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Yes, it's finally time. You focused on your favorite slot machine at an online casino and it fell: that one big jackpot. In addition to a smile on your face, you now have a nice amount on your account. How do the payouts work?

Very nice that it is there, but not really usable, only for more games on the online platform. You want to get it again in your own account, the place where your bet will probably come from. How exactly do you get your profit back that you have earned when you play for real money. You notice that this is very easy nowadays and through the usual payment methods such as iDeal or credit cards and so on your account. Yet it usually takes longer than a deposit at a casino. How exactly is this?

Statements versus withdraw money

When you deposit money with a casino online, via one of the available payment methods such as iDEAL, the casino itself does not have to carry out further checks and it is immediately on your account. IDEAL ensures safety and a reliable way of paying.

With recording money there are various other factors that a casino must take into account, such as the bonus conditions. Have you met this or you still have to use the bonus amount a number of times before you can have the profit achieved with it. Even when you play your own bet with full commitment, the casino has to check whether conditions such as a maximum payment are met. This all takes a little longer.

Questions you can have about payouts

Players regularly have various questions about paying. Something that we can imagine because this is one of the most important parts of playing and winning at an online casino. Fortunately we see that it is getting faster and faster and many checks can be carried out automatically nowadays.

So it used to be weeks before the money could be found in your account, it is nowadays back in your bank account within a few working days. This without many extra actions from the player.

Nevertheless, it seemed to us the ideal time to write a short manual in which it becomes clear to you as a player what you are dealing with in payouts after winning at an online casino and this can prevent the necessary confusion again. The steps below are an indication and you will notice that every online casino works slightly differently, but nevertheless it works the same globally and can use your manual so that you can quickly spend your profit again.

How can you really withdraw money after winning in an online casino?

Perhaps this is the very first time that you have won a lot of money while running a slot machine or finally achieved a record amount for yourself during a game of poker. Time to have it paid out!

You are now back on earth after the euphoria of the profit and you go quickly to your account so that you can have the money returned to your own bank account within a few mouse clicks. Something that we can imagine because of course you want to spoil yourself a little and are proud of your winnings.

A short step -by -step plan to get your money back on your own account

The process all works fairly simple. Step 1 is indeed going to your account page and you can already see the "payment" button. You can click on this, then you usually come directly to another webpage where you can immediately select an amount to have paid. Very simple right?

You may notice that the "payment" button, once you are logged in to your account, can also be called "cashier", or even "wallet". If there is not such a such page with a similar name, just ask customer service what the page is called and how you get there. They are happy to help you further.

Further steps within your account

The next step after that is the "Withdrawal" option and click on it. With this you start the entire process of the payment and after this you will most likely arrive at a page where you can select the desired payment method. This is usually the payment method that you used to deposit money at the online casino, but you can often select many other ways to get the money in other accounts in your possession. At a few casinos it is obliged to use the same methods that you have used to deposit the money. This is again in the general terms and conditions if this is the case with the specific casino.

For the payment methods, certain data is always required. One only asks for a password and username and the other for additional numbers. If you have any questions about this, check the FAQ or at a tutorial of the online casino. The payment method itself has more frequent more explanation available how you use it.

Always enter the correct information with payouts

Enter all required data and do this correctly. That saves later issues. Then enter the desired amount that you want to have paid out by the Online GOK Website What you play on. You come to the webpage where you have to click on and then it is a matter of waiting until your transaction is processed. For the rest you are now ready

That was all. It was probably not too bad and especially if you have made an online purchase, it is very easy to go through the process. It looks like this and you use your trusted payment method, so it will also have to work the same. Now it is just a few working days (or sometimes a few hours) to wait and then spending can start!

Again, we recommend that you use customer service via the live chat or the FAQ of the online casino with specific questions. With the FAQ, in most cases a specific part is set up for all issues and questions you may have about payouts

The recording time can differ per online casino

If you want to register yourself at an online casino, the recording time of profit can influence your choice. Of course you have to see for yourself how important you think this is. If this is of great importance for you, it is best to select a casino that has a very fast recording time, preferably within a day.

This ensures that you can quickly find your profits in your own account and publish them again. That saves you the necessary frustration for yourself. Especially for the somewhat impatient winners, this is very advisable to do.

For the shortest processing times, look at casinos with few or no complaints about this subject on their social media

In general, the online casino needs 2 to 3 working days to process everything neatly and to grant the payment request. Does it take much longer than this period? Then you better move to another casino. You can often ask for your registration how long it takes or read reviews online about the casino where you want to play.

Complaints from other players are also often about this specific part. So if you see many complaints on social media about this, then look further at one that has it all in order. Especially on social media pages of the online casinos there are many complaints if a very long waiting time is on the agenda.

When exactly is my profit back on my own bank account?

Even if you are going to choose an online casino that paid out very quickly and this also advertises it is important to know that this is almost never direct. The online casino simply has to take too many factors into account before it can approve the payments and book it over.

The requirement that a casino has to pay immediately is unfortunately still a bit unrealistic. A few working days is a common period and so plan your payments with this period, so that you will not be without money or that one nice purchase cannot make because you have to wait too long.

Through good preparation, with large times, you ensure that your patience does not run out quickly and you see the money appear on your account. At a reliable casino, at least with a permit. These must strictly adhere to the payment times and transfer money to the player within the agreed waiting time.

The reasons for variations in waiting times between casinos

There are two reasons for the variations during the waiting time. First of all, it is of course busy at most casinos and every player wants to be paid out. As a result, the waiting time can be long, since every payment must also be processed and registered by the casino where you play. The waiting time can also differ per casino, which has to do with the team that has processed the payments. If the casino spends a lot of time and effort on this, it takes shorter.

If this is again a process that receives little attention at the online casino that you play with, you will notice that payments take longer, especially if it is very busy.

There is a second reason for the variations between waiting times that the casino can't change much, these are the payment methods. It is simply the case that payments via, for example, the payment methods Skrill and Neteller are a lot faster than with a bank transfer or iDeal.

Crypto is very fast and also future -proof

Crypto payments are another example of a very fast and safe way of payments that we increasingly see at online casinos. It is possible for you to compare the different payment methods and thus select a very fast for yourself.

All these systems function differently with a diversity of processing speed as a result. Although everyone wants to be the fastest and claims to have a very high speed, there is indeed a difference between various methods. So choose a very fast for yourself. You have to register with the method via their homepage and become familiar with the working method of the specifically chosen payment method. But it yields a piece of speed gain for yourself.

Choose a fast method, but especially one that is reliable

Below we have listed the most used payment methods you can find at online casinos for you. The waiting times are there. These times are an indication, it is always the case that you have to count on the processing time of the online casino that you play with. Then you finally arrive at an average waiting time of the method. However, if the method itself is very quickly called, then chances are that the processing time is also a lot shorter

  • Credit cards/payment cards: The processing time is from 1 to 3 working days
  • E-Wallets: These are immediately on your e-Wallet
  • Bank transfers: payments via this method can take up to 5 working days.

All the above ways are also the most reliable and by far the most used. This is certainly important to remember for yourself: speed is fun, but a payment that is actually processed properly every time and is reliable is a lot more fun. This gives a safer feeling than a method that says it is fast, but is unreliable. So always make sure you choose a reliable payment method

Are there any further restrictions that apply to payouts?

This is indeed the case, the casino you play in probably uses specific rules, all in the general terms and conditions, the FAQ or to request it from the Casino customer service. You may have to deal with the following restrictions for the payouts

The deployment requirements are a limitation that mainly applies when you play with a bonus, perhaps one that you have received with your registration. This bonus must be used a number of times and only then can you apply for a payment.

A brief example of this is a rim play of 35 with a bonus of $ 100. You must have deployed 35 times $ 100 (so $ 3500) during your play sessions and only then can you record your deposit, bonus and any profit. So when you start using a bonus, always take this play requirement that usually applies.

Payment limits as a second limitation

This means: a limit on the amount that is possible to withdraw for the player within a certain period. Never nice of course, but usually the issue. The casino can vary again compared to other casinos and also for VIP members within a casino there can be a difference in these limits. The VIP members usually have a higher limit than the standard members.

Frequency limits and the amount of limits are further restrictions that can influence the waiting time of payouts. The former wants to say in short that you can only withdraw money a number of times. The second states that the amount of money that you as a player can withdraw in a few times has a limit. An exception is made for high jackpots. If you win this, a limit of this species could cause a lot of delay for the player

As an example we take the Mega Moolah slot machine. It has a jackpot from above a few million. It would take years before you have the money back with a limit on how much you can record at a time.

The KYC and further safety controls that a casino uses for the player

All different casinos online must adhere to the law. At least the legal casinos with a permit. This is an obligation for them. If they do not have this in order, the permit is taken and they have to close their doors.

One of the conditions for a permit is safety controls of each player. This concerns checks such as checking the age, proof of identity and whether the bank account is in their possession. These checks should not take too much time and ensure that only players who can actually play at an online casino do this too. Other players are banned by these careful checks.

You notice a lot of it when registering. Then you must specify your address and a photo of your identity card card, as well as your bank account and the name that goes with it.

Protection of personal data should certainly be in order with gambling sites

Another obligation that a casino must meet is the optimal protection of this personal data. So is a safe database that is equipped with the best encryptions and not just hacked. They are also not allowed to misuse or resell the data. If this is done, they will lose their permit again.

We can conclude that there are many differences between payouts, but due to the safety measures you as a player know for sure that it can be found in your account over time. At least, this applies to the reliable online casinos with a permit. So choose one of this nature and not one that operates illegally in the Netherlands.