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In addition to having your casino your favorite game in the game selection, it is the degree of safety that they can guarantee for the player who should influence your choice for a reliable casino. Of course you want you to be handled in a safe way with the high (or small) amounts that you deposit at an online casino and that your data is continuously protected in a secure database that cannot be hacked.

These are just a few elements where a certain degree of security is required. There are many more to mention and we will continue with this below. We immediately tell you how you can select a good casino that is also safe. This saves you again because you know what to look out for during your choice.

Factors that influence the safety of the casino player

Below we explain step by step how you can make your choice for an online casino even better by naming various factors that can increase your safety. This allows you to prevent your entire account from being emptied by a hacker who may have come behind your data because they were stored in a database that was very unsafe. This type of problems can be prevented by choosing a reliable, legal and safe casino by paying attention to the points below and keeping them in mind.

We have many years of experience when it comes to safe and reliable Legal casinos And by knowing this experience you explain exactly what makes a casino safe and when you can better move. The answer to the issue "" How do I select and play at a safe online casino? "" Is answered in this article, so if you are interested in this, then read on!

How can you ensure safety at casinos on the web? Note the licenses of a casino!

For your registration it is very important to look at the bottom of the homepage of a casino or it says whether they have the right licenses in their possession or not. It is useful to do this for your registration, so that you will not be faced with surprises once you have an account and may have already deposited money. If there is nothing at the bottom of the page, this does not have to say that they have no license. On the website of the KSA (American Gaming Authority) you can simply visit a reliable casino with a license from them. A very simple check that provides a lot of safety.

Licenses from other organizations can also be in possession of the casino where you want to play. Like with international gambling houses. These online casinos must always have one or more licenses from another country. If not? Then they do not meet rules and norms and do not operate according to the legislation of the country in which they are established. Rules such as good security, protection of amounts of money and trusted data. Licenses show this.

You can all check specific requirements per license on the website of the organization that gives the license to the casino. This way you know what measures a casino must have taken. A few conditions between the licenses may differ, but most licenses agree.

The security of the games at an online casino. A concern for the game developer.

Safe casinos online are hosted on a server and made available from there for players in one or more countries. The servers are also connected to the game providers so that they can make the games available on the platform.

So pay attention to the latter: the website is in the management of the casino, the games are still in the management of the game developer and some even run entirely on external servers. These game developers must also be reliable and ensure that the games run on a safe server and cannot be hacked. Various licenses have also been created for this. Licenses of the Ecogra organization for example.

Ecogra checks game developers and gives the necessary licenses

This organization checks the game developers for the safety and reliability of the games and a fair chance of profit. Safe casinos only have safe games in the game offer.

If a game does not work well, the game developer must repair this again. If a game is not safe, for example because it is hacked, then the game developer must also ensure that the weather becomes safe. The casino can remove or deactivate the game, which they will probably do if they are reliable.

If you as a player that a game is not working properly, or if you see different bugs, then it is best to appeal to customer service of the casino. They can continue complaints. Good customer service is an extra indication of safe casino. The employees do everything to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Including a good complaint handling.

Money on accounts at online casinos must be safe

All other things, such as the amounts on the accounts of the players of the online casino are in the management of that casino. So if you notice that money has disappeared from your account, go to customer service right away and they will do their best to find it out for you. If the money disappears during a game, the game developer must look into this through customer service.

If the website and the server of the online casino are up-to-date and are provided with good encryption and optimal security, then the typical hacker has little chance of stealing money, provided that the correct strong passwords are (below will follow more) .

Play safely - SSL encryption of the website An HTTPS in the address bar

Perhaps this term says you little, but a secure connection always goes through an SSL certificate. This ensures that all traffic to and from the website is provided with encryption. You can see whether or not your casino uses an SSL connection. You can immediately see this on a green lock in the address bar on the left.

All reliable casinos with licenses must have an SSL certificate. No SSL, no license. So is there no green lock to be seen in the address bar? Then skip the casino and do not enter any personal information such as your name, bank details or BSN. It is best to continue directly to a casino with a green lock.

The other term that can prove a safe website is "https: //" for the host name. This is a lot safer than the old "http: //". The "s" in the name therefore stands for Secure. In short, without going into detail, "https" is a safer and more extensive protocol. This protocol and the connection that is encrypted makes it a lot more difficult to find out encrypted data that is sent via this connection.

Protection of personal data and other data by the online casino

Online casinos work with private data of their customers. These are given in confidence by the customers and must of course remain familiar. For example, they must be stored in a database that is not sensitive to attacks by hackers, such as a DDOS attack.

It continues to be private data and a good casino ensures optimum protection. No one should just be able to get to the database and even when it is hacked, the data should also have an extra layer of encryption. This makes the data unusable due to the complexity of the extra encryption. Even if the hacker is successful, good encryption of data such as passwords and e -mail addresses ensures that they are actually unusable.

A casino that has a license has enough measures to give the database a certain degree of safety. This of course gives the player a familiar feeling!

Only competent person should come to personal information

Can anyone but with the data? We often hear this question pass by. The intention is that as few people as possible can get to the data. Even internal departments of organizations such as online casinos could not just be added. Some departments such as IT management or the department that deals with fraud can have access to private data from the players on request. However, only on request and with rules. Under no circumstances may they approach it without correct authority.

Some extra security measures at an online casino: encrypted passwords and two factor authentication of accounts

Above is already the option to encrypt passwords in a database. This is possible with a hash algorithm. This "husses" the passwords, as it were and ensures that they are not immediately readable.

A two -factor authentication is possible for the accounts. You must then use an extra device or an mail account to log in. With an extra device you can think of your mobile. This is a very safe way to log in. A hacker cannot just come to your mobile to enter your account via an SMS verification. The same applies to your mail. Make sure that you yourself ensure a strong password for your mail account and of course you do not just lend your mobile.

There are safe and less safe payment methods to deposit money or to withdraw again. Then choose the right one.

Not only the online casino or game makers influence your safety during the game and the amounts of money. An online casino naturally works closely with external parties. For example for payments. They do not arrange them themselves, but they use certain methods such as ideal, Credit cards from Mastercard and Visa or PayPal and Trustly. Choose one that you would use for a payment at, for example, a webshop and a method that many people use online. Then it should be all right.

If you see only unknown methods, it is best to go to a casino that has made your favorite payment method available. The logos of all available payment methods are at the bottom of the home page of a casino or you can ask customer service. Optionally, they are at the FAQ page that many casinos have on the web for quick answers.

Identification and KYC at an online casino ensures even more safety and is mandatory!

A reliable online casino always requires your ID, BSN or an image of your ID. They must do this mandatory from the law and they need to provide evidence again that you are actually who you say you are. As a result, identity fraud is impossible and, if you are under 18, you can no longer go by delivering an invalid identity.

This is a legal obligation and with legal casinos you will not encounter any way to refuse this and yet to play.

The KYC also ensures that the casino is sure that the bank account that you specify, and therefore the amount on this, is in your management and is registered in your name. You can think of an obligation to deliver an image of your bank card or energy bill.

Play safely - A special team against fraud. Can be seen more and more at online gambling sites

The measures above prevent possible fraud. The KYC scares people who want to commit identity fraud with fake data usually, but many casinos also have an anti-fraud team that keeps an eye on everything and makes adjustments where necessary.

Once there is fraud with a driver's license, passport or identity card, this team will ensure that it is resolved and they may call in the police. There is of course real money in the game, and where real money is used, thieves can be found. It is always good to see that an online casino has taken the necessary measures. Once it has happened that thieves have struck, then it is even better if a team is ready to resolve everything or start an investigation.

The team of fraud experts also supervises all kinds of possible fraud of the players at an online casino. If a player tries to register with an illegal proof of identity, for example, they warn the police and the new player is refused from the casino. The player's account can optionally be closed temporarily and amounts to the account can be frozen and so they can no longer be removed from the account.

If the government notices during checks that an online casino has too young players or players play without proof of identity, then they take up the licenses that the casino has. This makes them illegal and suffer great damage. This team is therefore very important for the online casino.

How do you ensure that you play in an online casino that is really safe?

First of all, you can all pass the above checks and see if the casino meets the requirements. But for yourself you also have to know how exactly you can gamble safely and what this means. The necessary knowledge in advance about the concept of "safety" is therefore very useful.

Because you have an overview of all the concepts, teams, measures and rules involved, you ensure that you can easily determine which elements of safe play are really important to yourself and whether the casino has these elements. You will automatically pay attention to this with your selection and you will avoid casinos that you think are unsafe because they do not have the right measures and licenses. Prevention is always better than cure, of course. So being aware of your registration is simply better.

A few extra short tips for safe play

In addition to the requirements above, we also have some very easily applicable tips for you to increase your safety level

You can protect your budget with which you play at an online casino by setting various rules for yourself. You will have to keep track of this yourself or take the necessary measures such as social control by a friend. Casinos also have limits where you can use and this limits your bet again. You protect yourself so easily against large losses and you increase your safety.

Protect your own computer by installing an antivirus program and a good firewall. Windows nowadays already has an excellent firewall, but you can better protect an extra antivirus program against hackers.

Always check the emails you receive from the casino. The casino where you play will never just ask for login details via email. So always check the email address that the mail has sent. You can possibly ask customer service if they are able to know the mail

Safe SPeel at a familiar online casinos

We recommend that you always check for yourself whether the casino where you want to play meets all the safety requirements set above. Or select a casino on this page.

We have only shown the most reliable online casinos on this site. What saves you the necessary effort. This means that the casinos that are visible here are all in possession of the correct licenses received by the competent organizations and legally open. They ensure safety of the player and his data, so that you can focus on playing your favorite game.