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At almost all online casinos you can play live blackjack. It is a fast and exciting card game with the aim of getting 21 points. There are different types of live blackjack to play from the makers of Netent and Evolution Gaming, such as Blackjack Party, Infinite Blackjack and Free Bet Blackjack. American players can go to one of the legal online casinos.

live blackjack

Live blackjack works just like in Holland Casino. The only difference is that the croupier is far away from your house in a movie studio. But thanks to the live stream connection you can just talk to him or her, as well as with your fellow players. It is as if you are all enjoying this exciting game at a real table.

Thanks to pre-decision technology you don't have to wait for all the players to have been. Every player has his turn at the same time. In this way the playing time is much shorter than in real life. So you can play many more rounds one evening. In addition, the player can do extra side bets, for example, on perfect pairs and 21+3, to make the rounds even more exciting.

The best American live casinos

How to play Live Blackjack

Blackjack is one Well -known casino game. In the Netherlands it is also called a twenty -one. The aim of the game is to achieve 21 points and thus beat the divisor. You play it with a six full decks of 52 cards and a table can have a maximum of seven players. The dealer shares the cards and also plays with it - and can also win.

The symbols kick, hearts, window and clover and the color of the cards are not relevant for this game. It's about the values. The numbers have equivalent values: two to ten 10 points per card. De Boer, Woman and Lord are each worth 10 points. The bait can be worth 10 points or 1 point, this may determine yourself.

A bait with a 10 with the first 2 cards is blackjack and you get 1.5 times your bet.

Pas, card or double

In other cases, each player has the turn of the option to fit, ask a card or to be deployed double. You can continue to ask a card unlimited to let the total in your hand get closer to the 21. If you are going over it, you have lost and you have lost your bet.

You can also choose double. Then you only get one card, and you are no longer allowed to ask for cards. In the meantime you also doubl your bet. This can be useful if you have two cards around 10 or 11 in your hand. With a card it can end up at 20 or 21.

When you're done with your turn, then you only. After that, every other player also gets a turn. The croupier is the last. If a croupier has 17 or more, he must always fit. If the croupier is about 21, then everyone wins. In all other cases, the players who have a higher hand than the croupier win after it has fitted.

Blackjack party

Do you have a party? Then play Blackjack Party with friends or colleagues. This is the party version of the normal blackjack. The bets are slightly lower, because here it is about the pleasure of playing. Blackjack Party is presented by a duo. A duo of croupier and assistant. Both are trained actors who do everything to give you a nice evening.

Infinite blackjack

It is a bit annoying that only seven players can sit at a Blackjack table at the same time. Do you not feel like waiting for a place to be released? Then Infinite Blackjack is something for you. As you can guess with such a name, this form of blackjack has an unlimited number of places. With most American online casinos Can you play the game.

This is possible by a combination of physical and virtual cards shared by the live dealer. The croupier shares the cards of itself live and shares the same first hand of two cards. Then every player chooses what he or she wants to do with these cards. An innovative way to make live blackjack possible for a large audience.

Free bet blackjack

At Free Bet Blackjack you also play at a table where more than seven players can play at the same time, just like the Infinite Blackjack. The difference is in the free bets on double down and split pair.

Double Down is English for double, the choice to receive an extra card and to double the deployment. If you get two equal cards you can choose Split Pairs. Then you split into two hands, you can put extra bets on the new hand and ask for a hand per card.

If you are eligible for these two options, it will be automatically offered by the game. At the Double Down that happens if your hand has a total of 9, 10, or 11. As the name of the play indicates, this doubling of the deployment is free - without costs for you.


How can the casino win if you don't play against software?

Then a Holland Casino could not win either. Blackjack is so put together that the bank has a small advantage. Playing live is visibly honest.

Do you play the same dealer all evening?

Just like in Holland Casino, the dealers get a break. So the dealers always change. If you don't like a dealer, you can sit down at another table.

What is the best casino to play live blackjack?

Grab a casino where they have Evolution games. On our casino page you can read which online casinos they are at the reviews.