Smoking ban does not ensure a lower turnover in American casinos

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Home News Smoking ban does not ensure a lower turnover in American casinos

C3 Gaming has conducted a study in America into the relationship between sales and a smoking ban in casinos. Where everyone was convinced that the turnover would fall, that was ultimately not the case.

The research shows that the casino visitors in America have been maintaining other habits in recent years. This is partly due to the Corona epidemic where the casino life came to look drastically different. Players were allowed with fewer people at the table, buffets were no longer there and room service was abolished in the hotel/casinos. It is expected that the smoking ban will be an addition to the many measures that will be easily accepted.

“The Pandemie has changed the expectations and behavior of the consumer to almost every sector, including retail, entertainment, accommodation, eateries and casino games. One of those changes (is) in the attitude towards smoking in casinos.

"Data from different areas of law clearly shows that a smoking ban no longer leads to a dramatic fall in gambling income, in fact, non-smoking buildings appear to perform better than their counterparts continue to allow smoking."

C3 Gaming Group

In Las Vegas you can still smoke in casinos

With the exception of the MGM Casino park, smoking can still be smoked in casinos in Las Vegas (Nevada). The C3 Gaming Group study was conducted in various other US states. This showed that the turnover did not deteriorate when setting a smoking ban. This is also not if there were casinos in the neighborhood where smoking was still allowed.

Smoking ban at casinos in the Netherlands

At the Casinos in the Netherlands A smoking ban already applies. Where you could first play in special smoking rooms in Holland Casino, there will be a general smoking ban from 1 April 2020. The casinos may still offer an outdoor space for the invalid smokers.

Online casinos an alternative to smokers

If smoking is really a "must", then the Online casinos A good alternative. From home you can also play all the games you find in a physical casino. If you want to play in your underpants, it is possible online. Other benefits of playing online are the lower bets and the beautiful bonus offers. With the Live Casino section that is offered online, you also approach a physical casino very close.

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