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The Minister for Legal Protection Sander Dekker is responsible for the gambling policy in the Netherlands. On November 30 he sent one brief To the House of Representatives with the progress on developments in the new online gambling market.

From 1 October last, the market for legal games of chance was opened in the Netherlands. That is only recently to draw conclusions. Only 11 licenses have been provided and various permit holders will be added in the coming months.

According to the minister, despite the fact that there is only 2 months of legal offer there is a few provisional conclusions in the Netherlands.

The first important conclusion is that players are the way to one American Casino Being able to find well. Players who used to play with illegal online providers are switching en masse to the legal American casinos. The KSA can see this in the web traffic that is constantly being monitored.

An important reason that many players switch is that several large international providers no longer offer games of chance to American players on 1 October. Logical because there are large fines on offering an online casino or sports betting.

The minister thinks it is good news that so many players use the legal providers. One of the most important objectives is to channel players from illegal to legal offer. At the legal casinos, the players are assured of payouts and honest play. But the most important thing is that there is attention for gambling addiction.

Gambling market

The second conclusion that the minister attracts is that the size of the American gambling market turns out to be much greater than thought. Now that the companies have to consult their figures, a much better picture has arisen. In the past, estimates were made through indirect figures based on data from the commercial data suppliers.

The estimate of the online gambling market was 580 million but was adjusted to 814 million on the basis of the latest estimates. This then concerns a gross play result, we are talking about investing minus the prizes. This is a standard way to indicate the size of the gambling market.

Are the first signs positive?

You can view the latest developments differently. There is much more money in the new market than expected. Fortunately, the political decision to legalize online gambling is certainly not too early. By the legalization of Online casinos In any case, consumers are assured that they are well protected.