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SpellMore than 150
Types of gamesSlots, live games and table games
Best -known gamesSweet Bonanza, Wolf Gold, Mega Wheel (live spel)
RTPOn average slightly above 96%

Pragmatic Play is a developer of online slots, and since a while also of live casino games. They founded themselves in 2015 and they quickly grew into one of the largest companies in this market. Their games are consistently arranged under the best in the world and they have won several prizes for it.

Before we discuss the details about this game developer, we want to give a list with All legal American casinos With Games of Pragmatic Play:

Legal casinos with pragmatic play games

How we assess pragmatic play casinos

Our goal is to lead every American gambler to a legal online casino that fits well with the person.

During the assessment of the casinos, we paid attention to the following factors: license, SSL security, bonuses and bonus conditions, payment options, customer service and game offer. By weighing up all these factors, we have come to well -considered assessments of the casinos. In addition, we have written extensive reviews about all famous casinos. We recommend that you read these reviews before you make a choice for a casino.

The online slots of Pragmatic Play

This one Casino Software Developer has developed a number of top slots in recent years. The slots are known for their varied themes, compelling gameplay and detailed graphics.

In addition, all games are available on both desktop and tablets and mobile phones. The slots also have all the options that make playing more pleasant, such as the Autoplay option.


Return-to-player percentages are one of the most important aspects to consider when playing a game of chance. In principle, RTP is a statistics that indicate which part of your bet goes back to you in the long term. For example, a game with an RTP of 95%, 95% of all the money that is used will pay out to the players. This is a simply put, but it is generally how it works.

It is important to repeat that this number has been calculated over the long term and it will not affect a game in the short term. Everything is possible in a game of chance. However, it gives us a good idea of how much the game will pay when it is played time and time again. The rule is that the higher the RTP is, the better your long -term chances will be.

In the case of the slots of Pragmatic Play, you will notice that they have an average RTP percentage of more than 96%. This is slightly above the average for online slots, because that is 95%. The RTPs are much lower with physical slots. For example, the slots in Holland Casino have an RTP between 80%and 90%, and slots in catering establishments have an RTP of only 60-70%.


First, to prevent confusion, variance and volatility actually mean the same. We choose to use the word Volailitite, but on other websites you could also come across the word variance.

Volatility is another important feature of slots and it can have a major effect on your playing experience. It is a benchmark for how large and often a slot machine will pay. An online slot machine with high volatility will pay irregularly, large amounts and a slot machine with low volatility will pay more smaller amounts. High volatility slots entail a higher risk, hence the higher rewards.

Pragmatic Play has both low and high volatility slots in its library. You can read it very easily per game, with each game there are 1 to 5 stars for volatility.

Popular slots

We will highlight some of the well -known pragmatic titles. You can play all these slots at American online casinos.

  • Sweet Bonanza -This is Win All-Way slot machine, with extremely high payments up to 21,000x. It takes place in a surrealist Willy Wonka world. It has a free spins feature and after every winning twist the winning symbols explode and makes way for new symbols. If you are lucky then this will continue for a long time without having to use spins.
  • Power of Thor Megaways - This game has a high volatility and a high RTP. Which attracts players the most about this slot machine is the special features, such as the Megaways feature, the Free Spins Bonus and the Hamer of Thor. Power of Thor Megaways is a game that you really have to have played once.
  • Wolf Gold - Once you have tried Wolf Gold, you will certainly keep coming back for more. The most profitable bonus function is the Free Spins function, which is activated by the Wolf Gold symbol. During the free spins, rows 1, 3 and 5 are merged.
  • Congo Cash - For this slot machine, Pragmatic Play has gained inspiration with the golden old fruit machines. The most interesting thing about this slot machine is the Jewel Board. You see 3 different prices per turn on the Jewel Board, and the prices vary between free spins, direct cash prizes, the minor jackpot, the large jackpot and the Grand Jackpot. To activate the prices that are displayed on the Jewel Board, you must let 2 butterfly symbols land on the first and final roles, as well as Congo Cash symbols on at least 1 of the 3 middle rolls.

The Live Casino of Pragmatic Play

Since 2018, Pragmatic Play has also focused on the live casino market. They work hard on the road and have employees of the familiar Evolution in NetEnt managed to get on board.

At the moment the range of live games from Pragmatic is excellent. They have different roulette, blackjack and baccarat games. They have a super exciting dice game, named Boom City. And they have 2 game shows, Sweet Bonanza Candyland and Mega Wheel.

If you like multipliers, then you've come to the right place at Mega Wheel, Mega Roulette and Boom City.

To surf between the different live games you can use the lobby. This lobby is very clear, so it has different tablades for different game types. With each game there is also some information in the image. For example, with Roulette the last 11 songs are shown and at Blackjack the ATTENT FREE places is at the table, or when the table is full, the option for Bet Behind.

Live games lobby

Popular Live Casino Games

We will highlight the most popular live games from Pragmatic Play:

Boom City - This game uses, unlike most game shows with a large wheel, a 6 × 6 schedule with multipliers and 2 dice that determine your outcome. With Boom City, Pragmatic Play has really made an incredibly unique live casino game.

Mega Roulette - This roulette game is all about the multipliers. With each game, up to 5 straight-up numbers are bosted with a multiplier between 50x and 500x. To ensure that the casino does not make a loss in this game, a normal straight-up bet 30x instead of 36x.

Mega Wheel - Mega Wheel was the first live game show that this game developer came up with. The wheel of fortune is central to this game. You bet on numbers on the wheel. The nice thing about this game is that extra multipliers are assigned to certain songs on the wheel.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland - This live game looks like Crazy Time van Evolution. Here too, a wheel of fortune is central with numbers and bonus games on which you can use. The bonus games can yield great multipliers up to 20,000x. The theme is derived from Pragmatic's popular slot machine Sweet Bonanza and in one of the bonus games you will also play on this slot machine.

Boom City - In this game you also focus on songs and bonus games. The difference here is that not a wheel of fortune, but 2 dice determine the outcome. The game has a total of 3 great bonus games:

  • Boom or Bust: this is a nerve -rising game where you can cash or continue for a larger multiplier at any time with the chance of busting. The multipliers are running very fast here.
  • Dice Duel: With this game you bet on one of the two dice, if you have used the winning dice, you will get the multiplier of the two dice added up.
  • Lucky Drop: With this game you choose a column, then it is hoped that the column you have chosen picks up the most multiplier.

Casinos with live games from Pragmatic Play

Mobile availability for Games of Pragmatic Play

More and more people do everything that is online via their mobile phone. This also applies to online gambling and online casinos have adapted to this. You will notice that all legal American casinos offer a game library that is almost fully available on your cell phone.

Pragmatic Play, as the innovation software developer she is, also responds to this. The layout of all its online casino games has been adjusted to be optimally usable on a smaller screen. In addition, all adjustments to the mobile versions are purely functional, nothing is changed to the game itself.

The online slots of Pragmatic Play also use Instant Play on mobile. This means that her games are accessible through every well -known browser. So you don't have to download an app.

Safety and honesty

The games of Pragmatic Play are 100% safe and honest. This software developer is in fact certified in more than 20 jurisdictions, of which the American Gaming Authority there is one.

As if that is not enough, the honesty and quality of pragmatic play games are guaranteed by many third parties. These independent agencies test Random Number Generators and any other significant significant aspect of a game of chance to make sure that the game is completely honest and that the events in the game take place randomly.


Overall, Pragmatic Play is a company with a big future for itself. Although it has only been in the business for a few years, it has already made great progress in making high -quality casino games.

The slots of Pragmatic Play are characterized by their varied themes, compelling gameplay and detailed graphics. Moreover, they also come with a high average return-to-player percentage, which is more favorable for the speaks. Pragmatic Play also understands the importance of mobile devices in today's world, and ensures that their slots are adapted to the mobile format, so that players have access to it on the way.

Regarding the live casino software, Pragmatic Play has also delivered Pipewerk. The live games of Pragmatic are not inferior to the games of the competitors, such as Evolution. And with the arrival of Boom City, they have proven that they can also distinguish themselves from the competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

On which devices can you play the games of Pragmatic Play?

We can be brief about this. This software developer has adjusted all its games so that you can optimally enjoy them on your desktop, tablet and mobile phone.

Do the pragmatic play slots have a bonus buy feature?

Yes and no.
Yes, Pragmatic Play has added this function to almost all its online slots.
No, because we American are not allowed to use this, because the law prohibits this.

Can you talk to the live dealers?

The live dealers of Pragmatic Play are almost without exception friendly, extrovert and very talkative. They will, at least, welcome players by name, start a conversation and congratulate people on their winnings. Some even hum cheerful tunes and discuss plans for the weekend. Most speak English well and are clearly well -trained.

What is the best Pragmatic Play Casino?

There are various American online casinos with games from Pragmatic Play. We have placed a lijsje on this page. Yet we can designate 1 of them as the best pragmatic play casino, and that is At these casinos you can play all slots and live games from Pragmatic Play. In addition, they have a lot of other games outside of Pragmatic games and they have a nice welcome bonus of $ 250 in play credit.