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From 2021 it is no longer illegal to gamble online in the Netherlands, at least, if the gambling company where you play has received a permit from the American Gaming Authority. Without a permit, an online casino is therefore illegal. The reason for this is that the Netherlands follows other countries of the European Union that have also adjusted their online gambling policy.

To this new legislation, called the remote gambling law, in the field of online gambling, positive and negative sides are sticking. For the players, but also for the gambling companies. The consequences of this new law are further highlighted below.

The new law offers protection

Since 2021, the Remote Gambling Act (KOA) in the Netherlands has been in existence. This law makes it possible for online casinos to be allowed in the Netherlands, provided they have received a permit for this from the American Gaming Authority. The new law was created because there were no clear rules about online games of chance. The main objective of this new law is to protect the players.

The online casinos that have received a permit from the Gaming Authority to operate on the online market with their company must meet spicy criteria. For example, they must clearly communicate with the gamblers on their site what games they offer, what the costs are per bet and what they can win at prizes. In addition, the casinos must also state on the site the possible risks of gambling.

The new law tackles gambling addiction

Another goal of the new law is to prevent people from gambling. To achieve this, gambling companies that are active on the American market must offer their players the opportunity to close their account permanently or temporarily. In addition, they must offer their players the opportunity to impose limits on themselves. For example, a certain limit per day, week or month what they can spend on gambling games. If this limit is reached, they cannot continue playing.

In this way an attempt is made to prevent gambling addiction. In the Central Register Exclusion Gambling Players must register. Based on this, the gambling behavior of online and offline gambling players can be monitored. If, according to the register, it appears that someone has a gambling addiction, he or her can be refused access to online or offline casinos.

Preventing criminal practices

In the context of the new remote Gambling Act, the American Gaming Authority also aims to tackle illegal and criminal practices. For online gambling companies without a permit, they are not allowed to address the American gambling players. Providers of online gambling to players without a license can be detected quickly because such casinos must meet very strict requirements. A company quickly falls through the basket.

Casinos with a foreign permit

In addition to the American permit that is issued by the Gaming Authority, there are several other permits for online casinos. These are permits that are granted by foreign gambling agencies. All permits that are awarded abroad are illegal in the Netherlands. Which means that companies with such foreign licenses are not allowed to operate on the American online gambling market. Because the online gambling industry can be reached via the internet, gambling companies can reach American gamblers without a American license. This cannot be prevented, because everyone has access to the internet.

Online casinos with a foreign license are therefore illegal in the Netherlands. Yet these online gambling companies are usually safe to take a gamble. After all, they have received a permit and that means that they meet a certain gambling policy. There are also online casinos without a single license. These companies are of course illegal in the Netherlands, but also unreliable. It is better to avoid these types of casinos.

Rules for Foreign Online Casinos

Foreign casinos that do not have a American license are not allowed to operate on the American market. Internet is accessible to everyone and that is why a number of rules have been drawn up for foreign online casinos without a American license. This way they may not have information in the American language on their site. They are also not allowed to have a domain name in American. In addition, they are not allowed to advertise American or advertise on the American people.

If casinos do not comply with these rules, they can be fined from the American Gaming Authority. It is also more difficult for this type of digital casinos to get a permit for online games of chance in the Netherlands. The trust of the Gaming Authority is considerably damaged by these types of incidents.

Foreign licenses

In the gambling world, the most famous permit for casinos is the Malta license. This permit is issued by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). It is not without reason the most issued license. Many gambling companies start a gambling company in Malta because of the low tax rate. In addition, the Malta license is attractive for gamblers because the profit at these foreign casinos is tax-free. However, there are strict rules for companies on a Malta license. That is nice for the players, because in this way they can safely play their game.

In addition to the Malta license, there are many other permits for online casinos such as the Curaçao permit and the Gibraltar license. Both foreign permits are not legal in the Netherlands. The Curaçao permit is a little easier to obtain than the Malta license. In addition, the rules are more flexible for players. What is striking is that at digital gambling companies with this permit is that more free spins and extra bonuses are awarded. Curaçao is not a member of the European Union so it is important that when you play here you check whether you have to pay taxes if you have won something.

The Gibraltar license is also a well-known in the online gambling world. Gibraltar is a member of the European Union, but the permit is not reliable for players. Unfortunately, there are many unreliable digital casinos that bear this license. It is therefore advisable to first do online research to the digital casinos that bear this license before you play there.

The licenses of Curaçao and Malta and all other foreign permits are renowned and recognized. The gambling companies that have such a permit are checked. Apart from exceptions such as the online gambling license provided in Cyprus. In Cyprus there is hardly any checking for safety and reliability. The player must first sort this out in advance by going to (online) reviews of others.

Check reliability

To determine whether an online casino is safe and reliable to play, you can see if the company has a license. You can check this in the Footer text stated on the site. The Footer text, or footer, can be found at the bottom of the page. If the gambling company has a permit, a license number is stated in the Footer. In addition, here is also the name of the licensing authority. In the Footer there is also always information about the jurisdiction. Is one of these items missing in the footer? Then you can usually assume that the company has no license.


Casinos in the European Union must pay taxes on gambling winnings, this does not apply to players. If the online casino is located outside the European Union, other rules apply. American players then pay 30.1 % in tax money on the prize money won. The deployment is still deducted from this and this calculation applies per calendar month. Tax is only charged with prize money that is higher than 449 euros. At casinos with a American license, no taxes have to be paid on the profits. These online gambling companies must pay the taxes themselves to the tax authorities.

Recognize illegal casinos without a license

If you are going to take a gamble at a digital gambling company without a license, you can get a fine as a player. To prevent this, you better avoid these companies. You can recognize these online casinos in a number of ways. An illegal casino uses a American domain and communicates in the American language. The casino makes specific advertising focused on the American market. The payment methods of these casinos are used a lot in the Netherlands.

These illegal companies often use concepts and characteristics that are typically American. For example in the domain name or symbols on the site. All these methods are prohibited for foreign online gambling companies. Alone Online casinos with a American license may make these characteristics on their website. They can be recognized by the correctly shared information about the license in the Footer text at the bottom of the site.

Play without a permit

Online companies that often have a much more extensive range of games than companies with a license without a permit. This is because they are not checked by authorities or authorities. However, the range of gambling games is highly dependent on the type of casino. The games that you encounter a lot at gambling companies without a license are fruit machines, roulette, blackjack and poker.

Fruit machines are immensely popular with gamblers and are therefore rarely missing at online and offline casinos. You often find a wide range of slot machines at casinos without a license. Another popular game is of course roulette. There are few casinos that do not offer roulette to their players. Poker is probably the most beloved gambling game of all the games there are. Online poker is played a lot, even without a license, in the form of tournaments.

Advantages without license

In some cases it can be interesting for players to play at online gambling companies without a American permit. This may first of all have to do with the amount of bonuses and free spins that can be achieved. For companies with a American license, for example, only one bonus per player may be provided. Gambling companies without a American license do not have to comply with this rule.

Another advantage for the player is that at gambling companies without a American license they can play anonymously. It is mandatory to identify with your identity card number at gambling companies with a American license. At illegal companies and companies with a non-American license, identifying is not always mandatory. You have much more freedom to gamble here, because you are not bound by certain exclusion mechanisms.

Disadvantages without license

There are a number of disadvantages to casinos without a license. For example, there is no protection by the American Gaming Authority. If problems arise at a casino without a license, players cannot go to the national authorities for help. As a player at a casino without a American license, there is more risk of gambling addiction. This is because this is often not checked for companies without a permit or companies with a foreign license.

Another disadvantage of playing at such gambling companies is that you have to pay tax on your profit. This usually only applies to online gambling companies that do not belong to the European Union.


Playing a game at an online casino without a license is strongly discouraged. The reason for this is that a player can suffer from casino fraud. Fraud can prevent because the owner of the casino, for example, the Random Number Generator (rng) is manipulating. As a result, the player receives fewer profits or the payment stays away longer. A company with a license cannot do this, because it is checked for this.

There are large amounts to be won in illegal games. Payments at gambling companies without a license usually proceed with credit cards, ban and PayPal. It is sometimes also possible to pay with cryptos such as Bitcoin. However, playing at such a company without a license can have major consequences for players. It is therefore strongly recommended to avoid these online websites. There are not licenses for nothing. These companies are less well regulated and are therefore less safe for the players. There is no guarantee that you will get what you win.

Gambling in the Netherlands with license

Since 2021, permits have been issued in the Netherlands for companies that want to offer online games of chance on the market. These online casinos must meet a number of strict criteria. The aim of this American license is to prevent illegal and criminal activities and to protect players against gambling addiction.

Casinos that do not have a American license are illegal and can be fined if they violate certain rules. For this new law, online gambling in the Netherlands was prohibited by law. Despite that, people still violate the rules. This new law ensures better enforcement and control of online casinos and players.

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