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LandIsle of Man
SpellMore than 220
Types of gamesSlots and a few table games
Best -known gamesFortune’s Charm, Laser Fruit, Epic Journey

RTG, also known as Red Tiger Gaming, is a modern company that is on the rise. It is known for the slots they design. This European company was established in 2014 and has since released a huge range of well -known titles.

There are more and more online legal casinos All over the world, also in the Netherlands. Chances are that you will find a lot of the gambling games of Red Tiger Gaming. See a logo of a red tiger at the casino where you are playing? Then think of RTG.

Legal casinos with Red Tiger games

A piece of history

The Red Tiger Gaming company was established in 2014. So they are still quite new in this world. They are located on Isle of Man, in the United Kingdom. In the competitive world of casinos it certainly helps that the company has already released many slot games in a short time.

By entering into partnerships, the company has taken a strategic step to increase brand awareness. These partnerships have made them possible because they have only developed high quality online slots. The games of Red Tiger Gaming are all relatively new and are therefore easily developed for all online platforms and operating systems.

A clear future

They are clearly an emerging company in the world of online casinos. They are not as well known as the larger companies, but they are certainly not far behind. The low brand awareness they have so far says little about their services. The company is seen as very respected. They are seen as transparent and reliable.

They also have the necessary licenses, so the future looks positive. They can sometimes get very big. They also remain busy designing new gambling games. So you don't have to worry that it takes too long before you can try a new game from them.

They have been part of the large company Evolution Gaming Group for a while. They were competitors, after which Red Tiger Gaming was taken over by the larger software company Evolution Gaming that is responsible for a revolution of the online casinos. They too have a large range Casino games released and have grown in this world.

Foreign licenses

The company has valid licenses, making it clear that Red Tiger Gaming is a reliable company. The authorities do not just give up licenses, so it says something about the company. For example, RTG has licenses to be able to release games of chance in different countries spread over the European Union, including the Netherlands. However, they also have the opportunity to market games outside the EU and all over the world. The fact that they have obtained licenses in the United Kingdom and Malta is a "big deal" within the casino world. This makes the company even more reliable.

The slots of Red Tiger Gaming

Red Tiger Gaming therefore seems to face a rosy future, but let's not forget history. They seem to have found their place within the casino world in no time. The company has already released a lot of games since it originated. They are best known for their slots that you can now find at a wide range of online casinos.

It is important not only to look at the licenses of the company, but also at all the beautiful things they have already produced for their audience. Ultimately it is about the great casino games they release for us to play. In the first five years that the company existed, they did released nearly ninety games. And then also popular games of high quality.

Until the present (17-08-2022) they have released more than 220 different online slots. And Still Counting. on www.redtigergaming/games they are all in a row.


As a company, Red Tiger Gaming has already won a lot of prizes. Among other things, they won the Egaming Review Awards in 2022. This is one of the best awards in the world of casino games that a game developer can win. They are awarded annually in the industry of the online casinos. They also won the prize for "Best Mobile Gaming Software Supplier" in 2020 and also the prize for ‘Best Slot Supplier’ in 2022. They also won a prize because they also offer their games on smartphones.

This prize, the "Innovation in Mobile", indicates that the games of Red Tiger Gaming are fully mobile. Not only the company, but also their individual games have won prizes.

Mobile availability

The fact that Red Tiger gaming has won prizes for their mobile games gives how innovation they are in that area. The games work well on mobile devices. So you can choose to play on your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. The games will undoubtedly run well and quickly and also look great. You don't have to install anything else on your device, but you can play the Red Tiger Gaming slots via your internet browser. You don't need an app for it.

All you have to do is surf to your favorite casino and you can play. The condition is of course that the online casino must have the rights to offer the game. You then choose the slot machine that will automatically load on your device. Fortunately it doesn't matter which browser you use. It also doesn't matter if you use an iOS system or Android.

There are small differences between the computer version of the game and the game on your phone. However, this will mainly be about the design, not how the game works.


The games of Red Tiger Gaming are reliable and honest. Fortunately, as a player you have a fair chance to play a nice amount of money together. The Gaming authority Always checks that the game is fair and random. One player cannot have a greater chance of winning than the other. This means that the results of the slots are not determined in advance.

The chance that you win or lose is just as great. You can of course also play quits. All this is due to the RNG software, also random number generator named. This generates every outcome of each twist automatically and completely independent. The casino therefore has just as little influence on the outcome as you as a player.

RTP van Red Tiger Gaming

Red Tiger Gaming is transparent about their gambling games. They are honest and open about the opportunities that you can win at their games. This is also expressed in RTP, also called Return to player. This can be translated into the return to the player.

However, it is about gambling, so you never know for sure what you will win back. Who knows, you might win nothing. Or who knows you will win the jackpot. You do not know. The Gaming Authority keeps an eye on the RTPs of games and keep checking whether they are still correct.

The RTP of the games of Red Tiger Gaming differ. It depends on the game and how much chance you have to win. So it's a big chance calculation. On average, the Red Tiger Gaming slots have an RTP of 95%. That is a neat average with a home advantage of around 5%. It stands for the advantage of the casino. They can expect 5% of all bets back. There are enough casino games where the RTP is a lot lower. It is therefore no longer possible.

Free play is also an option

How do you know if the games of Red Tiger Gaming are for you? You only find out if you play them. Fortunately, RTG offers the possibility to try the games for free. Without using money you can try out the games and practice a bit. That way you find out which game you like and would like to play more often. From that moment you can also put money in and try to play a nice prize together.

Graphic feat

The games of Red Tiger Gaming are known for its beautiful graphic design. They certainly excel here. Even the games with a well -known theme have been given a new look. This makes the games all their own. Red Tiger Gaming has a number of beautiful, well -known games, such as Midas Gold, Ra’s Legend and Dragon’s Luck.

A psychological game

The quality of the games of Red Tiger Gaming is not only in the beautiful graphic designs. The company has a huge inclusive approach. That is, they not only look at what the game looks like and whether it works well, but they approach the games from multiple angles. The company employs game developers to ensure that the games work. However, there are also mathematicians to figure out the algorithms.

Furthermore, there are psychologists who ensure that the game gets multiple layers and does not become too simple. Are they all psychological games that rise over our brain? No, not that. But because the games are layered, we as a player do not lose our interest so quickly. In this way RTG tries to be able to offer the games in as many casinos as possible.

The psychologists of the company respond as well as possible to the psychology of the players. This all -round approach has ensured that the company remains in constant growth.

Which game should you definitely try?

They have currently released more than 220 slots, all of which have all been developed with great care. A few favorites from the company itself are Fortune’s Charm, Laser Fruit and Dragon’s Luck Power Reels. Laser Fruit has an RTP of up to 96.01% and is portrayed in a beautiful retro theme.

A new format that was recently released is reactor, where players can win back 5000 times. However, they do not only have online slots. RTG is involved in, among other things, casino table games that are made available online. So far they have blackjack, roulette And baccarat stabbed in an original jacket.

Epic Journey

This game has been out for a long time in most online casinos. It is a somewhat more complicated slot machine that makes the game unique. This makes the game more interesting, but certainly also a bit more difficult. So it doesn't hurt to practice for free before you decide to use money. You can choose how many so -called paylines you play with.

The chance of winning is certainly increased by playing with the maximum number of points. Three sets with roles are played, so you actually play with three slots at the same time. Each lock has five roles and four lines. The setup may therefore look a bit more complicated than a simple slot machine. The game also has several bonus games that are activated with a certain combination of symbols on the slot machine. These are all extra opportunities for a larger amount of money.

Epic Journey

Final verdict

As may be clear, Red Tiger Gaming is innovative and employees have a heart for the company. They are big in developing and releasing slots for online casinos. These slots are only released with the most beautiful design in which illustrations and in-game bonus games make it unique. So the games are definitely worth a try.

Are you new to the casino world, but do you want to try it? Then it can be difficult to suddenly go to a physical casino. Thanks to Red Tiger Gaming you have the opportunity to even try their games for free. Only when you know for sure that you like it and try to win money with it, you have to put money into money. Are you ready to try something new? Then sit down with a drink. We bet you can't stop soon? Lots of fun.