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The new online casinos are doing everything they can to tie well -known names to promote their services. Circus Casino has hooked a very large fish with Ronaldinho.

Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, the real name of Ronaldinho and Circus are going to work together for the name of it Legal online casino make more famous. The always smiling Brazilian will also be used for campaigns to make players aware of the dangers that online gambling entails.

The first campaign has already started the question "Betje put?" Players are more likely to win free deployment, which they can use for sports betting. Circus not only has a casino, but you can also bet on different sports.

All bonuses that relate to the world star have received their own section on the website. "Ronaldinho Promotion" with the number 10 underneath. This was the back number with which he regularly opened the trick box in his active career and drove his opponents to madness.

The CEO of Circus is delighted with capturing the ex footballer.

We are extremely proud of this campaign with Ronaldinho, one of the best football players of this century. Everyone knows their eternal smile, great technology and inimitable false movements. Having and retaining pleasure is one of the core values of Circus and so it is a perfect match, even if it will only be for a short time.

Marijn Maertens, CEO at

Umpteenth sponsorship deal ronaldinho

Ronaldinho is such a player who remains interesting for sponsors even after stopping football. Many for the ball fans also know him as the face of FIFA 21. is another step for Ronaldinho after he came into with the judiciary due to identity fraud.

Normally such a Crminele activity would be a reason for sponsors to drop out. However, this is forgiven by almost everyone by almost everyone and he himself indicates that he has drastically changed his life. He has started his own music label and is committed to charities.

Circus Casino has a license in the Netherlands

Circus originally Belgian online casinoo that has been offering its services since 2011. The website of the platform can be visited in American, English or in American. Creating an account is very easy. Since the establishment of Circus in 2011, the company has been in possession of a permit issued by the Belgian Gaming Committee. Since March 8, 2022, the casino also has a permit from the American Gaming Authority.

An account must be created for playing at Then you get access to the website and you can use money in different ways. For example, a part of the website is set up for sports bets. This allows money to be used for various types of competitions in various sports and competitions. The casino offers an attractive range of table games that are offered by various software providers. You have to think of various games such as baccarat, roulette, craps, BlackJack A video poker.

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