Six casino movies in which Las Vegas is central

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From the moment Las Vegas grew into the Mecca of the American gambling industry, the city has been an inspiration for film producers. The first film that was filmed here was the comedy Las Vegas Nights (1941). Then soon several films with Las Vegas followed as a background.

For example the movie "You must meet me in Las Vegas" (1956). In which a farmer discovers that holding the hand of his beloved gives him happiness to the game. Elvis Presley could be seen in "Viva Las Vegas" (1964) where fans could marvel at both his voice and dance moves. And in "Diamonds Are Forever" (1971) James Bond rolls dice at the Craps Table. This, while he courts the busty Brunette Plenty O’Toole.

Directors and writers from the film industry have been appreciating Las Vegas for decades. There is simply no place on earth where fantasy and traditional vices such as gambling, drinking and dancing are encouraged. The flashing neon lights that conjure up from sunset to sunrise. The palace -like casinos along The Strip and Fremont Street. And of course the expectant atmosphere that hangs in every casino.

Wikipedia shows more than 100 films with scenes recorded in Las Vegas. In addition, you get an impressive look in this magical world. A number of very special and successful films are recorded in Las Vegas. In this article you will find the six most appreciated casino films in which Las Vegas is central.


The original Oceans 11 was already released in 1960 and at the time the concept was downright revolutionary. Instead of concentrating on a single film star, Oceans 11 collected a cast for all ages.

None other than Frank Sinatra played the main character Danny Ocean. A veteran from the Second World War who wants to commit the biggest robbery in history. After the team has been compiled, the Ocean’s Gang is aiming for five casinos in one of the brutest robberies ever.

The intended casinos are the Sahara, the Rivièra, the Desert Inn, the Sands and the Flamingo. These casinos show the pure vintage of Las Vegas from that time. There is no other film that manages to capture the essence of the old Las Vegas in all its glory.

In 2001 it was announced that Oceans 11 would be filmed again. Many had their reservations about this. Repairing something that is not broken, usually turns on a disaster scenario.

The modern version was given the title Ocean’s Eleven to prevent confusion and surprised everyone. By casting George Clooney to play the role of Danny Ocean, director Soderbergh did justice to the original.

The cast was completed with Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Casey Affleck. Together they try to make some money the shrines of Las Vegas.

The hit list of the casino has been reduced to three. The Bellagio, the Mirage and the MGM Grand take the place take casinos that no longer existed. Both Oceans 11 and Oceans Eleven are both worth watching. Both films will end up with many in the top 10 of favorite films.

2. RAIN MAN (1988)

The majority of Rain Man is set on the road. But for a few glorious minutes the casino floor in Caesars Palace is at the center of the film.

Tom Cruise plays Charlie Babbit, a flashy foreign car dealer who only gives his own business results. That changes when Charlie discovers that he has an older brother called Raymond. Raymond is autistic and perhaps inherits the family fortune. Both brothers take that situation on a journey that will change their lives.

In the first instance, Charlie only wants to get his mentally disabled brother from their father's expensive estate. But because they spend day and night together, Charlie develops a genuine love for the brother. Incidentally, a brother that he never knew he had.

Eventually the two set off for a trip and on the way Charlie realizes that Raymond is autistic. Despite the lack of social interaction, Raymond is capable of amazing mathematical calculations. Charlie notes that Raymond can count any number of objects immediately. He is struggling to repay $ 80,000 in unexpected debts. He takes Charlie to Las Vegas in the hope of cashing in the hidden talents of his brother.

What follows is one of the most incredible mounting scenes in the entire film history. After he learned Raymond how he BlackJack Must play, he takes him to the casino. There the viewer sees how Raymond is doing against the unfortunate Caesars Palace Blackjack dealers. All in all, one of those rare films that you just want to watch twice.


Perhaps the largest artwork in the entire film history. However, The Godfather is not necessarily a film from Las Vegas. The story of a crime family is determined by Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone and Al Pacino as his son Michael. Furthermore, it is not necessary to dive into The Godfather's Mafioso details. After all, you will have trouble finding someone who has not seen this film.

The focus of The Godfather is on the underworld of New York City and Las Vegas. A city where the mob at that time made a huge rise.

The most famous scene, starts with an exciting musical song set on drive-by images of old Las Vegas legends. From there, the audience gets a look behind the scenes. There you can see how the power players who built this city have tackled their affairs.

4. CASINO (1995)

Casino is a feat that includes every conceivable aspect of the gambling industry from which the film derives its title. The Niro shines like Sam Rothstein, who works for the Mafia. The character is based on the real Gangster Frank Rosenthal. Appointed by his bosses to run Tanger's casino, Rothstein is ruthless supervision of a complete renovation of the casino.

The great thing about Casino is how director Martin Scorsese succeeds in capturing every aspect of a thriving casino company. Rothstein cuts no turns. He takes over everything as it is. From how the cocktails are served to maintain the decor on the pokertafels. Supervising the nocturnal profit process and the hard punishments to cheaters is also portrayed. Accompanied by Joe Pesci, the Niro's image of Rothstein alternates between frightening and tragic.

If you have never been to a casino in Las Vegas in your life, Casino is definitely a movie to watch.

5. THE HANGOVER (2005)

In The Hangover the look and feel of the modern Las Vegas Subliem is captured. In all sorts of ways you get a beautiful tour of the city. You get a unique look on the roof terrace of the Caesars Palace Casino. And certainly also pay attention to the amazingly well -executed tribute to Rain Man and his Blackjack scene.

The Hangover has a special place in the hearts of every local Las Vegas. As a result, The Hangover is a cherished film mainly among the locals of Las Vegas.


This film may not be suitable for everyone. Especially people who are not waiting for heavy drug use from a dissolute actor. On the other hand, if you love Las Vegas because of the thought: "Everything is possible in Vegas", then this film is made for you.

Johnny Depp seems to change in Thompson, the deceased pioneer of the "Gonzo" journalism. Everything about his performance has been awarded, but it is the background of the Old-School Las Vegas, which means that people really have to watch Fear and Loathing.


People love Las Vegas and love high quality films. So it is no surprise that Vegas is used in as many films as background. The six films from this list are undoubtedly among the best films produced in this city. Convince yourself and watch them all!