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Although Craps Live from Evolution is basically a very fun and simple game, it scares many people. In fact, there is only a mechanical arm that throws dice. These dice then determine whether you have won or not. Yet you can take so many different bets that Craps live in popularity on other digital variants of well -known table games.

We find that very unfortunate and so unnecessary! Here we teach you a clear step -by -step plan and the most common bet options, so that you too can enjoy a game of Craps Live.

Step -by -step plan for craps play live

So Craps Live is not at all as difficult as many people think. With the steps below you too can quickly get started with your first jars of Craps Live.

  1. Check if you are offering Casino Craps Live

    To be able to play the game, you must of course offer the game online casino. Not every casino offers Craps Live Standard, partly because it attracts so few players. If you are already affiliated with an online casino, you can easily search via the search function that almost every site offers you. If you do not yet have an account at an online casino, you can quickly find a provider with a small search on Google.

  2. Open the game

    If your account and your balance are ready, click on the game to start it. The game opens automatically and also places you directly in a lobby.

  3. Time for your first bet

    Once arrived in the live studio you can start with the real bet. For you as a new player, it is first wise to adjust the layout of the playing field. You do this by switching on the Easy Mode onion. You do this via a simple click and yields a much easier playing experience. This way you get less deployment to see options and you can use it more easily.

    This way, Craps Live remains a lot clearer and as a beginner you can get used to the game more easily.
    Once you have mastered Craps live, you can restore the slider to the standard interface. You then get a choice about all the deployment options. You then place bets on the different compartments with deployment options, and then select a number of forces.

  4. Let the dice roll

    Your bet is, so now it's the mechanical arm's turn. This has two dice that are thrown in a different way every turn. The human dealer places the dice in the arm and then lets it do the work completely.

    Because the arm throws every turn at a different speed and with a different force, the human aspect of dice is simulated as well as possible. Because of this variety it is also completely random how the dice will end. Manipulation at Craps Live is certainly not there.

  5. Write everything down with "My Numbers"

    Once the dice are thrown, it's time to look at the influence on your bet. You do this via "My Numbers". This menu, which you can find on the right side of your screen, shows you various valuable information. This way you can see the current status of your previously placed bet, but also what numbers are needed to win something with this bet. Your payment is also mentioned, if you win.

    Everything you want to know about this turn is easy to read in this menu. This way you will be kept short and concisely informed of the latest developments around your commitment.

  6. to win!

    Then check whether the role and your bet together have led to a victory! If you finally won something, you can actually cheer or clap in the online casino through a built -in function. Even as a spectator you can use this, so extra fun! Via the chat window you can talk to your fellow players or even the dealers between the rounds.

Legal casinos with games from Evolution

Inzetopties Craps Live: one-roll of multi-roll

Use with craps You can do in two different ways. You can bet on a bet that is about a role, a so-called One-Roll. After a turn, you immediately know whether you have won or not. A multi-role bet goes beyond several turns.

So you do not know immediately whether you have won and also run a greater risk that your prediction will not be completely correct. Of course there are considerable benefits in return. To make it easier for you as a starting player, we only discuss the One-Roll bets.

Use one-roll

  1. The Field

The outcome of both dice is 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12. If the outcome of both stones is 2 or 12, it will yield a double profit benefit.

  • 2, 3, 11, 12

You predict that one of these four numbers will be the final number of both dice. The 3 and 11 pay you 15 times your profit. The 2 and 12 are more lucrative with 30 times.

  • Any 7

You think the outcome of this turn will be 7. A 7 as a result can help you considerably, because they can pay you 4 times your bet

  • craps

You predict that the outcome will be 2, 3 or 12. This will give you a bet 7 times.

  • Craps and Eleven (C& E)

As the name suggests, you predict the same results as with craps including the 11. 2, 3 and 12 still yield 7 times. 11 even yields your bet 15 times.