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The king of the live games has launched a new gem: Evolution Gaming came on the market last summer with Cash or Crash. This online casino game show is presented live and is fairly easy to play. Despite the simple game, it is very entertaining and, not unimportant at an online casino, you have a chance to win big prizes!

During the game you are in a modern airship, on the way up. The higher you get, the higher the prices are. To climb higher in the air, the intention is that as many green balls as possible are pulled out of the machine. They let your airship rise. If a red ball is pulled, you will fall down. Hence the name: the balls determine whether you can "cash" or crash hard.

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With a golden ball you are protected against one red ball, so you don't crash immediately. Do you reach the highest fly height? Then you win 18,000 times your bet! If the Golden Ball has also been pulled on the way to the top, you will get a dizzying deployment of 50,000 times.

Where can I play cash or crash?

Online casinos have been shooting up like mushrooms in recent years. This can sometimes be difficult to check whether a party is reliable or not. There is a good chance that you have heard that someone won prizes has never been paid.

To prevent that, you only want to play with online legal casinos that can be trusted. We have already largely done that search for you. That way you know for sure that you can use a reliable party!

That's how Cash or Crash works

During the Liveshow From Cash or Crash you are in a modern airship that is making an exciting journey. With this airship you want to get as high as possible on the payment ladder. This has 20 levels. The higher you get without crashing, the higher your payment will be.

To determine if you get a step higher on the ladder, balls are drawn. With a green ball you indeed climb a step higher on the ladder. You want to prevent a red ball, on the other hand: the airship crashes. You will then lose your commitment and your potential profit so far. Below you can read the four steps with which you can easily play the game:

  1. Place your bet

    For this you can select a number of sheets at the bottom of your screen, in order to determine the total bet for the coming round.

  2. View the next ball

    It always takes a short time before the next ball is pulled. View every ball that is drawn. As long as these are green balls, you will see the following steps on the payout ladder getting closer. Here you can also see how much you may win until then and how many steps are still coming for the main prize. In total there are 19 green balls and 8 red balls.

  3. make a choice

    If a new ball has been drawn, as a player you get three choices: continue, take half of take all. Bee continue Continue to play with 100% of the potential profit that you have built up until then. Choose take half, take up 50% of the profit at that time and play with the other 50% further.

    You can do this several times, but the amount you continue to play is getting smaller and smaller. If you want to get off for the crash, you can choose for take all. You will then get the profit that you have built up at that time and the game is over for you.

  4. End of the game

    The game is over when the red ball lets your airship crash. The game is also logically also over when the end of the payment ladder has been reached. If you do not want to wait for one of these two events, you can get out of yourself earlier take all to choose. You then step out of the airship earlier and keep the accumulated profit so far.

Golden ball

In addition to a green or a red ball, there is also a golden ball. Like a green ball, this makes you a step rise on the money ladder, but there is more. If this golden ball is pulled, the airship will get an imaginary shield that stops the effect of a red ball once. With a golden ball in your pocket you are not inviolable for a second red ball. Has the golden ball been pulled and is it still whole at the end of the money ladder? Then this ball gives a big boost to the amount of money to be won.

Deployment, payouts and return to player from Cash or Crash

As soon as you play at Cash or Crash, you enjoy a fairly unseen RTP. Of all bets, 99.59% return to the players! The house advantage for casinos is therefore so incredibly low that this works out cheaply for you as a player. Please note that this percentage is calculated in a longer term and that this therefore offers no guarantees for the coming game. When calculating your personal RTP about a number of games, this percentage can be lower or even higher.

You can already play at Cash or Crash from 20 cents per round. You determine your bet on the basis of a number of chips. These have a value of 20 cents, 50 cents, 1 euro, 2 euros, 25 euros, 100 euros, 500 euros or 5000 euros. You can combine different sheets to achieve your own bet. In addition, there is also a doubler. For high rollers that have really deep pockets you can play up to a maximum of 10,000 euros per round.

If you are completely out of a round, you win your bet 18,000 times. On the way, a golden ball has also been drawn and the effect of this is not broken by a red ball, then this will rise up to 50,000 times your bet! The maximum payment amount is, however, fixed at 500,000 euros, so don't count yourself too rich.

Determine your strategy for cash or crash

With a totally random game such as Cash or Crash, it is difficult to determine a general strategy. You are dependent on which balls will fall and you as a player have no influence whatsoever. You can take a number of steps to minimize your loss if your flight ship crashes through a red ball.

The first strategic tip we want to give you is to play the first few jars with a low bet. In this way you can get used to the game and make beginners errors, without this costs you a lot of money. You can also see what kind of player you are: are you rather careful, or do you dare to run the risk of the next round?

So your flying ship crashes when you pull a red ball. The chance of this as the game progresses logically. With every turn, the game indicates how big the chance is that a red ball will fall the next round. So you don't have to calculate this yourself. You can agree on a certain percentage with yourself in advance where you will stop. For example, if you agree that the percentage may not be higher than 30%, you can stop the next turn that the chance of a red ball is higher than 30% in time.

The last tip we can give you is to regularly use the "Take Half" option. This is especially useful if you doubt to continue playing or not. In any case, you are sure of half of your bet, so that you always have part of the profit. This option also prevents you becoming too greedy and eventually come home empty -handed. The "Take Half" option in any case ensures part of the win.

Conclusion: Is Cash or Crash worth it?

Cash or Crash is a very nice live game that you can find in many online casinos. Because of the beautiful design but the simple operation every speller can get along with it. You not only enjoy a very nice game, you also enjoy a towering RTP of no less than 99.59%. With that you have a good chance of winning something.

The game may be a bit simple - after all, it is just waiting for what color a ball has, we have a great time playing this game. Following a strategy is not as useful as with other games, but the tension of the next ball that will fall is great. And that tension only gets bigger when the game continues. All in all, Cash or Crash is a simple but genius online casino game, which we can certainly recommend to play!