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SpellMore than 120
Types of gamesSlots, video poker and table games
Best -known gamesKing of Atlantis, Miss Red, Cats
RTPAverage 96%

Have you ever been to a real casino? Then there is little chance that you have never heard of them. IGT is one of the largest game providers there are.

They started designing and developing physical slots for the casinos years ago. Nowadays you can also find their games online. They both bring online slots As online table games. They are known worldwide and are therefore also for casinos in the well -known Las Vegas, as for the casino around your corner.

Have you always wanted to try a game from International Game Technology? Then read on to find out which games you can definitely try.

Legal casinos with games from IGT

A piece of history

In 1975 the company International Game Technology was founded by CEO William Redd. Redd also had a hotel and a casino in Nevada. He was known as "King of the Slot Machines". In October 2003 he died at the age of 91.

At the time, the company was still called A-1 Supply. That was also the time when they only produced physical slots. In 2010, the company had even produced two million physical slots that you can find everywhere in casinos. They soon expanded their expertise. In 1979, the company introduced their very first patent. They then released a video poker game for the whole family. Maybe you know this game under the name "Fortune 1 draw poker".

So they already have more than 50 years of experience in developing these games. In the meantime, they know as the best how to make an attractive slot machine and that can be seen in the range they have.

Video poker

Video poker soon became one of the most popular games in casinos. It was a hit right away. Together with the release of Game King Video Poker machines, they introduced video poker bundling. That actually just means that different types of poker were bundled. This soon made it clear that there are many diverse poker players.

One finds one type of poker simply nicer than the other or is better at it. Casinos can respond to these types by focusing certain bundles on certain types of players. So there are several poker variants that IGT has released. Are you a true enthusiast? Then it is definitely worth a try.

Reward system

Where International Game Technology, at the time A-1 Supply, was also a precursor, was the introduction of reward programs. They were one of the first to use the so-called automatic players follow-concept. This played a major role in reward programs for frequent players.

Even today, this type of reward programs are very popular in casinos. Specific player profiles are analyzed for this. This may be a bit of privacy sensitive.

A new identity

In 1981 the time had finally come and the company changed its name to International Game Technology, also called IGT. Nowadays they are one of the largest developers of many species Casino games. Their expertise lies with online slots and video poker, but they have also developed lotteries.

Reliable or not?

The slots of International Game Technology are very reliable. They have strong and valid casino licenses. This is a sign that you can definitely try a slot machine from IGT or take a seat behind one of their slots. They also regularly release new games so that you will never end up without exciting casino games. You owe all this to IGT.

Play for free?

Unfortunately you cannot try all games for free. Fortunately, there is a large enough offer to try some of the games of International Game Technology. They have classic slot machines, slots with Egyptian themes and slots with diamonds in the lead. They even have licenses to represent TV series in their games such as Family Guy, CSI, and Baywatch.

You can just try these casino games for free, how fat is that. Only when you know for sure that you like the game and want to put money in it, can you choose to play with real money.

What makes IGT unique?

The reason that International Game Technology has become so familiar and big is owed to themselves. The games are often well thought out and also look very nice. Both the visual and auditory elements fit perfectly together and with the games.

The games are often thematically determined, so all elements within the game must show this theme well. She generally succeeds very well. Every detail is carefully considered. This gives you the feeling that you are in the game. It seems that you are really involved.


The games of International Game Technology are put together in such a way that they are not too complicated, but also not get boring. This way the games are accessible to everyone, because it is not that complex. At the same time, they have ensured that you can continue playing for a long time, because the games are not bored so quickly. The games must of course remain interesting for as long as possible.

As a player you are often offered a free spider or other extra winning opportunities. Because of this, as a player you stay longer with a certain game. It makes playing a lot more fun if you have larger chances of winning. The company regularly introduces new functions and parts so that players do not have to worry that they have to wait a long time for something new.

Igt as a pioneer

International Game Technology is a real pioneer when it comes to the mobile games for Legal casinos. They develop the best mobile casino games for different types of devices, making the games more accessible. Do you not have a PC but a smartphone? Chances are that you can play their games.

It also works the other way. This way, almost everyone with a mobile device can try a game from IGT. International Game Technology has also taken over other companies over the years. Some of these own names with which they, for example, develop and release social games.

Innovative ideas from the company include being able to play with tickets instead of money. With this you use tickets, instead of using a certain amount.

What can they do better?

International Game Technology has many games with a theme. They are very proud of this tradition, but that makes some games feel a bit old -fashioned. They could try out some modern themes to prevent the games from being obsolete.

Furthermore, it is a pity that IGT does not yet do much with the trend of the Live Casino Games has done. The live games are becoming increasingly popular. Unfortunately, IGT has not yet released live games. That's too bad. When the company was still in its infancy, they proved that they can be very innovative and be at the forefront of new developments.

IGT's most popular games in a row

Since the company exists, it has already released a lot of games. They are best known for their online gambles. They already have about sixty to their name.

They have also released a number of free online poker games. These have also become popular with the public. At one of the many online casinos you can certainly get to know IGT’s slots and their video table games. Three of the slots of International Game Technology that you should definitely try according to reviews are King of Atlantis, Miss Red, in which Little Red Riding Hood plays the leading role, and Cats. These games seem to be a good introduction to the company so that you can get to know them.

Miss Red has 1024 paylines and has free spins so that players can play extra money together for a longer period of time. At King of Atlantis you have to deal with a game full of bright colors. There are treasures waiting for you. The gaming experience is optimal and smooth and the game offers something for every unique player. Cats is best known for its special functions.

Are you a fan of the classic table games in the casino? Then you can also go ahead with the games of IGT. They have variants of BlackJack, roulette a baccarat.

  • Three Card Second Chance

A popular game that is definitely worth playing is "Tea Card Second Chance". This online video poker game was designed and developed by Michael Shackleford. He is also called "The Wizard of Odds" and is perhaps known under this name. The poker game is different, because it works as next. Are you not satisfied with your first hand cards as a player? Then you just get new cards. You have to use some extra money for that.

In this way the game is made more accessible to inexperienced players. You get an extra chance, so if you have not yet determined a good strategy, it will be made a little easier. You can practice so well and later participate in the real poker games where you do not get extra opportunities. Only do that when you are ready for a challenge.

  • Wheel of Fortune

A well -known casino game from International Game Technology is Wheel of Fortune. It was already released in 1996 and is therefore already 25 years old. It is an online slot machine with bonus games where you have a chance to win a jackpot of $ 50,000. Reviews show that the game is still very popular after all these years. The visual details are very popular with the public.

The theme is especially many gold -colored forms. There are five rows with which you play and there are five paylines with which you get prizes. This is a lot less than the average slot machine. Nevertheless, the game is very popular and is still played by many players. That is a sign that you should definitely try it if you haven't done that yet.

  • Power Blackjack

Power Blackjack is a variant released by International Game Technology. With regular blackjack you can double if you double and you get a third card with which you have to win. You will not get any extra cards after that. The biggest difference with Power Blackjack is that you can change this third card in some cases. It is normally quite a risk, because you have to win with one extra card and otherwise lose your bet. Power Blackjack gives you a chance as a player.

Furthermore, with regular blackjack you have to stop as a dealer at a value of 17. This is only necessary if there is no bait at hand, because then the value can also be 7. The difference with Power Blackjack is that the dealer must stop at the so -called "Soft 17", which also contains an ace in hand. This is also extra cheap for you as a player.

You can also go "double down" at Power Blackjack if you have split your cards. With some regular blackjack variants this is not allowed. All in all, Power Blackjack is an exciting variant where small changes make it easier for you as a player. Do you already want to give it a try?

What do we think of IGT?

It is clear that International Game Technology has gained years of experience and that can be seen in their games. You will find this many years of experience but with few game developers, so IGT is quite rare in this. You can find the games of International Game Technology for a long time in the physical casinos and since shorter time also in the lobbies of online casinos.

It is almost impossible to miss them. There is even a good chance that they have based a game on your favorite TV series. They have also released many different variants of poker from which you as a enthusiast can choose.

The player experience is very good because of the huge range and the gameplay of the games. They continue to develop games that perfectly match the wishes of the players.