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Nowadays it is legal in the Netherlands to offer online games of chance as a casino. There are of course a lot of strict conditions attached to this. It must of course all be safe and reliable. From October 2021 it has become legal to offer games online, but from April 2021 online casinos could already apply for a permit.

As an online casino you must have this to legally offer your games to the public. In order to receive a license, the online casino must meet strict rules.

Who is the Gaming Authority?

The motto of the Gaming Authority is "Safe Play". They therefore also ensure that everything is safe and reliable. It is about land -bound and online casinos. If a casino does not meet the rules or violates the law, the Gaming Authority will be able to intervene. Even if there are players who do not behave as it should, they can be banned from the casinos by the Gaming Authority. This can be about cheating, hacking or phishing yourself. The Gaming Authority operates on behalf of the government.

What does a permit cost?

As an online casino you can apply for a permit from the Gaming Authority. The costs of this are fairly high. It costs $ 45,000 to apply for a permit. You will not get this back if it turns out that you do not meet the criteria for receiving a permit. Is your application rejected? Then you just lose your money and you are without a permit. So make sure that you are sure that you meet everything before you make a request.

The Gaming Authority has issued various documents in which all requirements are accurately described. She revealed this in July 2019, in anticipation of the law that would legalize online casinos that would start later. In October 2020, a few months before online casinos could make their requests, they brought out specific information about the precise documents they would require with a permit application.

Requirements for game organizations

So there are a lot of requirements that an online casino must meet before they can receive a permit from the Gaming Authority. Do you not meet this as a casino? Then it is bad luck and you will not receive a permit. These are strict conditions that must be met to be sure that as an online casino you are reliable and safe for players who decide to come and play with you.

Criminal record

You may not have a criminal record as a permit applicant. The Gaming Authority only appreciates reliable casinos. That is why this is a very important and strict condition that must be met. This also applies to other important employees of the online casino. For example, administrators and policymakers are also not allowed to have a past with criminal offenses. A check will therefore be done at all times by the Gaming Authority before a permit is deducted.

A document that the online casino must provide the Gaming Authority is an organization chart of the organization. This can be done by an accountant, lawyer, or notary. An online casino may therefore not have focused on the American public two years before the application. After all, it was forbidden to offer online games of chance in the Netherlands.


Not everyone can just open an online casino. You must be expert as a company. That means that you have to understand. As a player you always want the game provider to know what he is talking about. After all, you will not have your car repaired at a clothing store. That is why the Gaming Authority expects you to be an expert as an online casino.

This can be demonstrated by means of a policy plan. This indicates how employees are or will be trained. This allows the Gaming Authority to determine whether the company is expert in the right area. The online casino that makes the application must also be able to prove that they are aware of the laws and regulations that they will have to adhere to when it comes to games of chance.


As an online casino, do you have difficulties when it comes to finance? Then it becomes difficult to obtain a permit from the Gaming Authority. So, as they call it, you have to be financially healthy. That is not crazy either. The Gaming Authority does not want to issue a permit to a company that will go bankrupt in no time whether players can no longer pay. It is about making the offer safe and reliable for players. They must be able to count on them that they can simply be paid out by their favorite casino.

Separate amounts

Just like all companies, an online casino has costs and income. It is important that the money that is not yet of the casino is also not used to pay the costs. This seems logical, but is not always obvious. If you as a player put money on your account to play with, this money is officially still yours. You haven't lost it yet at the casino. Only when you use it and lose the money belongs to the casino.

It is also only from that moment that the casino is allowed to use this to pay employees, for example. It is on your account, so it sometimes happens that casinos regard this money as their own. After all, it has already been debited from your bank account.

Only when you choose to cash out does the money return to your account. It may seem like they have a lot of money for a casino when there are many accounts with a large sum of money. The Gaming Authority therefore thinks it is very important that the casino is able to separate this money from what is real from the casino, the business capital.

Have a representative against addiction

Many agree that gambling is dangerous. It indeed brings a lot of risks. It is also an activity where people get addicted more often. That is why the Gaming Authority believes it is important that casinos have a representative who monitors this.

If you often walk into Holland Casino, you can be approached for this. In this way they check whether you still have yourself under control, or if you might need help to reduce. By one Legal American Online Casino This doesn't just go. However, there must be a representative within the Netherlands to the online casino, which is involved in gambling addiction.

Have a gambling addiction policy

This condition is strongly related to the requirement to have a representative in the field of gambling addiction. For example, an online casino must be able to show that they take addiction seriously. A policy in this area must be able to be discussed with the Gaming Authority to prove this. An online casino must also be connected to the American System of Addiction Care.

Insight into advertising and marketing policy

What about advertisements since the legalization of online casinos? Some have argued that advertising must be prohibited for casinos, even when the law legalizes the online casinos. In response, the government indicated that advertising is necessary to ensure that players know which casinos can be trusted. There will only be advertising for reliable and safe casinos.

The final decision is that advertising is permitted, but under certain conditions. The commercials may not be addressed to young people under the age of 24. Under 18 it is forbidden to gamble, but young people up to 24 years old are very susceptible to an addiction. Also advertisements may not be misleading or view viewers to violence. When applying for a permit, you must therefore be able to demonstrate to the Gaming Authority that the advertisements meet these conditions.

Have customer service

As a player you must be able to trust that you can go to someone if problems arise. That is why an online casino must have customer service. Players must be able to express their complaints and an online casino must be prepared for this by means of a complaints procedure. When applying for a permit, an online casino must be able to demonstrate that they have a customer service that can help players on time and is often available enough.

Report suspicious situations

This condition is mainly addressed to providers of Sports betting. Suspicious gamble patterns must be passed on to the Gaming Authority. MatchFixing is an illegal activity in which players can often check a certain match in groups through bribery. Members of the group often use a lower amount, which means that the high deployment of the group together does not stand out so quickly. This must be possible.

With the application that is difficult to demonstrate, so these providers must be able to prove that they have systems that recognize these types of patterns. Suspicious patterns can then be portrayed and then passed on to the Gaming Authority.


The law to prevent money laundering and financing of terrorism, also known as WWFT, is going together with the remote gambling law. The law to prevent money laundering and financing of terrorism has been created to prevent online casinos from being used with a permit to launch money or pass on money on terrorist organizations. There is a lot of money in the world of games of chance. The casinos that must apply for a permit must be able to demonstrate how they prevent this.

Insight into integrity policy

When an online casino applies for a permit, it must be able to demonstrate how they deal with integrity risks. A policy must have been drawn up at these online casinos that makes it clear how they deal with, for example, fraud or abuse.

There are always players who try to cheat or even go further and want to commit fraud to play as much money as possible. They even try to hack games. The online casinos must be able to prevent this. They are not always other players, but sometimes even employees of the casino itself. The casino must be able to demonstrate how they combat this and they must be able to prove the reliability of the employees towards the Gaming Authority.


There is a lot of money between casinos and their players. That is why it must be prevented that things go wrong with that. Imagine, you win a million, but you never see it in your account. That would be a disaster, so casinos should be able to arrange this well.

At the Gaming authority They must be able to prove that they have a good and extensive insight into how their own payment traffic is arranged. This scheme must be safe and work well at all times. The online casinos that make an application must also be able to indicate how they deal with incidents. After all, it can always happen that something goes wrong.

Verify identification certificates

It is forbidden to participate in gambling games or other casino games if you are under the age of 18. You must be 18 years or older if you want to participate in such activities. So when you register at a casino you have to be able to identify yourself. This way you prove that you are old enough and can play along. The Online Casino must be able to submit these identification certificates with the application for a permit at the Gaming Authority.

In this way they show that only legitimate players are registered with them. They must also be able to prove that they have a properly functioning system to to be able to verify identification certificates. This is a very strict and important condition that the Gaming Authority has drawn up.

Connected to cruks

The cruks stands for Central Register Exclusion Gambling. This includes players who have registered themselves or have been registered by others. They will then be excluded from the possibility to play with online or land -bound casinos for a while. This has been created to help players against a gambling addiction.

Every casino, online or land -bound, must be affiliated with this. This must therefore be possible to demonstrate with an application for a permit. They must also be able to prove that they can automatically exclude players from playing their games when they occur in this central register. Only then are you entitled to a valid license as a casino.

Database control

A check database, also known as a CDB, contains information about the game provider. The Gaming Authority must have access to this database to be able to check whether the online casino adheres to the conditions for having a valid permit. It is clear for online casinos what should be present in this database and these conditions can always be found at the Gaming Authority.

It's not nothing

As you can see by these conditions, an online casino cannot just get a permit. That is a good thing, otherwise every casino would have such a license and it is not clear to you as a player whether you are playing at a safe and reliable casino or not.

Casinos must be able to prove a lot and also be able to consult several documents. Online casinos that don't take it so closely with the rules will not be able to get a permit in this way. This keeps it reliable. This allows you as a player to play with confidence and without worries at online casinos, even if you cannot estimate yourself if you are dealing with a good casino. You only have to check whether they have a valid license. You can often find this on the website. The Gaming Authority can control a lot with this and regulates the casinos well. Reliability is at the top of them.