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Playing bingo online is becoming increasingly popular, and not just among seniors. Bingo Online is super fun to play, mainly because it is so accessible. The game is easy to understand and you can already start playing bingo with a small amount. And playing bingo online has some more advantages to offer over the classic bingo that is played in community centers.

In this article we dive into the world of online bingo and we look at what online bingo is exactly, in which the difference is with classic bingo, what online bingo variants there are and where you can best play online bingo.

The bingo game briefly explained.

For if you really have never bingo Have played and have no idea what the basic rules of the game are, we first explain briefly how Bingo goes exactly. Bingo is a game of chance where the intention is to strip all numbers on your bingo card as quickly as possible. When you start the game you buy a bingo card with usually 24 numbers between 1 and 75.

The game leader randomly pulls a ball with a number between 1 and 75 from a mill. If the number on the ball corresponds to a number on your card, you can eliminate the number. The person who was the first to strip all numbers on the bingo card wins the game by calling "Bingo!".

What is online bingo?

Online Bingo is playing bingo at an online casino or a special online bingo website. Just like with classic bingo, you can buy one or more bingo cards in advance with random numbers. There are two forms of online bingo, bingo with a live dealer and bingo with the computer.

With a live bingo casino, the balls are drawn by a real game leader, just like with classic bingo, who you see via a live webcam connection. You can also play bingo with the computer, then the numbers of the balls are generated by the random number generator (RNG).

Is playing online bingo expensive?

Playing bingo online does not have to be expensive, with most Online casinos Where they offer bingo or with the special bingo sites the cheapest bingo card costs $ 0.10, but there are also providers where you can already buy a bingo card for 1 eurocent. At most bingo providers online you can immediately buy multiple cards and also play with multiple cards at the same time. There are also more expensive bingo cards, the prices rise to over $ 20 per card.

How can you win with online bingo?

There are a number of randomly chosen numbers on your virtual bingo card. The songs are drawn by a live dealer or an RNG, and if you have a that number on your bingo card, it is often automatically eliminated. So you can't accidentally miss a number and miss Bingo with the online version. Just like with classic bingo, the player who has the first bingo wins, and usually your profit is immediately paid on your player account if you have bingo without having to call bingo first.

Play live online bingo

We just mentioned it briefly, but besides that you can play it online with a computer, you can also venture your chances at a live casino bingo game. Live Bingo works slightly differently than if you just started playing online bingo. You must buy one or more bingo cards in advance before you start playing. Then you can usually choose from different "bingo rooms", virtual spaces where you play the bingo game together with a number of other players.

Often the bingo rooms are distributed to the deployment or the value of the bingo cards, so that the prices can be distributed properly. And what makes live bingo really fun is that you can chat with other bingo players and the bingo leader while playing, just like in real life.

What are the benefits of playing online bingo?

Online Bingo has a number of benefits compared to the classic bingo game. Below we have put the benefits the online bingo game for you:

  • The numbers are automatically eliminated
  • You can play many different fun variants of the bingo game
  • You have the opportunity to win beautiful bonuses
  • You can already play with a very low bet
  • You can play at any time of the day
  • You can play bingo against people around the world
  • There is always a place available to be able to participate in a bingo game

Different online bingo variants

You can now choose from various fun variants on the classic bingo game, which make playing online even more fun. In addition to the classic 75-ball bingo, you can also play bingo with 80 or 90 balls, and there are game variants where you can win if you have sagged a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row, or where you need the numbers in a certain shape Sample away. For the people who would like to see a little more pace in the bingo game, there is also speedbingo. You don't have to wait long between the numbers or until a new round starts.

Play with jackpots

A nice addition to playing online is the possibility to win a jackpot. For example, you can win the jackpot if you have all your bingo card full within a number of balls. Often it is a progressive bingo jackpot, which means that the prize money is increased when the jackpot does not fall and can therefore reach unprecedented heights.

Bingo bonus when you play bingo

Another nice addition to Bingo is that you can also get a nice bingo bonus from most providers. For example, you get a bingo bonus when you open an account for the first time or when you deposit a certain minimum amount on your player account. A nice form of a bingo bonus are free bonus cards that you can win.

Where can you play bingo in the Netherlands online?

Are you completely enthusiastic about playing bingo, then of course you also want to know where you can do that. There are various bingos sites and online legal casinos Where you can play bingo legally and safely online in the Netherlands. With these bingo providers you can see exactly what your chances are chances and you have the guarantee that the bingo games will be fair. You can play at Tombola Bingo who was the first online game provider to legally operate a bingo website in the Netherlands.

In addition to Tombola you can also play bingo at the Friends Lottery Bingo, Holland Casino, and Fair Play Casino, and at the latter you can buy a bingo card from 1 eurocent.

So buy a bingo card quickly and try out how nice bingo can be played online.

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