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If you are going to play on a slot machine, it is good to know what the Return to Player percentage is. The makers of the different slot machine games deliver the game with a standard RTP. However, there are online casinos that adjust this percentage downwards.

If you are going to play on a slot machine, then you often pay particular attention to the nice bonus games and the free spins that you can earn. Yet RTP is one of the most important things after which you have to look before you start playing.

What does Return to Player mean?

The return to player is almost always abbreviated with RTP. This indicates what a slot machine will pay out.

This percentage is an average that you have to see over hundreds of thousands. It is not that a slot machine will definitely pay out if you have put 100 euros in it.

If a slot machine has an RTP of 90%, then on average 90 euros will be paid on every hundred euros that has been put in it. With a low RTP you will often get up quickly and with a high RTP you can usually play longer.

Various gambling options with their return to player percentage

In the Netherlands, legislation regulates how much a slot machine must pay. Strict supervision is also kept on this. Yet there are many differences in the return to player percentages among the different gambling providers.

From 2021, online casinos with a permit are also welcome on the American market. A favorable development because with them the RTP will be higher than with catering business and gambling halls.

The Return to Player on different occasions:

  • RTP at Holland Casino is in any case more than 80% and in practice often towards 90%
  • In the gambling halls such as Jack's, the RTP must be above 60%, but in practice it rises to 80%
  • In the hospitality industry it must also be above 60%. Research has shown that they do not often reach the 70%.

If you read this, you no longer put money in a slot machine at the fries tent around the corner. Holland Casino is best for the day, but that is also because jackpots count in the payout rates.

Reason that Return To Player is highest at an online casino

The RTP is a lot higher online. The reason is firstly the big competition. With so much choice of online casinos and slots you have to come up with a good deal for your customers. Another important point for a high return to player is that few costs are incurred by one online casinoo.

No expensive buildings at top locations and no staff who have to walk around on the casino floor. There is an unlimited number of players who can join in contrast to a physical casino, where the places and spaces are limited.

House advantage near slots

Slots usually have around 96% online as a return to player percentage. This is a lot higher than the physical branches. The house advantage here is therefore usually around 4%.

Are you familiar with casino games, then you know that there are better games in a casino than a slot machine. Roulette has 2.7% house advantage and blackjack but a small 1% if you play well.

A game that you play against other players such as Poker has the best chance of making a win. The bank takes 5% of each pot, but with many bad players at the table you can certainly make a profit. If 10% will be held off, it is better to stay away from such a game.

Examples of return to player at online slots

With every slot machine that you will encounter online, you can find out the return to player percentages. The software suppliers bring the slot machine on the market with a certain percentage, but the online casinos can be submerged again with certain permits.

So before you start playing a slot machine at a casino, first play at the info of the cabinet what the RTP is.

Some examples of slots and their RTP:

You play with a Legal American Casino Then the RTP can rise to 98%.

Get more out of your money

As you can see, the percentages online are not that far apart. How can you still benefit from playing online slots?

The online casinos have the advantage that you do not spend anything on travel costs, entrance and drinks. You already have this money extra to play. A legal casino also has a bonus ready for you when you play online for the first time.

These benefits together with the higher return to player, you now have to convince you to play slots online.

Are there no disadvantages?

Of course there are also some disadvantages of playing online on the gambles. You miss the cosiness and the sounds of the slots next to you. No cheering players and no chat with the neighbor next to you.

You also have to be strong in your shoes when gambling online. With a few clicks you can put money on your slot machine again when you are losing. So agree on a budget with yourself in advance!

House advantage at other games

Slots are fun to play, but when it comes to a house advantage then there are other games that can play better or that you should definitely not play.

Video Poker (Jacks or Better): tot 0,44%

The Jacks or Better variant with video poker has the lowest house advantage. You have to play the right strategy. This game is very popular in the US.

Blackjack: tot 1%

The Blackjack card game can also be played more profitable than slots. You have to do the Basic Rules know.

Pontoon: up to 1%

Pontoon is a variant of blackjack where the tens of the game have been removed from the game. Furthermore, some extra rules have been added that are beneficial for the players.

Baccarat: between 1.06% and 1.04%

baccarat, also known as Punto Banco, is also a popular game among gamblers. That's because it goes very fast and has simple rules. Bet on the bench (1.06% house advantage) or the player (1.04% house advantage). A draw bet is a bad gamble with 14.36% house advantage.

Frans Roulette: 1,35% (op even money bets)

With the American roulette there is a rule that you get half the bet back when you play on color and the ball falls into the 0. Playing color has a house advantage of 1.35% with American roulette.

Pai Gow Poker: 1,46%

Pai Gow Poker is mainly played in the casinos of Las Vegas and to a lesser extent at online casinos. In this game, the player and the dealer have to make 2 poker combinations from 7 cards. One of 5 and one of 2 cards. The bank takes 5% committee if you win both hands.

European roulette (single zero): 2.7%

European roulette has only a zero and therefore has a house advantage of 2.7%. Both live and against RNG Roulette, this variant is played a lot online.

A good advice is to stay away from all kinds of side bets. These separate bets that you can make in addition to a standard bet usually have a terribly high house advantage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Return to Player percentages for a slot machine?

There must always be an info button at an online slot machine. Here you will find the values of the symbols and also the RTP.

Can you use a bonus with every slot machine?

Always read the bonus conditions carefully. Some bonuses may only be used on specific cupboards.

At what period is the RTP based?

This is usually determined by the number of times playing, around 1 million.

Why did I lose when the RTP is set so high?

It is important to know that RTP refers to the total bets over a certain period and is not specific to an individual bet, player or session.

How does RTP influence honesty and arbitrariness?

RTP is an estimate based on statistics, taking into account both honesty and the randomness of the Random Number Generator (RNG).