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The origin of the word fitting seems fairly obvious. However, it is a versatile word that has multiple meanings. It all depends on the context in which the word is used. When a prefix is also added, the options are getting bigger and bigger.

You can also find this versatility in the dictionary, in which nine descriptions are fitting. Does every use also have the same origin? The fitting of clothes is simply different from fitting in the Blackjack card game. If you say "I only" it does not mean that you spontaneously put on another shirt.

The context of fitting

As described, the context in which you use passes is therefore decisive for the meaning. That's how it comes with many gokspellen in casinos multiple for. For example, it is used in Blackjack to indicate that you no longer want a card. If you are at 18, you only, unless you like great risks. It is also used to indicate that we do not want to continue with something.

You can also fit clothes in a fitting room. That is already a completely different meaning. And how about fitting a ball? A grandmother can look after her children. Then she can come across a plate outside with a fence with the text "beware of the dog". It is wise to assume that babysitting here has a completely different meaning. For example, it is appropriate that the grandmother is careful for the dog while fitting on her grandchildren.

Make the word

Multiple contractions are also possible with the word fitting. It may not sound completely correct. In this way, measuring and fitting together can be melted into passing. These words can be taken over by the general public and become popular. A success that has not been spent on other words. Supplementing, the combination of calling and telephoning, sounds a lot less well in the ears.

The meanings that are most common: being fine, measuring and not participating. Fitting in order not to participate is common in the field of gambling games. To get this clear it is wise to open the Van Dale and look up the definitions of the word.

The definitions of fitting in the Van Dale

1. Measure, Tax; Measure to the right size: with, after many passes and measurement (figuratively) after difficulty negotiating
2. This is to add or arrange if you wish
3. (from a garment) see if it has the required size
4. (of a garment) have the required size
5. (Card game) Let your turn pass: I fit for an expression of unwillingness or refusal; I have to fit (a) I have to let my turn pass; (b) I don't know
6. Breaking out accurately: fitting on the little ones are economical; Be careful about what you do or say
7. Do not fall outside the frame
8. Add, Begam: This does not fit a man of science
9. Are suitable: fit well with a good combination with; If it fits in with occasion.

Fit in card games

In the definitions of the Van Dale, the use of fits in card games is therefore also given. It is striking that it is often accompanied by the verb "must". There are situations where you have to fit, but with many games this is entirely voluntary. It can be a strategic and favorable choice. Bee poker For example, you don't always have to come along; You choose voluntarily to fit. Around 13e century the term "fits on someone" was already used.

Many of the other meanings arose around the same time or within the following two hundred years. Fitting as used in card games is therefore a relatively new concept. This way the word continues to reinvent itself and shows its versatility.

'I pass'

Around 16e Century arose card games where it was possible to let a turn pass by. An example of this is the American game twenty one that is better known as 21 and. From this game is later BlackJack to arise. The popularity of these card games ensured that a word had to come before skipping a turn.

The American used the word for this passer. This was not a new word. It has been used for a long time and has an agreement with the American word "pass." So it makes sense that when you say "I only" you let you pass. In any case, it is easier to say than "I skip a turn".

"I skip a turn"

The fitting of a turn means that you skip this turn. Let a turn pass. The turn then goes to the player who's turn after you. "I pass" and "I skip a turn" can therefore also be used interchangeable. It depends on what you prefer. Yet there are games where a turn skipping, also in those words, is a part. Consider, for example, Monopoly. Here you can draw chance cards where you have to skip a turn. And if you ended up in the original goose board in the inn, the same fate was waiting.

to pass

Of course the verb comes in English to pass in front of. And they too have more use for it. One that is known to us is the fitting of a ball in a sport. But also indicate something or achieve something can be meant by the word. They also know passing That both noun and an adjective is. This way it can literally mean something.

Another way to use is for passing time or if someone dies. With card games, the English do not always use a form of to pass. ‘I pass my turn"Is not unusual, but other shorter terms are more common. Think of poker where terms like check in fold be used a lot. Interesting to think about, but for the origin you have to be with a different language.


In etymology, old texts are often looked at. Historical documents are carefully read to determine the origin as well as possible. After all, it is very important when a certain word came into use for the first time. If we apply this process to the word, it soon becomes difficult due to the many meanings.

It is possible to go dictionaries looking for an answer. There are a large number of meanings and examples in particular. The earliest reference in a dictionary is in American. A American-American dictionary by Pieter Marin from 1762 to be specific. This is the word passer With the meaning underneath "fit, puts his cards".

From passer to fit

Skipping a turn. Something that passes. To suit. It all comes together and so the word as we use it in card games is quite logical. However, the aforementioned dictionary had no other reference to fits in a card game. Only with the translation of passer. There is, however, a reference to an old American game that is known as renounce the stake. This translated coarse to "renouncing the game". This is again a link that you can make with the word fits.


Nowadays it becomes the American word passer Mainly translated into "transition". But the origin of the word is therefore closely linked to the word fitting. This is mainly reflected in card games. Incidentally, the comparison with the English is to pass and the passer also to make. In English this has a more direct link with transition.

All the meanings that the word in American is in line with this. This is a wonderful example of how a language is constantly developing. Ultimately, the word fitting in American was continued ... applied.


The word fitting can be placed in many contexts. With nine meanings in the Van Dale it is a versatile word. From a linguistic point of view, this is due to the American word passer. American has absorbed this and continued to apply it constantly.

One of the ways to use it during card games. Instead of skipping a turn, the word fitting can easily be used. Nowadays it has a permanent place in the American language and American casinos. So if you decide to fit next time, you know at least that this is an appropriate word.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the origin of the word fitting?

Fitting has many meanings and conjugations. In addition, it is sometimes difficult to find out the exact origin of this versatile word. Around 13e century the term "fits on someone" already occurred. In 1762 it was first linked to card games. The American word passer In an old dictionary, the description "fits, put his cards down". The word passing is also a precursor to the term.

What is the word fitting for?

The word fitting is versatile and constantly changes significantly depending on the context. For example, it is used to try out clothes and to overpower a ball in football. Dale's dictionary has nine descriptions for the word. The most common forms are for: being fine, measuring and not participating. With card games it is regularly used to skip a turn. This can also be voluntary.

Does the word fit from English?

In the case of the exceeding of a ball in a sport, it is. But for all other customs of the word, the origin lies in American. By the word passer. In English the word to pass Also multiple meanings. This usually relates to passing and passing. English terms that are used instead of fitting are on card games check in fold. This is known from Blackjack and Poker, among others.

What is the difference between skipping and fitting?

Both have the same meaning. "I only" is just another way to say "I skip a turn." Both terms are possible. Sometimes you come across it on cards in board games. For example, it says on the Chance Cards of Monopoly that you have to skip a turn. The term also skips a turn in the goose board.

Why is passes used in different ways?

The great thing about words is that they can mean different things. This way the meaning of fitting depends on how you use it. Words such as babysitting and fitting room is proof of the versatility of the word. In the development of the language, this turned out to be suitable for use in other ways. From fitting clothes to a turn skip in a card game.

Can you also fit voluntarily?

In the Van Dale, one of the descriptions relates to card games. There is: (card game) Let your turn pass: I fit for an expression of unwillingness or refusal; I have to fit (a) I have to let my turn pass; (b) I don't know. This is a very mouthful, but the interesting thing is the word "must". This gives a wrong picture. In many card games that you encounter in casinos, it is entirely voluntary. So it is allowed, but it is not necessary.

Does passes have to do with passing out?

It is a versatile word and is therefore often joined in other words. For example, measurement and fits are combined into a fitting. Some of these words may not be entirely correct, but are taken over by many people. Other words such as Optional Gower, from calling and telephone, are less successful. A language is constantly changing and so old words will get new customs and meanings.

What has to do with passes?

Babysitting is an old American word that was already in 13e century was used. The word fitting can be used in many different ways. In combination with "Op", the word begun is formed. Being careful also has several meanings. This way you can watch out for children. You also sometimes have to be careful for a dog like it is dangerous. So sometimes you have to be careful while watching, be careful.

In which games can you fit?

There are numerous card games in which you can fit. Blackjack is a perfect example of this. If you are at 18, it is usually common to say "I pass". The word also often occurs in poker. However, the word is not only limited to gambling and card games. In turns, turns can also be skipped.