Play according to the Blackjack Basic Strategy with the Perfect Blackjack game

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Players who like to play blackjack probably have known it for a long time. Blackjack is one of the few games in the casino where you can reduce the house advantage firmly with a good strategy. Blackjack already has one of the lowest house benefits in the casino. By using a Blackjack basic strategy you can further reduce that benefit.

Who the Basic strategy of Blackjack Kent, therefore, has the possibility to considerably reduce the house advantage. And game developer Netent has now come up with a completely new Blackjack variant.

Play according to the Blackjack Basic Strategy

Perfect Blackjack, is a new live casino game that through NetEnt has been developed and players, as it were, helps playing according to the basic strategy of Blackjack. This means that you automatically apply the basic strategy when playing this game.

Netent comes more often with special variations on card games such as poker, baccarat and BlackJack. The company specializes in developing live casino games, but has also developed a large number of video slots, slots and fruit machines.

With Perfect Blackjack you have the option to indicate in advance whether you always want to split and always want to double. This can result in a final house advantage of only 0.5%. In theory, this game therefore has a return to player percentage of no less than 99.5%. There is no other game to be found in the online casino that has such a high RTP has.

Speed in the game

With Perfect Blackjack you as a player have everything in your own hands, but you have the opportunity to set common actions in advance. Cards are shared automatically and because you have determined the splitting and double in advance, you play a lot faster than with others Blackjack variants.

This is of course nice if you like to play quickly, but make sure that your average loss per hour will also increase due to fast play. Perfect Blackjack is a true outcome for the experienced player. After all, they do not have to use the buttons again and again to confirm certain fixed choices, after all, that is automatic.

But starting players can also benefit from Perfect Blackjack. Because of the possibility of more or less, they are being forced to think about, and researching, what are actually the best choices at Blackjack.


Perfect Blackjack offers an excellent introduction for beginners in that regard. They learn to use the different option as optimally as possible. The game goes fast and is one of the lowest house benefits that you can find in the casino.