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For football fans there is finally a casino game developing that completely meets their wishes and it is called Live Football Studio. It is a game where cards and football are combined. It is a game made by Evolution Gaming that also launched Live Dragon Tiger.

Live Football Studio is a bit like Live Dragon Tiger, but focuses primarily on football. Where Live Dragon Tiger was mainly made for the Asian world, live Football Studio is focused on the European market.

Almost the whole of Europe is football enthusiast and that is exactly what live Football Studio responds very well and smartly to. It is a game where fans of different football competitions enjoy where they come from.

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Live Football Studio is eto play

The Live Football Studio game is very easy to play and that makes it a game that is suitable for both experienced and starting players. You have a live dealer who gets the two cards from the deck. These are distributed to both players of the game. It is true that one side is the home team and the side is the plow.

The table is also designed in such a way that it seems like a football field. You stand in front of your opponent, as it were. When the cards are shared, there are 3 different options. You can bet on home gain, out of win or draw.

It is very simple, the highest card wins the game. When 2 the same cards are shared, it is a draw.

History and statistics of the game

So it is very simple you have 3 bet options and if you have focused on the right outcome, you win. The bet on one of the 3 options can be between $ 1 and $ 10,000. It is also permitted to bet on multiple options. This way you spread your chances and you have more options to win.

The online game is designed in such a way that you can easily see what the history of the games is. The last 24 games are displayed and it says what the outcome was always.

Live Football Studio is a very fun game to play and very simple. If you haven't played many online casino games yet, this can be a nice entry.

Football theme richly present

Live Football Studio is therefore a game with a football theme and this can be seen everywhere in the game. Not only the table is designed as a football field, but also because of the background you get the feeling that you are in a stadium. Furthermore, it is of course called live Football Studio for nothing.

You get live comments from the dealers about each of the games you play while playing. The dealers often come from Latvia and will provide you with live "football".

Since football and online gambling are emotion, this is the perfect combination in live football studio. It is often somewhat inadequate English what is talked about by the live dealers, but that does not detract from the pleasure of the game.

Deployment options at Live Football Studio

Where online casino games Often, the payments are and these are set up fairly easily at Live Studio Football. For example, if you bet $ 1 on winning for home or out and you win, you will get your bet once. So you have $ 2 after a win.

In this game, a bet on the draw provides you with the most money. This is of course because it is a solution that will happen the least often. If you use $ 1 on a draw, you win 11 times your bet. So it's just how much you bet.

In principle, with a maximum deployment of $ 10,000 you have the chance to win $ 120,000 if you bet and win.

Strategy for Live Football Soccer

It may not be fully applicable in the meaning of the word, but it is possible to apply a strategy to live studio football to increase your chances of winning.

With the game it is of course important what you will focus on. You have little chance that a game will end in a draw. It is not for nothing that the payment for this is also so high, 11 times your bet, while for the other 2 options that is only once your bet.

Live Studio Football is an online game that is played with 8 card games. This means that there are a total of 416 cards. So each species appears 32 times in the total card game that is played.

payment percentage

The chance of different cards at Live Studio Football is very large and a lot bigger than the possibility of 2 the same cards. 2 The same cards mean that the value is equally high, thereby the kind, kicking, hearts, windows, claws, does not matter.

The chance of a draw in a game Live Studio Football amounts to 7.47% and is therefore extremely low. The payout percentage of a normal bet at home or out is 96.27% and on a draw 89.64%.

So it is the smartest to use it on or at home. Perhaps a draw yields more, but the chance that this will happen compared to very small. A strategy may then be that you go for the biggest chance of winning.

High house advantage

The online casino game Live Studio Football is a game that uses a high house advantage. This means that a certain percentage of your bet is taken by the casino as a profit.

At Live Studio Football this percentage comes to 10.36% and this is quite high compared to other games. This is about the same as the video slot machines that can be found online. By focusing on out or at home you have the best chance of winning money, even if it might not be a very high amount.

You can bet a lot of money on a draw, but the chance is too small that this is actually the outcome. So always set up on or at home and play it safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RTP for Live Football Studio?

For a bet on Home of Away you get an RTP of 96.27%. A draw has an RTP of 89.64% and it is better to ignore it.

What is the maximum profit?

If you put the maximum of 10,000 euros on a draw, you can win 120,000 euros.

Are there special side bets at Live Football Studio?

No, you will have to do it with the three commitment options.