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Online casino and provider of sports betting Bet365 is one of the companies that received a permit from the American Gaming Authority on 1 October. The requirements set for an online casino in the Netherlands are high.

Bet365 already has experience in offering in many countries gambling games. As a result, they also have a lot of experience in offering these casino games responsibly. They go even further than the requirements of the KSA helping players to monitor their gambling behavior.

For most people playing at an online casino is really a game. For players who have difficulty holding their hobby Timing Some extra help. It may be clear that players under the age of 18 are not welcome, but Bet365 also does not advertise with target groups under 24 years of age.

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What offers Bet 365 to help you play responsibly?

  • My activities

Here you have an overview of which games you have played and how much money you have spent with each game. If you see that you are always playing the profits of sport betting on the roulette, you can adjust your behavior on this.

  • The parliament lime

When registering you must specify how much you can deposit. This is therefore subdivided into hours, days and weeks.

  • Activity warnings

Here you fill in how long you want to play in a session. If you exceed this time, you will get a warning that it is time to stop.

  • Time out

If you have had enough of it, you can give yourself a time out. That can be for an hour or for several days. If you are over your loss after a period, you can start playing in a responsible way again. There is also a personalized time out. Here you can set for example that you have no possibility to gamble from Monday to Friday. The site is available for, for example, to withdraw money.

  • self -exclusion

If you notice that you are not strong in your shoes and still tend to play every time you can exclude yourself. If friends or family members see that things are going in the wrong direction, they can also Bet365. Together, a solution is sought and s with emergency services can be sought.

Tips from Bet365 to keep playing in hand

  • Play for your pleasure and don't see it as something to make money
  • Only play with money that you can miss. This can be managed through deposit limits
  • Try not to recover loss. This goes wrong once
  • Don't play too long. This can be managed with the activity warnings
  • Make sure you also have other hobbies. Only gambling as a hobby cannot be good
  • Take a break regularly
  • Don't play if you are drunk or depressed
  • Make sure you have a budget and how much you want to spend per period
  • Know how games work and what the expected loss is
  • Seek help if you no longer have gambling under control

Responsible Games - Bet365 even has a budget calculator

That BET365 goes beyond the requirements of the KSA is evident from the fact that they offer a budget calculator. This was already being successfully introduced in England and there is also the possibility for the American to calculate whether you are doing well with your money.

By entering all your expenses in the calculator you get a good picture of whether you have to start gambling at all. Via a step -by -step plan you can see whether you are in the green, yellow, orange or red. Bet365 recommends playing alone if the meter indicates green. All the information you enter can only be seen by the user.

With the calculator you enter the income and expenses that you make in a month. With income you have to think of salary, pension, benefits and other income. During the expenditure on rent, energy costs, insurance, loans, car and other expenses.

After this you enter what you spend on a monthly basis. This can also be found with your account history. Now a meter will appear that indicates whether it is wise to play. If the meter is not in the green, you don't have enough money to gamble responsibly.


Bet365 only wants players to play who have their playing behavior under control. By offering different tools, they have a players' file that has weekly pleasure on sports betting or casino games. For American players it is nice to use it 365 as Legal Casino to have it.