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Paying money with internet banking online is very easy. You can do this via iDeal and it is fast and safe. All you need is a bank account. With a legal American casino you can pay via internet banking.

What is internet banking?

Internet banking is one of the most established payment methods for purchases on the internet. This makes it a favorite among many gamblers. Everyone who has a bank account also has access to internet banking. And with a few clicks on the mouse button you made a transfer.

Internet banking occurred at the same time with the development of the internet itself. In the beginning you could find home banking via television, a keyboard and a telephone line. Nowadays, luckily that is much easier via the computer, smartphone or tablet. With internet banking you have fully automated access to your bank and savings accounts.

At online casinos you can often pay via internet banking. Since the introduction of the SEPA, you can make transfers quickly and free of charge to bank accounts in all European countries. Making payments to casinos outside Europe is a lot more difficult with internet banking. In such cases it is recommended to pay with a credit card or e-Wallet.

How does internet banking work?

At an online casino you have two ways to pay and record with internet banking. You can opt for the bank transfer option, or you can pay with an app such as iDeal, Sofort or Trustly. Later more about these three options. Whatever the case, you always need a bank account to make a transaction.

If you choose the more traditional transfer via internet banking, the casino will provide their IBAN number and company details. In some cases they also mention a reference number that you must mention during the transaction. This guarantees speedy treatment.

With the data in hand, you can make a SEPA transfer to the casino via the online banking page of your bank. Unfortunately you will not be able to gamble directly with your new balance, because this process usually takes a day or two. The transfer to the casino can take up to 24 hours. After that, the casino will have to verify the transfer manually before releasing the balance on your account.

This gives some extra actions for you as a gambler and for the casino. Fortunately, there are faster ways to pay with internet banking at an online casino. Ideal is known in the Netherlands, and for payments to other countries you can use apps such as Sofort and Trustly.

In the Netherlands you pay with iDeal

IDEAL is a partnership between all major banks in the Netherlands. With the intervention of this app, you as a consumer can pay a casino directly. The app already knows all the information of the casino and ensures that the transfer is immediately executed and guaranteed. This provides two benefits. You no longer have to manually carry out the transaction yourself and you immediately have your new balance at the casino.

All you have to do is accept the amount and authenticate payment with a reader or code. Which method applies to you depends on which bank you bank. It is the same method that you use to log in to Online Banking.

In other countries you pay with Sofort or Trustly

The world of online casinos is of course much larger than our little little little country. If you want to take a gamble at an international casino, then iDEAL is not always available. In other European countries you can use comparable apps, such as Sofort and Trustly. These are common payment methods at the large casinos.

These apps work according to the same principle as iDeal. After you have chosen this payment method, you will receive a new screen where you select your country and bank. You authentic the payment in the way that you are already known for you, and as soon as you agree, the amount will be credited directly to your balance.

Advantages of paying with internet banking

There are many benefits to paying with internet banking. First, it is a well -known payment method for almost everyone and there are therefore no uncertainties. Furthermore, all transactions in the European SEPA region are free. You can also assume that the transactions are always carried out quickly and safely.

Transactions are free

Thanks to European regulations, all transfers you make within the European zone are free for consumers. These are the so -called SEPA (Single European Payment Area) payments. So you can be sure that you can deposit and withdraw money at a casino without costs. Note that some casinos can levy a fairy if they have to check a transfer manually.

Well -known way of paying

In the meantime, almost all American people have access to internet banking and they have skill in this. So paying with this method is simple and takes little effort. After all, it is a well -known action. And we can check our transactions via online banking. So no uncertainties.

Safe and fast

All banks around the world offer internet banking to their customers. In this way the underlying technologies are further developed with a lightning -fast pace. For us, this means that we can be sure that the transactions are safe and fast. After all, it is also in the interest of the bank that nothing goes wrong.


Are there extra costs associated with paying with iDeal?

When paying with iDeal, there are usually no extra costs, other than stated when you pay. The exception can be if your bank usually charges these types of transactions. If this is the case, the costs will vary depending on the bank.

How long does a reimbursement take via iDEAL?

Once the cancellation has been confirmed, a refund will be made within 2-3 business days. However, this can differ per bank. For more information about this, your bank.