Free bet blackjack

Are you familiar with the old trusted blackjack and do you feel like playing again? Which can. You can even play a live, online variant of Evolution Gaming. They have called Free Bet Blackjack to life. No worries, it looks very much like the blackjack that you are used to.

Even if you don't have anyone to guide and play the game, you can do this online yourself. The game is guided by a presenter on your mobile device, so you can experience just as much fun on your own as if you would play it together. In this way, Evolution Gaming wanted to ensure that casino games became more accessible.

Everyone can play it. Not everyone is looking forward to the crowds of an average physical casino around them. You can play Free Bet Blackjack in peace at home. No rushed, but at ease. In this way even those who don't like the physical casinos can play a nice casino game. Have you already felt like a game?

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Wie is Evolution Gaming?

In 2019, the casino game developer Evolution Gaming decided to also make Free Bet Blackjack available in live casinos. So ideal for the real Blackjack enthusiasts. However, this is not the first and only game that they have live online. They have given a lot of other nice casino games in a new look. So casino games became accessible to everyone. Not everyone goes to a physical casino. It is very easy to play the casino game at home.

In this area in Evolution Gaming very innovative and they often come up with new games. This makes them very popular with the audience. Both loyal casino visitors and those who are new to the world can go ahead with their games. So there is a good chance that you have heard of them or know games they have developed. They have among others mega ball, Spin a Win and Monopoly developed live. They have also released old well -known games live such as roulette and poker.

A piece of history

The Evolution Gaming company was founded in 2006 and has since grown into one of the largest online game developers. They are revolutionary within their field. They have become so popular that they won their first international awards in 2010.

It did not stop there and the prizes kept coming for supplying casinos with their games. They brought their first mobile games on the market in 2012. They then opened several international studios in countries spread across the European Union. They then even went intercontinental and expanded their studios to even the United States.

They released the well -known game of Evolution Games called Monopoly Live in 2019. In 2020 their well -known live casino game Crazy Time followed. It didn't stop there and they successfully continued to release new games. Now they have grown into one of the most popular game developers and you can find many of their games in the larger and more famous live casinos.

What is Blackjack?

You may not know exactly how the regular BlackJack works. The purpose of the game is simple. With the cards that you are allocated you must get as close as possible to a value of 21 without passing it. The so -called dealer plays along, so you play against someone. The dealer is also called the bank and he or she is the one who shares the cards.

The idea is that when your cards have a higher value than that of the dealer you have won and you get your bet back, the profit. The condition remains that you have to stay under a value of 22. Are you coming up here? Then you have automatically lost and you have lost your bet. This is of course also the other way. As soon as the maps of the dealer rise above the value of 21, you have won as a player. The purpose of the game may be clear, but how you come to that value of 21 immediately becomes clearer.

What is different with Free Bet Blackjack?

With Free Bet Blackjack there are some small differences compared to the regular blackjack. The biggest difference is that at Free Bet Blackjack you can split and double your cards for free. As you will find in the game description, you have to use extra money for this in the regular blackjack. The name Free Bet Blackjack is certainly based on something.

These extra bets are therefore free of charge. Free Bet Blackjack also has some extra side bets that you can do outside the regular bet on the cards in your hand. You could recognize some extra features from Free Bet Blackjack from Infinite Blackjack. That is another variant of the regular casino game. This makes the game a bit more accessible, because you get more freedom as a player. This makes it a little bit easier than the regular blackjack.

Where can you play the game?

Fortunately for enthusiasts, Free Bet Blackjack is a lot American online casinos to play. Evolution Games is a large and popular platform, so it is not surprising that their games are offered at many casinos. Evolution Gaming is picky when it comes to determining where they make their games available. That is not surprising when you consider how much money is dealing with the world of the casino games. In addition, they are large and popular as a company. So it is not surprising that they first look critically where they want their games to play. Fortunately there are enough casinos about where you can play Free Bet Blackjack. So you don't have to worry that there are not enough options. You may have to search well, but then you know that you end up with a high -quality live casino.

How does the game start?

Most casino games start using money. That is also the case with all variants of Blackjack. After this the game starts with sharing cards. The dealer gives you as a player two cards that will open on the table and gives himself one. This is also open on the table. Sharing the cards is not that exciting yet. The game only starts when you try to achieve the highest possible value.

The play of the game

Unlike first person blackjack, you now only play with a maximum of one hand instead of a maximum of five. So you play with one hand against the dealer. Starting money start. This usually starts from $ 1 and can run high. However, it differs per casino what the maximum bet value is. At the larger casinos you can often use a little more than with the smaller ones.

In principle you can ask for cards from this moment. You do this by asking "hit". Do you not have 21, but do you also not want to run a risk that you will come above it? Then you can choose "stand" and you will no longer get cards. It is then the dealer's turn. This can continue to go for cards until it reaches the value of 17. Then the dealer is forced to stop. The difference with regular blackjack is that with free bet blackjack the dealer is allowed to value 22 instead of 21. For the player this does not change. Does the dealer achieve a higher value than you as a player? Then you unfortunately lose your bet. With a draw, also known as "push" you get your bet back without a profit.

The advantage for the player is that you can double and split for free.

Side Bets

You can still do side bets next to your main bet. These are extra options to use money and to recover with a profit. There are four different side bets that you can do. You use money before you get shared cards. The Side Bets are about the first open cards. The first side bet that can do is "any pair". Here you bet money on the chance that your first two cards form a few forms such as the same value or the same kind. B

IJ de Side Bet "21 +3 "uses your money to the chance that the first three open cards will form a combination such as a Straight Flush or Suited Trips. The third side bet that can be done is the "hot 3". Here you bet money on the chance that all open cards together will have the value of 19, 20, or 21. Multiple combinations are therefore possible here. The last side bet is the "bust it". You hope that the dealer has cards with a value of 22 or higher.

Side Bets

to ensure

You can choose to your cards at the start of the round to ensure. DYou do it after the cards are shared and you have determined how much you want to use. The price of insurance depends on your main deployment. The price of insurance is half of your first bet.

So do you choose to first bet $ 10 on your two cards, but do you also want to insure them? Then you use an extra $ 5 and your total bet for that round is $ 15. But why would you insure your cards? You can do this if the dealer has a bait open. If the dealer got a blackjack with this, you would not have lost your bet.


If you have two the same cards at the start of the round, you can choose to split your cards. Because of this you play with two hands instead of one from that moment. The difference with regular blackjack is that you don't have to put extra bets in Free Bet Blackjack.

So you can split your cards for free. In regular blackjack you use the same bet on the second hand from that moment on. You then explain the cards and get an extra card with both hands so that you have two cards open twice. You will then ask separately cards by hand to arrive at the value of 21. You then have twice the chance to regain your bet.


At Double Down you can double your bet. But, with Free Bet Blackjack, this Side Bet is also free, just like splitting. That is why you do not necessarily doubl your bet, but you simply receive a larger sum of money if you win the dealer.

However, you may only ask one extra card at hand. No more and no less. With those three cards that you have then you will have to win. So you run the risk that you will be much lower than the intention is and then you still lose your bet.

Final phase van Free bet blackjack

The fact that you can go for free double down at Free Bet Blackjack and you can split your cards has a downside. The player is made very easy to make a profit, so the game has introduced an extra rule to the disadvantage of the player. The dealer may play until the value of 22 instead of 21, so that the dealer is in favor compared to the player.

This way it becomes a bit fairer and it is not much easier for the player to make a profit. The game is made more exciting by extra elements that make it unique.

A few rules

Unfortunately, there is a downside to making it easier to make free bets. The dealer gets the advantage that he or she can play up to value 22. Your maximum value as a player still remains at 21. However, it is that when the dealer has reached a value of 17, it is no longer allowed to buy extra cards. So he stops. Double Down is also allowed only with your initial two cards if these together have a value of 9, 10, or 11.

You can also only split these initial two cards if they have the same value. You can only do this once per hand that you get shared. So you can go to three from one to two, but not to three. You can also split your aces. Have you chosen to split your cards? Then you can't go Double Down anymore.

What can you win?

You can make a profit in different ways. This way you can regain your bets with your main insert two and a half times. You get your bet back once and also one and a half times extra. If you split your cards you have the chance to multiply and recover your bet twice instead of once. Are you going Double Down? Then you double your bet, but in Free Bet Blackjack you do this without having to pay for it. You can also win this doubling three times. With the different side bets you can also multiply your bet a certain number of times.

Side Bets Payments At Free Bet Blackjack

With the Side Bet "21 +3 "it depends on the combination of how often you can recover your bet. This varies from 5 times to 100 times your bet. With "Any Pair" you get 8 times your bet back if you have a "pair", that is, the same value, so for example a farmer twice. You get your bet back 25 times if you get a "suiteed pair" and then you have to deal with two identical cards, such as twice a windows eight.

With "Hot 3" you get your bet back the number of times depending on how much the value of the three cards are together. At 19 this is your bet back once extra, at 20 you get it twice. With a value of 21 you get your bet four times back if the symbols of the cards differ and twenty times if all three cards have the same symbol.

Are there three sevens on the table? Then you get a hundred times your bet back. With "bust it" you get your bet back from just once to 250 times depending on how many cards the dealer should ask until it goes over 22. The more cards, the higher your profit.

What exactly is the RTP?

The RTP is the payout percentage. That is, depending on your commitment, you can expect a certain percentage back on average. You do not necessarily get that part of your bet always back, but it is a kind of chance calculation. The RTP from Free Bet Blackjack is 98.45%with the regular bet. The RTPs of the Side Bets can vary because it concerns extra deployment amounts.

The higher this RTP, the more attractive it is for a player to play the game. Do you already feel itchy to give it a try? Then take a snack and try to play the highest possible amount? Lots of fun.

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