Soon ban on advertisements for gambling and casinos in Belgium

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The size is full for the Belgian government. They argue for a general ban on advertisements for everything that has to do with gambling.

According to Minister of Justice of Quickenborne, there are more and more problem gamblers. Unfortunately, these are also often young people. During the Corona period, the number of young people who started gambling has even increased by 43%.

The online casinos that advertise in every possible way benefit well from the ever -growing group of gambling addicts. International research shows that 40% of the income comes from this group. According to the minister, the constant advertisements must now be set.

Bill prohibition on advertisements

If the bill gets a majority, then most advertisements will disappear. Also the commercials and sponsorship of sports clubs Online casinos will be restricted.

CEO of the Pro League Lorin Parys sees this with sad eyes. He thinks that more than 12% of sponsorship income will fall away as a result.

To the players to a safe Legal Casino To be able to guide, the advertisements may remain on the internet.

Not much is yet known about the amount of gambling addicts in Belgium. Experts certainly think that it is more than 40,000 people. Research at assistance agencies indicate that only 14% of addicted gamblers seek help.

CEO of the Pro League Lorin Parys

Situation in the Netherlands

From October 2021, permits have been issued in the Netherlands for online gambling companies. These online casinos immediately started advertising on T.V and almost every professional football club has a collaboration with one of these gambling providers.

The industry would regulate itself, but there was nevertheless an explosive increase in the number of advertisements. Especially the use of "role models" is a reason for concern. In the Netherlands there will therefore be a ban on these role models in advertisements for online casinos.

Minister for Legal Protection Franc Weerwind is also working on a ban on non -focused commercials. You can only come across an advertisement for gambling if you are looking for it through an online search engine.