Only 2 in 100 gamblers do not make these mistakes

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Making mistakes while gambling costs money. Lots of money. Especially people who have just started gambling make many beginners errors. Partly the cause is often that they are paralyzed by the thought alone that they are doing something wrong.

It becomes even more annoying when people make the same mistakes again and again. There is then no longer a mistake, but of error -learned behavior. In some cases, errors are based on long -cherished myths and superstition. In many cases, mistakes are made, because casinos want gamblers to make these mistakes.

For some, it can be useful to have a list of, for example, 50 most common mistakes. In this article, however, we limit ourselves to the top 5 of the most made mistakes.

Nobody of course has control over the opportunities or how the cards fall. But there are many things you can do to limit your loss. You can read more about this in this article. Remember that only 2 in 100 people realize that they are making these mistakes. So be prepared and remember them well!

Think that happiness is coming

The term "Gambler’s Fallacy" is one that you absolutely must know. Every gambler is bothered by it, but only a few acknowledge that it happens to them. The idea is that players expect this concept that results from the past influence future results. Suppose you have deployed eight game rounds on black at the roulette. But the bullet always fell on red.

You might think that the next game round will have to be red. And if not, then at least the round afterwards. Nothing could be further from the truth.

One of the most famous stories that demonstrates how dangerous the Gamblers Fallacy can be, took place in Monte Carlo. During a series in which the ball landed 26 consecutive times on black, gamblers lost millions of euros. All this, because they were assuming that red was destined to stand out at the next twist.

In the Casino There are simply no predictable results. Remember that when you take a chance again.

Do not know which variant of a game you are playing

Not all table games are the same, although it sometimes seems so. Even with some of the most common games in the world (such as Blackjack), there are a large number of variants. The version that you play at the local casino can also have different rules than you are used to playing online. Even if these differences do not seem to be huge, they can be the difference between profit or loss.

Many players are not aware that there are several variants of certain games. For example, it makes quite a difference whether you have the American or the European roulette plays. You will have to adjust your bets and the strategy you use.

However, all this is easy to prevent by doing some research before you play. This prevents you from continuing to make this mistake again and again.

A lot online legal casinos Have free play functions with which you can find out the ins and outs of a game without risking money. Most dealers in a physical casino are happy to explain all the rules before you start playing.

Play the wrong games

Not knowing the rules of a game is one thing, but there is also a whole series of games that you can best avoid completely. At least if you want to do more than just play for fun. Games such as Keno, Big Six Wheel, Caribbean Stud Side Bet, Baccarat Tie Bet and American roulette, all have a house advantage of between 5 and 25%.

although BlackJack is known as the casino game that gives you the best opportunities, that's only if you basic strategy knows and stick to it. By playing on "typing" or insurance, you increase the house advantage as 8-20%. Casino games that give you better opportunities include craps and some video poker machines.

Feel free to play on every game you want to play. But if you want to keep at least part of your money, then there are games that you better avoid.


Casinos often offer their players for free drinks. They don't do that for nothing. Those who are under the influence of alcohol will not be able to think 100% rational. You become looser, play for longer and start bets higher. And that is exactly what the casino wants from you.

No matter how nice it may seem, alcohol will absolutely influence your ability to make rational gambling decisions. Even if you are an experienced drinker.

For the most part, nobody is really immune to the psychological effects of gambling. Gambling is naturally exciting, and the greater the chance that we win, the more exciting it will be.

To let someone win when gambling, many others have to lose. We experience an increased self -esteem if we are lucky in the game. Although it is fine to just gamble "for fun", it is difficult for some people to keep all these thoughts when playing.

Lose sight of your bankroll

This error has many variants. Try to make up for your loss. Do not prepare a player budget. Don't think about a responsible bet height or just don't know when it's time to stop. It is the biggest mistake that players make when gambling.

There is something exciting to win a big prize. It is wonderful to see how the stack of chips build up. But if you do not use simple strategies for bankroll management and you stick to them, the stack will quickly reduce again.