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Made in collaboration with Endemol Shine, Deal or No Deal Live is a world first that is exclusively available at Evolution. This is non-stop 24 hours a day pleasure, tension and the possibility to win large cash prizes. A live online version of the world-famous TV game show with the extra excitement of unique price multipleers.

It is another pioneering game-showtitel From Evolution and another unique game that defines live casino-entertainment.

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Deal or no deal live

Deal or no deal Live is a unique live game with which an unlimited number of online players can play and make a deal for a grand prize. First, players run a bank vault with three rolls through the OP rng Based qualifying round, in which each twist the amount of money in the largest prize suitcase comes from 75x to 500x the deployment.

Once qualified, players participate in the round for recharging prices, in which random multiplicators between 5x- 50x increase the prize money in one or more of the 16 suitcases of their choice.

Then the live hosted Deal or No Deal game show starts-an energetic competition of nerves, happiness and raw intuition with the well-known, recognizable look and feel of the popular TV game show.

The goal is simple but completely fascinating. Predict whether the amount in the remaining suitcases will be higher than the bank's offer.

The qualification and additional rounds

To be eligible for the main game show, the players run on the bank vault wheel to get three golden segments on the roles within the times.

Each turn sets the amount of money in the briefcase the biggest price at 75 to 500 times the deployment of the player. The players can choose one of the 16 suitcases as the most appreciated briefcase.

As soon as players have unlocked the bank vault, it goes to the top up-wheel, where the clock ticks again. Players can now choose to supplement the amount of money in one of the suitcases with 5x - 50x their commitment.

The most important part of Deal or No Deal

In the exciting game show itself, the participant is confronted with 16 sealed suitcases with different quantities of cash. The 16 suitcases are identical and are randomly divided. Each suitcase has a number between 1 and 16.

The excitement increases in every phase of the game if a predetermined number of suitcases is opened and their value is revealed. After each series of suitcases, the mysterious entity that is only known as "the bank" offers a cash in exchange for what can be in the participant's suitcase.

The host will now ask the most important question: Deal or Deal?