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If you have the discipline and the mind never to deviate from the basic strategy, you sometimes shock the decisions that less experienced players take at the table.

For example, we are talking about playing a few five. This is one of the most expensive errors you can make at the Blackjackt table. It is actually a very good hand, one of the best with which you can start a round.

That is why you always have to make the mathematically correct moves for paired 5s, as recommended by the basic strategy. If you don't do that, you will ultimately only waste money. What follows are the optimum basic strategies for this pair, along with an explanation why 5-5 should never be split at Blackjack.

Basic strategy for 5-5

Occasionally you come across players who feel the feeling that it is a good idea to split 5-5. It is never a good decision!. Take out your basic strategy card and view the section with the optimal decisions for couples. You will see that all options for splitting on it, except the 5-5 and 10-10. And there is a very good reason why.

Basic strategy players should never split 5-5, regardless of which card the dealer shows. Splitting is always a bad idea with this pair, even against a dealer who has a 5 or 6. This pair results in a nice starting total of 10 and the only thing that you achieve by splitting it is that your chance of long -term winnings is ruined.

After all, the basic strategy is based on pure mathematics and when it comes to figures, there is never any doubt. By splitting this pair, you create two separate hands with many weaker initials of 5 each.

Do you want to start two hands with a 5 or one hand with a 10?

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Optimal play from 5-5

So how should players approach 5-5 if splitting is not an option? There are only two decisions here, since fits and Surrender clearly are not the right solutions for this specific hand. You choose to increase your action by double or buy. What you choose depends exclusively on the dealer's open card, no other variables affect this game.

These rules also apply to just deck and games with several decks. The rule or a dealer with a soft 17 may also have no influence

So it comes down to you having to treat a few 5s in the same way as any other two cards with a total of 10. That is why the optimum basic strategies for this pair are the following:

  • Double the pair 5-5 against a dealer with a 2 to 9
  • Buy if the dealer has a 10 or bait

It is worthwhile to keep in mind that doubling the bet on this couple is closely related to the card that the dealer shows. As we already told you, your average profit per euro at a 6 is quite impressive with $ 0.59.

Below are the profits that you can expect in the long term if you doubles 5-5 against the possible other eight cards of the dealer.

Open card dealerLong -term profit per euro used When doubling 5-5

Frequently Asked Questions

With splitting of 5-5 you can sometimes win more?

You have to view everything at Blackjack in the long run. In an individual case it can be more favorable. We definitely recommend it.

Why do you double against a low card of the bank with 5-5?

Because the bank buys itself more often with a low card. Even if you draw a 2 in ten points, you still have a reasonable chance to win.