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It could be said that Blackjack is the typical casino game. The impact on the popular culture has been in -depth and millions of people have seen a specific meaning in the number "21". Although countless players participate in the game in casinos throughout the country, many are not familiar with the other variants of the game.

Just like so many other well -known games, there are other versions that give you a better chance of achieving a nice sum of money as a player. There are a number of alternative versions of Blackjack with which you can achieve profits. Read below about the specific rules and benefits of these games and what they distinguish from the classic game that most people know and appreciate.

Classic Blackjack

Whether in a physical or a online casinoo Is, the classic blackjack remains the most popular form of the game. Make no mistake, this version is a favorite with gamblers for nothing. The house advantage is low, the rules are relatively easy to understand and it is a lot more social than poker, for example.

With that saying that, it is important to see that only because you see that very attractive benefit of 0.5%, this does not necessarily mean that you can also benefit from it in its entirety. The famous 0.5% assumes that you always make the right bets. The good news is that it is not particularly difficult to learn, but it requires some practice.

Explanation of Blackjack

To go back to the base of BlackJack To go, it is the case with this game that players play against the dealer. You have to try to achieve 21 or get closest to 21, without getting more than 21.

Players each receive two cards and have the option to buy, get a different card or can choose to keep the current cards. If someone, player or dealer gets cards are more than 21, it is a bus (broken) and loses the round. If you ultimately choose classic blackjack as the standard version, you give yourself a good chance to win some money.

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European Blackjack

Just like with Roulette, there is also a European version of Blackjack. Just like with Roulette, European Blackjack players offers slightly better opportunities than the American, or generally standard, counterpart. Firstly, European Blackjack is usually played with 2 to 4 card games. This means that the cards are more predictable than other versions of Blackjack that have 6 or more card games in one game. Another part of European Blackjack that makes it more favorable for players is that the dealer is on soft 17.


A disadvantage is that the dealer, because he only has 1 card, does not check whether there is blackjack after sharing the cards. A few other characteristics that distinguish European blackjack are, for example, dealer blackjack versus player blackjack results in a draw or push.

Furthermore, players can only double if their cards show 9, 10 or 11 and finally Blackjacks pays 3 against 2. The house advantage at European Blackjack is 0.39%, so about 20% lower than with classic blackjack.

Face Up 21

Face Up 21 gives players the "power", while some of the benefits of the house are taken away. In this version of the game, both cards from the dealer with the picture are shown upwards. This gives you a lot of insight into how you should use during your hand.

Unfortunately, there is not only good news for players when it comes to this game. Consider, for example, dealer hit on soft 17, dealer Blackjack beats a player blackjack and blackjack only pays money.

Just like with European Blackjack, players in Face Up 21 can only double at 9, 10 and 11. The house advantage is 0.69%. Although the general house benefit can be lower, it can still be a better option with the correct bet strategy.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

For players who think that a great gambling strategy is more important than a great play strategy, Perfect Pairs Blackjack offers a unique opportunity to win a lot. Perfect Pairs Blackjack has the same rules as classic blackjack, but with a twist.

At the start of each hand, players can place an extra side-bet. This side-bet is a gamble or the first two cards that you get will be the same number. Although the chance of this is very small, it can give you very big profits.

If you are two cards of the same value, the same number or the same picture, the payment 5 is against 1. If the two cards have the same value, the same color, but have another series, you have a 10 against 1 payout.

Jackpot win

The large jackpot win comes if the two cards have the same value and the same series. This is possible because multiple card games are used. If you get a "perfect pair", your payment is 30 to 1.

The reason that players love perfect pairs blackjack is because it is just classic blackjack with the possibility to take a small risk and achieve big profits. Everyone who is familiar with classic blackjack does not have to go through a learning curve for this game, since the rules are kept as simple as possible here.

Spanish 21

The most popular alternative of classic blackjack is undoubtedly Spanish 21. In Spanish 21 all 10 cards are taken out. You might think that this would be a huge boost for the house advantage, but the rules are made in such a way that they are settled in favor of the players, so it ultimately becomes more than the same.

Spanish 21 is known as one of the most player friendly games that you will find anywhere in the casino, even more than the classic blackjack. The rules may differ from casino to casino, but most follow the standard rules.

In Spanish 21 the dealer is on soft 17, and, unlike face up 21, player-blackjacks always beat dealer-blackjacks.


With Spanish 21, splitting is permitted again, including aces, which gives players a great opportunity to maximize the profit. Moreover, players can double each point total after a random number of shared cards. They can even double after splitting.

What makes Spanish 21 so popular is the unique payout structure. Keep in mind that this will not be the same at every casino. With most casinos, a five -card combination of 21 3 pays to 2. A Six-Card Combi of 21 pays 2 against 1 and a seven card combination of 21 pays 3 to 1.

Available bonus

A combination of 6 7 8 and 7 7 7 of mixed color yields 3 against 2. If they have the same color, it pays 2 to 1. There is one big exciting payment component for Spanish 21. If a player has 7 7 7 7 of the same series and the dealer has a 7 in any series, then there will be a bonus of it $ 1,000 paid to the player. If the player has deployed more than $ 25 at the beginning, it will rise to $ 5,000.

Depending on how you play, the house advantage of Spanish 21 is somewhere around 0.38%. The disadvantage is that, depending on the house rules, it can be around 0.78%, making it not as attractive as other versions.


Blackjack may be as standard when it can be when it comes to casino games, but these variations of the game ensure that you don't have to get bored. It is just which of the versions you like and you can offer the most benefit.

Always look for the game with the lowest house advantage to make the greatest possible profits yourself. There are enough options, so try them all and determine which game is one of your favorites.