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With Evolution Gaming as a developer of a game, you actually know in advance that the game will at least be good. This is certainly no different with Power Blackjack. It is clear to see that Evolution Gaming knows exactly what everyone is waiting for and can put this in great detail in a game.

Power Blackjack is one of the many online blackjack games, but with an extra option. The option to win more money. This is immediately the biggest difference with the regular versions of Live Blackjack, since the standard principle is virtually identical. What exactly this twist entails and what tactics you should or should not use? You read it all here!

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Power Blackjack Game Rules

Blackjack has been the most popular table game for years Online casinos is played. It is therefore logical that Evolution Gaming has jumped into this and has developed several variants of the game. So one is Power Blackjack.

Although Power Blackjack sounds very different from regular blackjack, that is not too bad in the rules. Each participant is assigned two cards. The value of these cards must come as close as possible to 21, but it is not possible to go over it either. If you have played few jars of blackjack, we first recommend that you will be familiar with the standard versions before you dive into the world of Power Blackjack.

The following rules also apply to Power Blackjack:

  • The dealer fits 17 at all times
  • You can split as soon as you have a pair that is equal in value, but only in your first hand
  • A single card is handed out with a split bait
  • You can one insurance Close as soon as the dealer receives a bait. This provides a 2: 1 payout
  • The push principle applies: bets remain as soon as there is a draw between a player and the dealer
  • You can only split your cards once by hand

The extra functions: Double, Triple or Quadruple Down

So far there are no big differences with a normal game of blackjack. Power Blackjack would not be worthy of its name if not a little power was recorded in the game, so that is certainly not the case. That power comes in the form of a "double down". How does that work?

You can use the Double Down option during the use. You will then receive a multiplier of 2x if it turns out that you have won this round. However, you can increase this multiplier even higher to 3x or even 4x. These have no official names, but we call them "Triple Down" and "Quadruple Down" for the sake of convenience. Then you only get a card and you no longer get it.

Choosing a higher multiplier also ensures that you have to pay your bet several times. If you win you will receive a higher benefit for this, but you also run a lot more risk of a loss! So always think carefully before choosing one of these options.

You can not only opt for a multiplier before the round starts, but also after you get a split. This makes the options suddenly endlessly large.

This extra option of course also has a twist in hand, which you don't have with a normal game of blackjack. At Power Blackjack there are fewer nines and fewer tens included in the game. The chance of a 9 or 10 during your multiplication round is therefore considerably smaller. The other cards with a value of 10 - the farmer, the woman and the king - are each with standard quantities in the stick cards.

Power Blackjack's bets and payouts

Power Blackjack is very good at addressing a broad target group. Almost every gambler finds Blackjack a fun game. The use of Power Blackjack therefore fits perfectly with the type of game. You can already use from 1 euro per turn. This can amount to a maximum of 1000 euros.

This way every player is invited to play with it, regardless of the budget. The final minimum and maximum insert always depends on your own provider, which can still make changes in this.

For each round you can regain a maximum of 4 times your bet. This is the case if you have deployed a quadruple down once you have received the first two cards.

The RTP, Return to Player, at Power Blackjack is set at 98.8%. This means there is a house advantage for the casino of only 1.2%. Those are very nice numbers for a table game like Power Blackjack.

Conclusion: recommended or not?

Power Blackjack is again a success song of Evolution Gaming. The game is very well put together. It looks like enough Standard Blackjack, but with some nice extras. That is why we recommend that we will first be good in the normal Blackjack game before you participate in Power Blackjack.

The Double Down option makes playing a lot more exciting and challenging. With the beautiful profits that can be achieved, we can only recommend Power Blackjack!