Lightning Blackjack

The Lightning games enjoy an enormous popularity among the online casino players. Various casino games already had the Lightning variant, but Lightning Blackjack has now been added. It took a while, but Evolution Gaming has now come on the market with this fun variant.

With the Lightning games you can get a multiplier. At the roulette Numbers can get a larger payout and at Lightning Blackjack your next hand will get a larger payout after a winning hand.

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Goal of the game

You just play the game at first BlackJack Where you try to get a better hand than the dealer. This prefers to mean as close as possible to the 21 points where you do not buy yourself dead.

If you have a higher number of points than the bank, you win your bet. While playing you have all the options you have at Normal Blackjack too. You can double, split, buy and fit. Make sure that if the multiplier is on your hand, you will only be multiplied the initial bet.

Even after splitting you will only receive the multiplier on one hand. Extra rule is that you cannot double after a split and that you can only split once.

At Lightning Blackjack all players will play with the same hand. Everyone has their own choice to buy or fit. Only then you can still decide to buy a card. This card does not apply to you if you have appropriate. This way there can be an unlimited number of players on one hand.

The Fee at Lightning Blackjack

The extra profit that you can get at Lightning Blackjack must of course be paid for something. Every round you pay an extra fee from which the extra profits are paid. It is wise to participate in this, otherwise it would be better to sit down at the normal blackjack table.

If you play with 1euro, the fee will also be 1 euro.

The extra fee you put at Lightning Blackjack


As you have read, you pay every bet double. So if you play a normal hand without multiplier, you don't win anything because you only get the normal bet paid. Your next hand now has the Lightning multiplied. If you lose your hand, you also lose your bet twice. This is compensated by the Lightning hands after a win hand.

The multiplicators can give you a chance between 2 and 25 times your bet. The game is so put together that as a player you only have 0.44% disadvantage on the couch. You have to learn to play the game perfectly. Errors in your purchase and only decisions will give you a greater disadvantage on the couch.

How do the multiplicators work?

So the game revolves around the multipliers that your hand gets after you have won. This multiplier always counts for the next bet you are going to do. It is important that you always play the same bet. So you cannot increase the bet if you have just received a multiplier.

A winning hand can get different multipliers. This way you can get 5 times 5 times and get 25 times with a blackjack. The better the hand, the higher the multiplier. Again, the multiplier counts for your next hand. The multiplicators are random and can therefore always differ.

If you have to stop after you have received a multiplier, it will just remain standing for your next session. You multiply your activity if you lose your hand. The multiplier also loses with a draw or profit after insurance.


Can you also double at Lightning Blackjack?

Yes you can double but the multipliers only count for your initial commitment. The same also applies to splitting your cards.

At which online casino can I play Lightning Blackjack?

This is possible at online casinos that have Evolution Gaming as a partner. BetCity was the first to offer Lightning Blackjack in the Netherlands. In any case, choose one Casino online with license!

Is it a good game to play?

Compared to the other casino games, it is one of the best games. You only have 0.44% disadvantage on the bank and you can enjoy your money for a long time. It is also an exciting game.