It doesn't matter if you are new in the world of casinos or whether you are an experienced player. With the games of Playtech you will not be bored quickly. One of their games is Live Hi-Lo. You will be returned to the '80s.

Do you think you can predict which card is the turn? Then definitely try to play this game.

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Wie is Playtech?

The purpose of Playtech Has always been to develop nice games that are not too complex. This way players can enjoy every level of the easy -to -understand games. Their head office can be found in the United Kingdom, on Isle of Man. The company has been around for 22 years, since 1999 and has since developed software for online gambling games.

They do this for online legal casinos, gamble platforms for sports, online poker and bingo games and online arcade games. Since 2010 they have their own bingo platform, called Virtue Fusion. In addition, they also have iPoker, their own poker platform. They also set up their own sports platform in 2016 called BGT Sports. They are therefore very large in the field of online gaming and then gambling online.

Wat is Live Hi-Lo

The goal at Hi-Lo is very simple. In any case, it is simply said. Whether it is so easy to implement is different for everyone. You have to predict as well as possible whether the next card that will be placed on the table is higher or lower than the card that is already on the table. That's all. Similar said than done of course.

You can find this game at the larger casinos. So if you are looking for an online casino to play live Hi-Lo, then you are probably not looking for that long. Before you create an account, check the offer and also make sure that you choose a reliable legal casino.

The game is streamed from a studio in Latvia by trained dealers who will steer your game in the right direction. The game on your smartphone or tablet is easy to understand and looks clear. Because of the simple elements, it is therefore a perfect game to relax. This makes the game so incredibly popular.

Purpose of Hi-Lo

The purpose of the game is very simple. All you have to do is determine whether the next card will be higher or lower than the card that is already on the table, also known as the basic card. So you will not have to practice it often, because there is not necessarily a strategy that you can apply. It is mainly about happiness. Fortunately, this does not mean that it is a boring game. The simplicity makes it accessible to every player to give it a try. The game is played with six sticks cards. All Jokers and the Tienen are taken out of this and then the set is complete to play with.

Start of Hi-L

Every Tour of Hi-Let starts with a bent round. This takes 15 seconds and during this time players can determine their bet. So don't take the time too long, because it just taps. You can determine your bet by choosing a sheet with certain value. These all have a coin value. The minimum bet varies per casino. However, it will often be between $ 1 and $ 20. It is therefore wise to check this in advance.

The maximum bet can also vary per casino where you can often use more at larger casinos than at the smaller casinos. When the time to get in, "No More Bets" will be placed in your screen. From that moment the game really starts and the dealer will start burning the cards.

Side Bets

In addition to making a bet for predicting a higher or lower value, you can still do a side bet. This is an extra commitment to try to achieve more profit. There are different side bets that you can do. So you can also do multiple side bets at the same time to multiply your bet as often as possible. This way you can try to predict in advance whether it will be a red or black card. Do you have this correct? Then you get a profit of 1.92 times your bet.

You can also guess what value the card will get. This way you can bet your gamble on a map between the values two and five, between value 6 and 9 or a value between the farmer and the bait. Is the card in the category you thought? Then your bet is multiplied 2.89 times.

You can also bet on the chance that the card will become a king or bait. Are you correct? Then your profit is multiplied 5.78 times and you get it paid. Do you think it's a bait and are you right? Then you get your bet another 11.56 times. The highest side bet you can do is the "Snap". Here you focus on the chance that the new card will be identical to the basic card that is already on the table. Are you so lucky that this is the case? Then you will receive 12.06 times your bet.

Play Thread

The dealer will burn cards. This means pulling cards from the pile without looking at it. The dealer draws four cards, of which only the fourth card is used. The three other cards are blindly put aside. Because of this you as a player cannot estimate which cards have already passed and try to guess on the basis of whether there are much higher or much lower cards in the pile.

You will not see the three cards that do not participate. So it's only about the fourth card drawn by the dealer. Of this card you as a player in whether it is higher or lower in value than the basic card. Winning players will then be paid and this new card will serve as a new basic card for the next round. All cards are also shaken after each round so it makes no sense to count cards.

What do you play for?

It will differ how much you get paid. For example, is there a relatively low card on the table with, for example, a value of four? Then the chance is very small that there will be a lower card. This can only be a card with a value of two or three. In this case you will get more paid than with a card with a higher value, because it is then more difficult to predict well.

This also applies the other way around if there is a map with a relatively high value such as one of the pictures. For example, if there is a farmer, only a woman, gentleman or on can come up here. The payout is therefore higher here if the card has a higher value. This is also called a dynamic payment. The Side Bets all have a fixed multiplication of the deployment amount.

An example round Thread

So it is not a very difficult game to understand, but you must be lucky. Don't you have this? Then it becomes difficult to play a nice win. Have you already felt like testing your happiness? Then we would like to show you exactly how it will work.

The game starts with a bet. The height of this therefore depends on the casino where you play. You select the sheets with the value you want to use. You can find it in the corner of your screen at the bottom right. With this example, let's assume that your normal bet is $ 5. You also do a side bet and you expect the card to be red. You bet $ 2 on this.

The next step

The card that is already on the table has a value of six. So four cards can be lower and seven cards higher. The payout is therefore slightly larger for a lower map. You decide to take this risk and your $ 5 is therefore committed to a lower card. In this example, let's assume that your bet will be multiplied three times. You are lucky this round. There will be a red three. So you predicted that it would be a lower card and that it would be red.

Pay out

So you've been lucky and you get your profit paid. We are now going to calculate how this profit is determined for you. Your normal deployment of $ 5 euros is multiplied three times. This makes $ 15 and with that you make $ 10 profit. You have used $ 2 for your Side Bet and it was paid 1.92 times according to the schedule of the Side Bets. That makes $ 3.84 that you get paid and is therefore $ 1.84 profit. If we add this together, you will come to $ 11.84 profit that you have achieved with a bet of a total of $ 7.

A higher bet

Suppose things had run a little differently. For the sake of convenience, we assume the same basic card with this time a multiplier of 2.5. This time your head bet is $ 100 on a higher card, because you don't want to take that much risk. You also use several side bets of $ 30 on a red card, $ 30 in the category from farmer to AAS. Your total bet in this situation is therefore $ 160.

The card that comes on top is indeed higher. It is a kicking farmer. With one of your side bets you are lucky, but unfortunately not with both. Your head deployment is multiplied 2.5 times. That means that you get $ 250 paid out and therefore make a profit of $ 150. Unfortunately, with your Side bet on a red card you will not get anything paid. So you have lost this $ 30. With your other Side Bet you are more lucky and for that you get 2.89 times your bet paid. That amounts to $ 86.70. If we remove the deployment, you have $ 56.70.

All profit together is therefore $ 206.70 with a bet of $ 160. So you see that with a higher bet and a more difficult side bet your win can be enormously.

A bit of a breakdown

It can also go the other way. Suppose you had done exactly the same in the previous situation, but there was a lower, black card. Then you would not have made any profit. Not with your head and not with your side bets. You will then lose $ 160 euros in one fell swoop.

It is therefore important not to let it get out of hand and to keep yourself under control. Don't use too much in one go, because you can just lose it. Do you notice that you no longer have yourself under control? Then stop playing and make sure you rest.

Some extra rules

At the start of the game you don't have too long to use. Make sure you have determined your bet within time. It can help you to think about this in advance so that you don't make a hasty decision. This bet must be determined at that time to prevent you from adjusting your bet quickly when it is known which card will be on top.

The minimum and maximum deployment that you can do at a casino differs. This way you can often use more money at the larger casinos than at smaller casinos. In terms of strategy, there is not much that you can do. Counting cards makes no sense because you don't get to see all the cards and the stack will be shaken several times during the game.

You can experiment with side bets and try out which style of playing suits you. Are you a brave player who uses large amounts? Or are you a safer player who likes to do it with smaller amounts? Everything is possible.


The RTP stands for Return to player And determines how big the chance is that you as a player will see your bet again. It stands for the payout percentage. The higher this percentage is, the greater the chance that you will see part of your bet. The RTP at Hi-Lo depends on the type of bet you place.

This way the RTP differs from your normal deployment of the different side bets. The RTP will be somewhere between 96% and 96.67%. The difference is therefore very small. At this percentage it means that the house advantage of the casino is therefore between 3.33% and 4%. All this may sound a bit abstract. Suppose you make a bet of $ 10, you can expect about $ 9.60 and $ 9.67 with these percentages.

That does not mean that you get this back every round. It just wants to indicate something about the opportunities you have. A higher RTP is therefore a higher chance of winning.