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If you have ever doubled your bet after loss or leaving your profit to take advantage of a series of profits, then you know that you are dealing with a certain system. Roulette systems are extremely popular with different gamblers.

The players are always interested in ways to give others checking and that is only possible if a certain strategy is used. The systems can ultimately also yield new profits.

But are these systems really designed to make a profit at Roulette? In the article below, two systems are discussed, which are high in popularity among roulette players. The question is also answered whether they will actually help you with a profit.

Double after a loss

Doubling your effort after a loss is perhaps the most popular system used with roulette. This system is very similar to it Martingale system And is also based on this for the most part. You don't have to have much knowledge about this. With every loss you make, you doubles your commitment. If a profit is achieved, you start again with a low bet.

Every time you have a doubling of your efforts to roulette, with the profit you can make up for all earlier losses again. This makes your profit the same as your basic insert, so that you can start again from beforehand. Only when you have achieved a lot of losses in succession and you have achieved the table limit will you stop. Even when your money is used up, you have to decide to stop.

You have to take into account that this system can never surpass the house benefit. It can therefore also be dangerous to apply this system. However, it can yield you much more than when you get started with other systems. You can win a lot of money with it in the short term. After a long series of profits, it can also lead to you losing your entire balance. You therefore have to make decisions at the right time.

In the longer term it will not yield much in the event of a loss. This allows you to be worse than the amount with which you started the evening. You can then choose to use a certain part of your balance for this system and put the rest aside. You only have to supplement your balance again after a session has ended. This way you prevent working far beyond your budget and therefore, for example, also hunt the money for the fixed costs.


You can start with a balance of a maximum of 500 euros. Your basic deployment that you will keep is 10 euros. In addition, you bet your bet on an even yield. This allows you to add 10 euros to your balance with a long series. If you win 17 times in a row, you have 670 euros. The losing streak is added here.

You lose your first bet and then choose to enter 20 euros instead of 10 euros. This way you have a total loss of 30 euros. The third deployment is also lost as a result, after which you have to bet 40 euros. This way you continue until there is a loss of 310 euros. This will reduce your balance to 360 euros.

If you have these losses in succession, then you still have enough money to start again. If you also lose this series, you have to stop. Your balance will then remain at 40 euros. You can then start again with the basic deployment and eventually start raising a substantial amount. You always have the chance to get your balance of 500 euros back by winning several series in a row again.

However, you can also choose to use all the victories with this system to build up a new balance. Every time you win, add 10 euros to your balance. This way you ensure that you are retaining your original bets, until you start to lose five bets in a row. With a series of five losses, your balance will fall to 190 euros and you have to add it to a second balance. A third balance will be created with the profits that you will achieve in a new session.

With this strategy you can achieve a big advantage at Roulette for a long time and also achieve nice profits. For the longer term, this will not be the strategy that you have to apply to the roulette wheel.

Double deployment after winning

Doubling the profit can be seen as the opposite of the aforementioned system. However, there is a big difference between the two systems. With the aforementioned system you stop when you have achieved a profit and you go back to the beginning. You also stop when your money is finished. When double after a profit you should not stop and start over, but you set a number of stops for yourself. This can be done in several ways, which is further explained at a later time.

Doubling to profit actually works as you can expect from the name. Every time you achieve a profit, you have to leave your original bet including the win in the game. If you are going to achieve multiple profits in succession, you can increase your sum of money considerably. Most players use an Even-Money deployment for this. However, you can always place your money on any use of the roulette and you can spread your chances and mainly enjoy the time.

The highest profit that you can achieve with this system is by deploying on a certain number. You can then expect a payout of 35 to 1. The chance of coming up with this is 1 against 37. This makes the chance very small, namely 2.7 percent. The profit can hardly be achieved as a result and you take a big risk with your bet.


Whether you go for the high or low payments, you must always be influenced by the willingness to a certain risk. With roulette you will not win several times in a row so quickly. However, if this does happen, then you have many large amounts at your disposal. In addition, with a bet of 10 euros, for example, you can already win 350 euros. If you are going to win several times in succession, leaving your winnings, this will continue to 12,600 euros for a second victory. Calculate if you manage to make it happen much more often.

Then you have to look at the different ways in which you can set a stopping point when double after winning. This way you have to set an amount on which you will let a certain session stop. You can also do nothing in advance, but stop when your happiness does not get any further. In principle, the first method is the most wise. With this you make certainty for yourself. However, it does not matter which system you are going to work with.

What you have to start thinking about is to split your balance into different smaller amounts. This allows you to start multiple sessions without spending a lot of money. In addition, you always start with a basic bet of 10 euros and every balance starts with 500 euros. Every time you start, you start with 10 euros again. Ultimately, it can give you a nice amount when you have enough happiness with Roulette.

The problems to take into account

Using gambling systems at Roulette not only brings benefits. You also have to deal with a number of problems. This way you have to deal with the house advantage at all times. You cannot beat this in the longer term. That is why you have to take a good look when you've been so lucky that you might be able to stop better.

There is a trap here. If you win first, you will soon start thinking that you are dealing with a perfect system. Your happiness is so great at that time that you want to start more and more. Only the opposite is true. The more often you use a system, the faster you will be defeated by a casino.

If you start thinking that you can actually no longer lose when you are going to double after a loss, then you are also wrong. You can be tempted to start more and more money, so you can no longer afford to lose yourself. As a result, many gamblers have already gone bankrupt.

Conclusion about roulette systems

If you ask yourself if you can use one of the gambling systems to achieve many profits, then the answer is no. In the longer term, it will only make you a loss. In the short term you can achieve profits with a bit of luck, but in the end you will also blame this money.

In the end it doesn't matter at all whether you are going to use a system at Roulette. The same final score will always be in the longer term. The casino has a fairly high home advantage, which will never be beaten.