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After June 30, no more role models may be used in gambling advertisements. On TV, radio, internet, and on abri's in bus shelters, we will no longer see well -known American people who praise an online casino. An exception is made for sports sponsorship.

Well -known American casinos

Shortly after his appointment as Minister for Legal Protection, Franc Weerwind was told that he had to work on a ban on gambling advertisements. This was previously decided among his predecessor Sander Dekker.

A month ago, Weerwind informed the House of his plans. Here he announced that a ban on gambling advertisements would take at least a year. What Wewind promised was that the use of role models would be prohibited earlier. No new law was needed for this, but a change in the "Regulation on recruitment, advertising and addiction prevention gambling".

That change currently has the highest priority for the ministry. Our colleagues from Casinonieuws were confronted with the change of the change. The informal confidential concept of the scheme is therefore not yet final and can therefore change or tighten on important points.

What is meant by role model?

In the current concept of the change, the concept of role model is described as follows:

Role models are in any case understood to mean people who enjoy public familiarity and people with whom other people want to identify or associate themselves, including:

a. persons who derive their fame from activities in the present or the past as:

  • 1 °. Professional athlete, sports trainer or another person with a publicly visible role within professional sport;
  • 2 °. actor, director, presenter, singer or another person with an audience visible role within the television, film, theater, music or other entertainment industry;
  • 3 °. Model, fashion designer or another person with an audience visible role within the beauty or fashion industry;
  • 4 °. Author, journalist, columnist, influencer, vlogger, blogger or another person with a public -visible role because of the use of printed, audiovisual, auditory, online or other media;
  • 5 °. representative of a political party or another person with a publicly visible role within national, regional or local politics;
  • 6 °. frequent participant in games of chance or another person with a public -visible role in the field of games of chance;

b. Persons who play a social exemplary function because of their office or profession.

Prohibiting role models in gambling advertisements will not make a distinction according to the type of advertising. Complaints that praise a product and advertisements that point to responsibility are no longer allowed to use role models. HC will therefore have to stop advertisements with Ellie Lust and the toto Must say goodbye from Nathan Rutjes, despite the fact that they propagate responsibly.

Unknown actors who are known

If an actor from an advertisement is so much in the picture that he becomes very famous, then he can be seen as a role model. The Pruction then applies that he is no longer allowed to play in gambling advertisements.

Persons with a profession whose social exemplary function goes out may also not participate in a gambling advertisement. According to the explanation, for example, you should think of teachers, police officers and doctors.

Exception for government and sports

The government itself can start awareness campaigns. At the moment the government and the KSA have not yet been running campaigns, but in the future they could use role models.

The financially supporting of individual professional athletes and sports teams Legal American online casinos Also does not fall under this ban on role models in gambling advertisements. Sponsored television programs are also not covered by this prohibition.

Advertising for performances in HC is allowed!

According to the concept, there is an emphatic exception for advertisements of live performances in physical branches.

The second paragraph does not apply to incidental announcements that only serve to announce performances by role models in local locations of gaming casinos and gaming machine halls, insofar as these announcements:

  • a. do not relate to performances of role models as referred to in the third paragraph, under a, subsection 6 °; and
  • b. state in which location the performances take place.

Source: Casinonieuws

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