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Pre -playing a poker bonus does not work the same everywhere. It is therefore important in all cases to take a good look at the conditions of the poker bonus and what exactly you have to do to free up this poker bonus.

For example, it can make a difference whether you play in an online environment where only poker games are offered, or whether you play in an online casino with multiple games. Keep this in mind, so that you know what is needed to free your poker bonus and use it.

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Release your poker bonus - Use a bonus code

In many cases, and certainly in online environments with only poker games, you get a bonus code. If you want to play this poker bonus freely, it is necessary to enter the code to activate the bonus. From that moment you can play to actually play the bonus free.

In most cases you do this by playing tournaments, by playing cash games or by applying a combination of both. Which option then suits you best depends on your own habits when playing.

A poker bonus free play with cash games

Cash games are a lot faster than poker tournaments. You are more active, making it easier to score points or make expenses that you have to make to activate the bonus. Are you used to playing (also) cash games and do you want to play your poker bonus as quickly as possible? Then it is advisable to temporarily play cash games and to focus less on playing poker tournaments.

A poker tournament requires more time and there is less "spell running" or "bet through", which also takes longer to free the poker bonus.

Play a poker bonus free with participation in tournaments

Of course there are situations in which it is wise to play poker tournaments for freeing a poker bonus. This is especially advisable when you are used to playing poker tournaments exclusively. If you are not used to playing cash games, then it is not wise to play cash games exclusively for the faster dragging the poker bonus.

The risk is that you are considerably less good at playing cash games than in participating in poker tournaments. So you can lose an unnecessary amount of money by playing especially for the poker bonus cash games. Do what you are good at, so that you can limit your losses until you have unlocked the poker bonus.

Check how to unlock the poker bonus progresses

In the conditions of Bonuses You can always read what exactly you have to do to free the poker bonus. Unfortunately, this is not always clear to really know how fast it is. In most cases you can view the status of releasing a bonus online. For example, you see a beam that slowly fills or you see a percentage.

It is good to occasionally look at the claim while playing concerns the release of the poker bonus. This way you can easily see how fast it really works when you play at a normal pace and in your own way. It often gives you a better insight than the statistics that you can get from the conditions.

Get familiar with every poker bonus that you will be offered

Of course it is attractive to win a large poker bonus, such as a few hundred or even a few thousand euros. In this case it is very tempting to do what you have to do to get the bonus. In most cases this means that you have to make a deposit. For example, you have to deposit 500 euros to be able to release a bonus of 1,000 euros.

Without knowing anything about the bonus you deposit 500 euros and start playing. This is not a good idea. For example, it may be that you only get a few hours to free the bonus, after which it expires. Is it feasible to do everything you have to do to get the bonus within just a few hours? This is of course just an example.

Always go through the conditions of the poker bonus

Online poker environments and casinos are required to link clear conditions to all types of bonuses that are issued. Always read these conditions carefully, so that you can decide for yourself whether the release of the poker bonus (for you) is feasible. You do not want to deposit a large amount and play endlessly, only to discover that you are no longer entitled to the bonus.

Go everything well and make sure it is clear to you what exactly you have to do to free the poker bonus. This prevents disappointments and, in an even more annoying case, a loss that has been greater than necessary.

Prevent you from playing from your emotions

It may be necessary that you must first have used a certain amount before you play a poker bonus free. To get a bonus of 500 euros you must, for example, have deployed at least 5,000 euros. This fact can cause you not to consider your choices as well as you would normally do. For example, you suddenly play with higher limits or you spend more hours than usual. This is not wise.

You can easily get rid of your routines if there is a nice amount in return. This ensures that you lose more than necessary. Prevent you from playing from your emotions. Keep playing the way you always do.

Various types of poker bonuses to play freely

Also remember that many different types of bonuses can be offered. These bonuses generally all have their own conditions for freeing them. There are bonuses that let you participate in certain games for free a certain number of times, but there are also no-deposit bonuses that you can get by, for example, starting a membership.

The deposit bonuses are the most common. In this case you get a bonus on top of the amount that you deposit yourself. This can be a fixed amount, but it can also be a percentage of the amount that you deposit, so that you yourself have an influence on the amount of the poker bonus. However, there is often a maximum bonus amount. It is not wise to deposit more money than you would usually do, just to get a larger bonus amount.

Play around to free a poker bonus

If you see in the conditions that "Wagering requirements" apply, this means that you have to play around. There are then so -called round play conditions. What exactly does this mean? You mainly come across these conditions online legal casinos Where other casino games are also played. Suppose you get a bonus of 100 euros, and the playing condition is 30, then this means that you have to use 30 x 100 euros before you can request a payment.

Some online casinos maintain a relatively low number for this, such as playing around 15 or 20 times. Most online casinos, however, set a very high number, such as 40 or sometimes 50. If you do not play enough, then you cannot pay any profits.

No profits paying for insufficient playing

Suppose you get a bonus of 100 euros that you have to play around 30 times. You will receive the 100 euros directly to your account, so you don't have to play this bonus freely. In this case you must unlock the option to pay. So you have to use 3,000 euros in the casino games. Only when you have done this, then you can have a sum of money turned off again. Did you use a total of 1,000 euros and do you win 5,000 euros? Then you cannot have this money paid out before you have deployed another 2,000 euros on the games. So you can already lose a considerable part of your winnings, just because you have to keep playing around because you have accepted a 100 euros bonus.

Play bonuses and cashback bonuses are often free

There are a number of bonuses that are available in many cases. This means that you just get the bonus, without having to play around or have to meet other conditions. You can also pay any profits after getting these bonuses whenever you want. Examples of these bonuses are the play bonuses and the cashback bonuses.

At Speel Bonuses you save the bonus by playing. By playing you build a bonus amount that you can have your account added at any time. With a cashback bonus you may receive a part of your deposit back, but it is also possible that you receive a percentage of your losses back. Please note, these bonuses are often free of conditions, but not always. So always check this carefully in the bonus conditions.

Can you play all the games with a poker bonus?

This is an important point to pay attention. In certain cases you can use a free bonus amount as you want, but in other cases this is not allowed. If you are not allowed to play all games with the bonus amount, then it is important to know which games you can or may not play. If your favorite games fall under the games that you are not allowed to play with, then it is worth asking if you want the bonus.

It is also possible that you can release part of the bonus money and spend part on certain games. So pay attention to this. If you are allowed to bet a part on certain games and bet another part on games of your own choice, the mutual ratio is often indicated in percentages.

Restrictions on the use of amounts

Suppose you have to meet a playing condition and in your case this means that you have to play 2,000 euros. After using 500 euros you win 5,000 euros. Of course you want to be able to pay out as quickly as possible, so you want to play around your 2,000 euros as soon as possible. It then sounds logical that you want to use 1,500 euros in one go with a game. With playing once you meet the play conditions. Unfortunately this usually doesn't work like that.

With the vast majority of providers, a maximum bet applies, or a limitation of the use of amounts, during playing around. For example, you may not use more than 10 or 20 euros per game. Always remember that it is important for the provider to let you play for as long as possible. Betting a large amount to meet the playing conditions is therefore often not possible.

Can you refuse a poker bonus or casino bonus?

You may not want a certain bonus, precisely because you do not first want to play endlessly before you can request a payment of profits. With some providers it is possible to refuse a bonus, so that you do not have to meet conditions while playing and can pay out profits whenever you want.

Other providers choose not to offer this option. Often it is a deposit bonus, or a deposit bonus. You will receive this bonus automatically if you make a deposit, which means that you must automatically also have to meet the playing condition.

Always pay attention to a poker bonus free play

In all cases, you first have to read carefully and discover what a bonus entails, before you are seduced by the bonus. Make sure you know exactly what the bonus means and what you have to do to free the poker bonus. It is the way to determine whether the bonus in question is really interesting for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a poker bonus always a guaranteed bonus?

No, the poker bonus is not always guaranteed. In certain cases it is stipulated that the bonus will be canceled if you do not unlock it within a set time, for example. You can always read in the conditions whether a bonus is guaranteed.

Are there easier ways to free up a poker bonus?

To free up a poker bonus, you must meet the set conditions for freeing the bonus offered. The system keeps track of whether you meet these conditions. This makes it not possible to free a poker bonus in other ways.

Can I still have it paid out after accepting a bonus?

This depends on the bonus and the corresponding conditions. In many cases it is required to first use a minimum amount (play around) to free the bonus, after which you can only make a payout again. It is always wise to read the bonus conditions for this before you accept a poker bonus.