Split 4-4

In the vast majority of blackjack variations, there is the option to split two equal cards. The dealer then draws an extra card for each of the new hands and the game just continues.

If a player gets the same card again, he can split again. There is a maximum of four times splitting at many casinos. By splitting you can therefore earn or lose so much.

Taking the right split decisions is vital for all serious blackjack players. Most people who play the game more often know that they almost always have to split aces and eights. They also know that five and tens should never be split.

The actions you take with 4-4 are more difficult to remember because they vary depending on the game conditions and the card game.

This often translates into confusion, which in turn leads to poor play and long -term losses. In this article we will try to remove the confusion by explaining what the optimum play decisions are for a few 4s and how they change under different table conditions.

When do you split 4-4

The Blackjack games of the 21st century have evolved and usually use several decks, usually four, six or eight. This increases the benefit of the casinos. The larger lead they have is compensated by the other favorable rules on the tables.

If you happen to encounter a double decks game with rules that are good enough, you can use the same basic strategies for paired 4s if they are intended for games with multiple card games.

The correct decisions coincide and are not influenced by the dealer's drawing rules. The only variable that influences your decisions for this pair is again Das (may double after splitting). Assuming DAS is an option in the games with multiple card games that you play (and that is usually the case), you are supposed to adhere to the following basic strategy rules when you get a few 4s:

  • Pull a card on paired 4S if the dealer has cards 2 to 4 and 7 to bait
  • Split the pair 4s, but only if the dealer has a 5 or 6

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The reason behind this

The logic behind this tactic. You split against these weak open cards from the bank mainly to give your action a boost, because the dealer is at a disadvantage. With a 5 or 6, the dealer has the greatest chance of buying himself.

The idea here is that you can further increase the promotion if you happen to be a good card such as a 5, a 6, a 7 or a bait. You can then double. If this is not the case, you will adhere to the basic strategy of buying and fitting.

The bad news is that many casinos forbid players to double split hands in double -deck games. These limitations reduce the profitability of players.

That is why players must change their approach to these two dealers cards. The strategy adjustment for blackjack where you are not allowed to double after splitting is that you also do not split 4-4 against a 5 or 6 of the bank. You just buy a card at 8.

As you can see, splitting pairs is a difficult matter. To prevent confusion about how specific couples should be approached, players must ensure that they are armed with a basic strategie map. This contains the correct decisions according to the rules of the specific Blackjack variant they play.

The most convenient option is to use the basic strategy calculators that offer some blackjack websites. They show the optimum game within a few seconds.