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Dream Catcher is an exciting live casino game based on the classic wheel of Fortuin. You can find this game in casinos in North America, Europe and Macau. It was launched in 2017 by Evolution Gaming as a new and interesting addition to the large portfolio of Standard Live Dealer tables.

With the huge rotating wheel, elegant dealers and extremely simple rules, Dream Catcher is a completely different type of game. It is entertaining and easy to play and fully based on chance. With a little luck you can win a huge jackpot.

With Dream Catcher Evolution Gaming This fun game brought to the online casinos and now it can be played for real money. This is possible from any computer or mobile device. It is streamed in real time from a professional studio.

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The basic rules of Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is a game that is played with a large vertical wheel that is divided into sections. This new version of Evolution Gaming has a great twist: it has two multipliers that increase the potential profits even more.

Moreover, this is a game for several players and they can talk to each other via the live chat window in the left-hand corner of the screen. So what are the exact rules of this game?

The rules and gameplay of Dream Catcher are extremely simple, making it the ideal choice for players trying a live casino online for the first time. The game offers space for several players and is hosted by one of the Evolution dealers.

Remarkable is that Dream catcher, unlike most live Casino Games, 24/7 is available. For example, players from all over the world have access at any time. The wheel has 54 sections, marked with different numbers from 1 to 40 and some songs appear more often than others.

However, two of the segments are special: the boxes 2x and 7x, they represent extra multipliers that apply to the standard payment.

The game session starts when the small tab above the virtual plate turns green and represents place your bets. Players choose their commitment and place them on one of the six options - 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 20 or 40x. Each of these represents the actual value of the payment, i.e. 1, 2 or more times the amount of the deployment.

As soon as the tab is deactivated, the bet is over and the dealer runs manually on the wheel. When the wheel stops moving, the tab bar turns yellow and the result is displayed. All players who have placed a bet on the winning section will receive the respective payment.

The multiplicates

But what happens when the wheel stops with the multiplicators? This is when the game really becomes interesting. If this happens, all bets remain in place and the dealer runs the wheel for the second time. The final payment is the deployment multiplied by one of the six options (from 1 to 40), which is then multiplied by 2 or 7.

When the wheel stops on multiplicates twice or even more in a row, the payment is multiplied by the product of all multiplicators that have appeared in this round.

The payments are extremely important, but for that it is important to understand that players do not bet on the specific sections of the wheel. Instead, they focus on one of the six possible values represented by each pocket. In other words, when they bet 5 bets, they have 7 chances to win, since the wheel has seven sections that are marked with 5.

How to play Dreamcatcher

As we can see in the previous part, playing Dream Catcher does not require special knowledge or skills. The outcome of each twist is purely dependent on chance and therefore no strategies or gambling systems can change the chances.

However, players may bet on different values instead of only keeping to one value and color. In this way they can cover more sectors with their efforts and increase their chances of winning.

We are going to play on 2, 10 and 20, we cover 21 sections or 38.89% of the wheel. We could adjust our bets correctly. Since 10 and 20 have a lower chance to hit, we must ensure that a winning bet on 2 compensates for our losses. This is why we bet on 2 just as much as at 10 and 20 together.

If we place a sheet of $ 5 on every 10 and 20, we have to place a sheet of $ 10 in 2. If the wheel stops at 2, we lose $ 10, but we receive $ 30 (payout of $ 20 our original bet of $ 10). If 10 or 20 hit, the profit will be even greater.

Combination bets are very useful when playing Dreamcatcher, but players with a limited bankroll must adhere to the 2 and 10 sectors.

Those who have greater risk tolerance and can afford to lose several spins in succession can choose to bet on 10, 20 and 40. Betting on 5 is not recommended since this option has a high house advantage without an even one Good payment.

Last but not least, although the potential profits are theoretically unlimited since multiplicates are stacked, a maximum payout is permitted in the game of $ 500,000.

Choose where you are going to play Dreamcatcher

Although Dream Catcher is a relatively new game, it has quickly become popular in recent years and can now be found in a large number American casinos. Moreover, it is one of the most popular titles of Evolution Gaming.

Since live casinos are currently a true craze in the online gambling industry, chances are that most established casino platforms will offer the game. However, before players register a user account at a casino of your choice, players must take a number of things into account.

First and foremost you have to check whether you are going to play at a legal American casino. They meet relevant legislation and comply with the high standards for safety and honesty.

Because Dream Catcher is only available in real-money mode, players have to make a deposit before they try their luck with it. The speed of payments is therefore essential, as well as the presence of safe and reliable payment methods that are suitable for the player.

In addition, the usability of the casino platform must be taken into account-whether it is a flash casino or a software package should be downloaded. See if it is mobile -friendly and whether Dream Catcher can be played from phones and tablets. Last but not least, players can also search for gambling sites that offer exclusive bonuses for live casino games.

Frequently asked questions about Dream Catcher

On what effort is it best to play at Dreamcatcher?

It is best to bet 10 times. The bank has the least advantage here.

A progressive deployment system should be able to work at Dreamcatcher?

That is the same as with roulette. The wheel has no memory and therefore a certain color, such as 10x your bet, cannot fall very long. It will then be very expensive or you come to the table maximum.

Do the ladies change the wheel regularly?

Yes, you always get a new host or hostess. But happiness does not depend on them. They do their job and are friendly, so don't put anything on the chat.