Raid at Illegal Poker in Eindhoven

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Last Sunday night there was a raid at a PokerGame in Eindhoven. High bets were played in two luxury apartments. The organization consisting of three men and a woman were arrested.

During the raid there was a lot of gambling by the players present. An amount of 100,000 euros was seized. The poker tables and sheets were also confiscated. The 17 poker players present were also arrested.

Well -known game among poker players

Many poker players in the Eindhoven area were familiar with the game offered. Small games were offered, but it was best known as a 10/20 game where a lot of striking was held. No problem for the good players because there were many so -called fish that gambled thousands of euros a day.

Poor offer of Holland Casino

HC it is it Legal Casino that live poker can offer in the Netherlands. Unfortunately they do not take this seriously, which creates many "illegal games". If you are the only provider with a permit, you can also expect that there is a good offer.

Cash Poker is no longer offered in most Holland Casinos and tournaments are hard to find. If a major tournament is already being organized such as the WSOP in Venlo, the registration fees for a normal player are much too high. There are then tournaments with a buy in ranging from 330 to 2000 euros. No wonder the poker players are going to look for alternatives.

At the game in Eindhoven so much money was about that you could wait for a raid. Also in other places where other criminal activities are suspected, the police have occurred lately. But throughout the Netherlands, hundreds of ïllegal tournaments are offered to which the judiciary has not taken anything against for more than 10 years.

For the recreational player it would be nice if there were regulations where you could play legal tournaments with a buy of 20 euros. This is permitted in Belgium. Players can practice their hobby for little money and get the hang of the game.

Written by Henry Scheffers

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