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Casino War is often described as one of the easier card games of the online casino. That does not mean that the game is not incredibly well put together or cannot yield big profits. You want to get a higher card than the dealer has to win the game. Is the map of both equally high? Then you can choose to start a mess.

Due to the easy -to -learn character of the game, the game is quickly shifted as a game for starting gamblers. However, that is complete unjustified. The game is also more than worthwhile for professionals. Just look at the payout percentage. With 97.32%, that is even higher than for example roulette, that has a payout percentage of 97.30%.

You can play Casino War in many different places. For the time being it is especially popular in Las Vegas Mega.

The rules of Casino War

Just like every game, you first have to determine your bet at Casino War before the game round starts. You have many options in this. If you are committed, it's time to hand out the cards. The dealer gives you a card and also holds one itself. The cards are then compared. The one with the highest card, then wins the game. Only the value of the card does not matter, the species has no influence on the result.

If the value of the cards is the same, you get two options as a player. With the first option, Surrender, you get half your bet back. Then the game round stops immediately. The second option is Go to War. For this you double your bet and you play a bonus round. Three cards are removed from the stack. Then you and the dealer both get a new card. Then it will be checked again who has the highest card. Is it a tie again? Then as a player you win the game.

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The payouts of Casino War

Also not unimportant: the payouts of Casino War. Just like the basic game, these are also easy to understand. If you have received a lower card and therefore lose the game, you will completely lose your bet. If you win the game immediately, you will doubling your bet as a profit.

Then there is the option to opt for Surrender or Go to War at a draw. Surrender ensures that you get half of your bet back. At Go to War you first have to doubles your bet. Then you win the game, you get 150% of the total paid. Your first bet will be doubled, you will get your second effort back without doubling. So if you have used a total of 10 euros, you will receive 15 euros back.

The best strategies for Casino War

Although the game is very simple, there are a few important strategic insights that you should definitely use. For example, in the case of a draw you have to opt for Go to War at all times. The house advantage for this option is many times smaller than the house advantage at Surrender.

Certainly not focus on a draw in advance. This chance is so minimal compared to the other options, while you are paid just as much. In addition, you deprive yourself the chance to choose Go to War. Double not smart.

With the help of bonus balances you can benefit extra from Casino War. This way you can save money with the deployment, while you can get the profits of the game. Over the past years, the regulations are around these Bonuses become more and more flexible, so there is a good chance that you can also use your bonus at Casino War. Unfortunately, there is no real strategy to always win the game itself, since everything around Casino War is completely based on arbitrariness.

Finally, a general tip: know when you can stop best. Casinos earn their money by including a house advantage in the game. This advantage is of course also in Casino War. So you always lose money in the long term.

So don't play for too long, but know when it has been enough. This can be if you have gone play credit, or if you have just made a nice profit. This way you prevent that you make a lot of loss in the longer term. Never use extra money for Casino War that you really can't miss and also try not to recover your losses.