is still a relatively new provider of online, live casino games. As a result, their games cannot just be found everywhere at every casino. On the other hand, it is a popular developer, so luckily there are enough casinos about where their games are offered. You can always watch reviews online. There you can often also find whether you can play Mega Wheel at the casino of your choice.

It may just be that you go to the website of your favorite casino and then find out that you can't even play your new favorite game there. This is because not every casino can just offer every game. The game developer, in this case Pragmatic Play, concludes an agreement with the casinos where they want to offer their play to the public. This ensures healthy competition, but unfortunately for the players, so you can't play every game everywhere.

How does the game start?

The game starts like much Casino games With the use of money. This way you can choose from each of the nine different compartments on the wheel. On the wheel are the numbers 1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40. You can choose to use money on each of the numbers. This can only be one or you choose to bet on several to spread your chances.

Of course the number 1 is more common, namely twenty times. The numbers 30 and 40 are only on it once. The chance that the wheel will end this is 1.85% for everyone. With the number 1 this chance is 37.03%. You can determine your bet yourself, but it must be at least $ 0.10. The maximum bet varies per casino. At the Larger legal casinos You can often use a little more to the maximum than with smaller casinos.

When it's time to use money, you don't have to wait too long with that. You only have about 15 seconds for this. So think in advance how much money you want to use to make a profit so that you do not have to hurry unnecessarily when the game starts.

The Mega Wheel

The play of the game

When you as a player have been able to use your money, it's time for the game to really start. The presenter, also known as the live dealer, will turn on the wheel and then the wheel will land on a number. Can you still handle the tension of the rotating wheel? The presenter then shows what the wheel landed and whether you have a price.

The number is the multiplier of your deployment amount. Did you use $ 10 at 40 and are you so lucky that the wheel ends up on that? Then you will first get your bet back and then $ 40 more profit. Have you only used $ 0.10 at 10 and does the wheel end up on that? Then you unfortunately do not get more than a euro in profit. In addition to the regular prices, you can also use multipliers so that your profit can get even higher. These multipliers are called mega multipliers.

The Mega Multiplier is announced by the computer when the wheel turns around. For example, the payment of 40 times the deployment can be multiplied 200 times to 8000 times the deployment. So you can turn your $ 0.10 into $ 800.

Final phase

Has the wheel turned and is it clear what it ended up? Then the calculation will be made and your profit will be known. The multiplier has been applied to the numbers on the wheel and this will multiply your bet until hopefully a nice profit amount. Your profit amount will appear automatically on the screen. Do you want to play another round? Then you can easily use the same again with the Autoplay function.

You can also throw it over a different bow and completely change your bet. Would you rather bet your money on another number? That is of course also possible. Are you brave and would you like to take a little more risk? Then you can also easily increase your bet. You may want to start quietly with $ 0.10, but if you notice that things are going well you can choose to use $ 10, for example.

What determines your price?

The great thing about many casino games is that you partly determine how much profit you will ultimately make. Your commitment is decisive and you choose it yourself. Do you only use $ 0.10? Then you need a little more luck to get a solid profit out. Do you use $ 100? Then a simple multiplier can be enough to play a substantial amount together.

The condition of course remains that the wheel will end up on the right number. So, your commitment is decisive, but without happiness there is a good chance that you will end without money. So it's just hoping that a big portion of happiness is on your side if you want to play the game.

A few rules

It is allowed to use in several areas. So you can choose to bet all your budget on the number where you hope to win the most money. You can also choose to spread all your money. That is even allowed about all nine different options if you think you can drag in the biggest amount of money. After each round you can adjust your bet or use the same again.

The profit is determined on the basis of multipliers, the number where the wheel comes and your deployment amount. The maximum payout is not fixed at a certain amount, but on a multiplication. For example, the maximum payout is 500 times your deployment amount.

With the so -called Autoplay you can choose to choose a deployment amount for multiple rounds. You don't have to use a new round separately every time. The bet that you make the first round will continue to apply to the next rounds. A live chat is also available in the game where you can ask questions about ambiguities. For example, you can also chat with the live presenter or other players.

What can you win?

So you can recover your bet in multiple. However, the maximum payment amount has been set at 500 times your bet. That is, the 40s on the wheel can at most be raised to 500 times through the Mega Multiplier. If you use $ 100, this will be $ 50,000 at most, of course your bet itself that you also get back if you win.

In that case, the total payment is $ 50,100. If the final multiplication exceeds 500, you are actually just unlucky and you will only get 500 times your bet paid out as a profit. So does the wheel come to 40 and could it be multiplied twenty times? You still get "only" 500 times your bet.

Happiness or strategy?

It is actually mainly happiness at Mega Wheel. There is no maximum payment amount, only a maximum multiplication of your bet. So you do not have to use a certain amount strategically in order not to exceed the maximum amount. After all, that is not there. Do you feel that you are full of happiness? Then you can gamble and try to win a nice amount of money. That is the only strategy that you can apply.

What exactly is the RTP?

The RTP literally stands for Return to player. This means, the payout percentage that a player can expect back. With a calculation example it might be clearer. Suppose the RTP is 95% and you decide to use $ 100 as a player. The amount that you as a player can expect on average has been converted with this RTP so $ 95. In Mega Wheel, the RTP is set at 96.51%. That is, for every $ 100 that you use as a player you can expect an average of $ 96.51 back.

With some casino games, the RTP differs per box on the wheel. This is because the chance of ending up on some courses with the Rad is easier with the numbers that occur more often. So if you bet on 1, it is more likely that the wheel will end up on the number 40. On the other hand, the 40 times multiplication gives more profit than with the number 1, where you will only be paid your bet once as a profit once .

Various RTPs are not the case with Mega Wheel, here the RTP is the same for every bet and every outcome. That of course does not mean that you get this amount back every round. After all, it is a gambling game where you sometimes have to take some risk.

Why is it so popular?

For those who are already familiar with other games with a wheel, such as crazy time, Dream catcher, or spin a win, it is very accessible. The games have many similarities, so it's easy to try another game. Nevertheless, Mega Wheel has unique elements. This keeps the original and also exciting for new players.

There is a great happiness element in it, so for those who feel full of happiness, this is certainly a fun game to try. Do you want to take a little more risk? Place that a higher amount and you will experience an exciting game. It is a fast game where not many actions have to be taken. So it is easy to play several rounds in a short time and thus achieve a higher win. It is also not quickly boring because the rounds go so fast.

The live chat function also makes it interactive. You can even chat on your screen with the presenter of the game or with fellow players. This way you get the idea that you are playing with others. So so social. Have you felt like trying Mega Wheel? Then take a drink and now try to play the highest amount of money together. Lots of fun.